What does it mean to dream about dead grandmother

Our grandmother, for many, is related to our childhood , especially for those of us who have had the pleasure of spending time with one of them. We have, in any case, two scenarios in particular, one of them is to dream of our grandmother who has already passed away, and the other to dream of the one who, being alive, dies in our dream state.

We will have here various aspects in relation to dreams of death, strictly linked to our grandmother . So if you’ve been dreaming about something about it, keep reading below.

Dreaming of my grandmother who, while alive, dies

One of the scenarios when dreaming of death linked to our grandmother is precisely that it is with the one who, being alive, dies in our dream. In this sense, we see her in various scenarios where she is on this other earthly plane. Although death is nothing more than symbols of change, when it is related to a person who, in one way or another, is part of our childhood, the aspects around them are transformed.

Dream that we see the grandmother in the coffin

Although our grandmother is, for many, a symbol of tenderness and sincere love , because in our childhood there is no one who is more aware of a child than this, dreaming of her in a coffin can bring with it different meanings depending on the case. This will depend on the relationship we have with her.

If our relationship with her is very good , it is possible that we are presenting internal fears of losing her and that is why our subconscious shows us her in a coffin. In this sense, you should go to the call of your dream state and go for it to continue sharing as much as possible.

If, on the other handour relationship with her is almost zero , it is possible that this is the precise reflection of that denial that we have had with her and our subconscious invites us to consider sharing with her, getting to know her and perhaps recovering something that could be missing.

To dream that the grandmother opens her eyes in the coffin

As death is usually a new rebirth, and it is precisely our grandmother who is represented in such a scenario, she who symbolizes an important part of our childhood , opening our eyes invites us to, in effect, an awakening of consciousness regarding our own self that, perhaps, has been abandoned, and one of those ways is precisely to return to that childhood that we have forgotten.

Opening our eyes after death as a new birth, it is possible that we need to renew our surroundings without forgetting our childhood, because this is perhaps the best stage that we have had in our lives, considering the innocence that lived in us for being detached from the entire social construct that surrounds us.

To dream that the grandmother wakes up from the dead

Although at first it seems somewhat disturbing, it is not. It represents, in this sense, an awakening of consciousness. Although it was our grandmother who woke up from death and not us, it is she herself who represents us, who also brings us that forgotten childhood. 

It can be depicted in various scenarios, such as rising from the grave or just watching her suddenly come back from the dead without any explanation; because it is understood that dreams are precisely, in general, at the wrong time and without objective coherence, unreal.

Dream about the cremation of my grandmother

Although it may resemble the dream with the coffin, both differ in form and symbology. The ashes are part of a completely different ceremony than a burial. In the case of these, they could be related to certain family conflicts that arise in your current life.

On the one hand, it could represent certain personal failures that you have not wanted to solve despite the solutions being presented to you. He has wanted to burn them but also keep them as the ashes of his grandmother. He is precisely in a moment of change and therefore those negative conflicts will have a good way to face them.

dream of my grandmother’s funeral

A funeral is not necessarily a sign of bad omen . Our subconscious could have precisely chosen our grandmother to put her in our dream precisely because she is one of the people who, perhaps, is the oldest among our family circle. 

In this sense, this funeral represents the closure of some cycle that, for a long time, we had a hard time ending. Precisely for this reason, a moment is taken to reflect on this change that is approaching us; This is how we must give full attention to these, since in general these are linked to our family environment.

Dream of deceased grandmothers

As we mentioned before, dreaming of death being linked to our grandmother has two general aspects: one is precisely dreaming of our grandmother who, being alive, dies, and dreaming of our grandmother who has already passed away, regardless of how long it takes dead.

Dreaming of our dead grandmother may have different meanings according to different situations. In general, it could be linked, perhaps, to some type of communication that she wants to have with us (provided that our bond with her has been very strong); among many others that will depend on the situation itself and what is currently happening in our lives.

Dream that my dead grandmother speaks to me

If our connection with our grandmother was very strong and close, it is possible that she tries to approach us to communicate, perhaps because there have been unfinished business , because she wants to continue taking care of you or simply because you have not been able to accept such a loss and you think you have not I could fire you as you would have wanted.

If, on the other hand, our relationship with her was not very good, but she talks to us, it is possible that we are going through a process of frustration due to some relationship that, at present, we do not know how to cope with, possibly because there is poor communication with that other person . .

Dream that my dead grandmother calls me

Dreaming of the call of a close relative is perhaps quite common, but if it is precisely our grandmother, it is possible that, in case of having had a very close relationship with her, we are experiencing a certain nostalgia for her absence and our dream state be reflecting.

There is the possibility that we have not had some kind of relationship with our grandmother but our dream reflects such a person calling us. It could well be a call to our childhood, taking into account that this is what usually relates us to a woman, also a super mom.

Dream that my dead grandmother cooks for me

At first, it could be reflecting a certain oneiric déjà vu caused by these images of possible situations that we experienced with our grandmother in our childhood. Stage, moreover, of great happiness and pleasure, in which we had no major concerns.

For many, those moments in which it was the grandmother who pampered us and cooked us our favorite dishes, no matter how simple we can see ourselves today, are the moments that we can yearn for the most and precisely our subconscious reflects and remembers us.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that we do not have memories of our childhood with our great mother , but it is precisely our dream state that brings out what our brain has stored, memories of the unconscious. It could be a call to return to that essence of childhood where humanity and loyalty were part of us.

To dream that my dead grandmother is angry

It is possible that the anger is typical of us and we reflect it with her. Either because we have left certain unfinished past situations from which we have not yet closed cycles, or because certain people from the past have come back to touch us with certain emotions that lead us to our past.

In one way or another we feel some pressure from what we are currently building and we have an attachment to past circumstances that do not allow us to move forward, precisely in this way we see it reflected by our subconscious in such images.

Dreaming of dead maternal grandmother

To dream that my dead maternal grandmother comes to look for us

The female figures in our lives are usually represented by our mother and/or grandmother. In some cases more because of the grandmother who has taken the place of our biological mother , that is why, in the event that our great maternal mother comes looking for us, she could be reflecting our nostalgia because she is no longer on our earthly plane.

To dream that my dead maternal grandmother whispers in our ear

Dreaming that our dead grandmother whispers in our ear can be, perhaps, the most chilling thing we can have ever dreamed of. In many cases these dreams are represented in a realistic way, which makes us jump out of bed and perhaps wake up ipso facto.

However, whispers in dreams often reveal certain criticism and gossip that we see ourselves involved in our lives. In this sense, this dream could reveal to us those secrets of ourselves that we must recognize and take us to a retrospection of ourselves .

Dream of dead paternal grandmother

To dream that our deceased paternal grandmother becomes our father

Although it may be unusual to dream of the transformation of our paternal grandmother into our father, this could be the reflection of what we perhaps want or yearn for in our father, an image as maternal as that of our grandmother. In this sense, it is suggested to look back on the relationship we have with our father and try, in one way or another, to transform it.

To dream that our dead paternal grandmother yells at us 

The screams usually, in one way or another, free us. It is not in vain that when we are immersed in great stress we are suggested to shout in front of an empty space and even in the mountains, where our voice echoes. If it is our grandmother who yells at us in a subconscious representation of the dream , she could be linked to all those energies that we have accumulated within ourselves.

It is possible that you need to look for certain activities that help channel all those energies , whether they are positive or negative, it is never good to stay with them, and much more so if they are loaded with multiple emotions that perhaps our childhood is present.

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