what it means to dream about dead relatives

People continually send comments and ask us what it means to dream of dead relatives .

Many of you readers/dreamers get very happy and rejoice when you see your deceased relatives in dreams, and you even ask metaphysical questions , such as, for example, does that mean that the person or people you dream of are in heaven, or if they want to tell us something, or why we see them in dreams…

But there are also others who get scared when they have these fantasies and believe that the fact of having seen them in dreams is due to the fact that perhaps they are angry , that they have some unfinished business, that they want to scare us…
As always, each one of us is different, we are of our own. father and our mother and we interpret what happens to us both in real life and in dreams in a different way.

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  • 1 Why do we see dead relatives in dreams?
    • 1.1 Psychology
    • 1.2 Spirituality
  • 2 What does it mean to dream of a recently deceased friend?
  • 3 Meaning of dreaming of deceased parents


Death is not a pleasant situation for anyone, not even for our enemies. There are many reasons, but it can be highlighted that they are psychological or spiritual reasons that motivate us to dream of the family of the afterlife. We could say that they are at 50% but first of all we must emphasize that these types of dreams are warnings from our beings from beyond, to make us fall into reality and inform us that we are not doing something as we should.

In the book, 5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.


From the psychological point of view, we dream of dead relatives because we have internal feelings of guilt or regret , for not having had the necessary time to enjoy it together; or because we are afraid of that person and that is why our subconscious evokes him.

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Regarding the spiritual causes, we can highlight two; The first is that the relative who “visits us in dreams” is asking for help from “the other world” and does not want to appear in real life because he will scare us and that is why he resorts to the world of dreams; and the second is because he has pending accounts with someone (be it the dreamer or someone else).


If we have had the same dream 4 or more times we can understand that the value and meaning goes from being psychological to spiritual and because of them the relatives appear and contact us in dreams for some reason, such as they expect a reaction from the dreamer before a dream. certain event .

Many people prefer that relatives appear in the day to day, when they are not sleeping, and if that does not happen and they appear at night in dreams, it is because our deceased consider that it is easier. We will see them more real and pay more attention, if we see it in dreams than in real life. If they appear when we are awake, we may not be as focused as we should and we would not give it the necessary importance , however, when we are asleep we are more vulnerable and we will believe it more and better.

Among the family members who have died and the types of deaths, we can highlight those who have died violently or when they were young. That is why it is more normal for us to see them in dreams, than those who have left “naturally”, perhaps because the latter are more prepared to leave us and therefore it is easier for them to change.


Dreams with the dead are not only dreams with the family, but it can also happen that a friend appears in dreams who “has left” recently. The normal thing is that they do it and ask us for help because we are their friends and they see themselves with more confidence, closer to us than to other people.

If we dream of a friend in the circumstances mentioned above, and we “owe” him something in life, it is good that we face whoever appears in the dream and ask for forgiveness. We tell them that we are sorry, and we offer to help them and everything that is necessary…. Because otherwise we run the risk that they continue to appear in our fantasy so if we talk to them in dreams we help them.


Our parents are, in many cases,  a fundamental pillar throughout our lives. They take care of us, support us, protect us, educate us… with some exceptions in which they misbehave with us or mistreat us, to the point of not wanting to know anything about them.

In one way or another, it is normal for them to appear in dreams once they have passed away and for us to wonder about the meaning of seeing deceased parents.

Mainly, dreams with parents are a symbol of the real relationship that we live with them in our lives. For example, the love, affection and protection that they gave us during their existence, and perhaps the dreamer is experiencing a phase in which he longs for the moments lived and wants, unconsciously, to recreate and remember them.

If, on the contrary, we have lived a negative childhood in relation to our parents, our dreams will show the defense and need for help. We want protection from other people towards ourselves and our parents. We ask for help because we are not sure that we are safe.

If the dream describes a situation of abandonment by our parents towards us, we are facing a financial concern. Which we must reconsider and assume that we can have economic losses. Difficult times are coming and you have to be prepared for it.

When the dreamer is a woman and dreams of her father, we may be witnessing a demonstration of paternal affection and the strong attachment that he had in life. Something very similar happens when men dream of her mother.

The different possibilities and options that a dream offers are endless and can be interpreted in very different ways.

What is the strangest dream with dead relatives that you have had? Tell us in comments and make us part of them.

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