Dreaming of deceased people, with the dead, with the deceased represents, on the one hand, the beautiful or painful memories and the nostalgia of a past time. On the other hand, dreaming of deceased people also reflects the fear of death, of parting, of leaving behind those we love, those we need or what is valuable to us.

In some cases and only when the feeling experienced in the dream is fear of the deceased person, the meaning of concern is related to the feeling of guilt for something we have done wrong and for which we regret.

Dreaming of dead people and seeing them alive

If you dream of deceased people and see them alive in the dream, it means that you miss that person or someone close to you who is no longer with you. This dream transports you to a stage of your life that you long for, either because of what you experienced in that same stage or because of the presence of that person you miss.

Dream about dead people who are alive

Dreaming of deceased people who are currently alive reflects the fear you have of death, the fear of saying goodbye to someone forever, the concern caused by losing someone you need, who you love or who you are very close to. .

Dreaming of deceased relatives

Dreaming of deceased people who are relatives of yours is interpreted as a sign from beyond regarding your present or future life, that is, that relative or relatives try to announce, prevent or communicate something important that you should know, however, in many cases this dream is related to the nostalgia you feel for a past time or a situation experienced with that person or people.

It may be that in the present you are not completely satisfied or satisfied with your life or with a part of it and through this dream you manifest your unconscious desire to go back in time to recover something or someone who is no longer with you or who no longer forms part of your life. part of your life. Generally, the deceased relative that appears in the dream is directly related to that need, nostalgia or experience.

On the other hand, dreaming of a deceased relative transports you to a specific memory or experience with that relative, either because you have not overcome their loss, because you miss them or because there is some issue that you could not resolve when they were alive.

Dream about known dead people

Generally when we dream of deceased people, they are usually known, in this case the meaning of longing, warning, advice, fear or protection is related to that specific person, either because of the existing bond or because of what you have experienced with that person in life and that has marked you deeply.

Dreaming of unknown dead people

If you dream of deceased people whom you do not know, it means that you are not happy or satisfied or satisfied with the life you have, it is possible that you feel frustrated or frustrated for not having been able to achieve something you wanted. This dream represents the need to escape from your life to run away or to change it completely.

Dream of dead people talking to you

The meaning of dreaming of dead people talking to you is directly related to what they tell you, it may be advice in the face of a decision or situation in which you have to act, a warning message in the face of some danger, words of comfort in a moment of affliction or despair. You must therefore pay attention to those words and try to remember them in order to analyze them correctly.

Dream of deceased people crying

If you dream of deceased people who cry or are sad, it means that you feel great nostalgia for a specific stage of your life, that you miss someone very important to you or a very special time for you, that you feel lost or lost in the circumstances that currently surround you and you do not find a lifeline or an open door to flee.

Dream of deceased people laughing

On the contrary, if you dream of deceased people laughing, happy, it means that the best stage of your life is opening for you now, that after a complicated or difficult sad time, you will live fully, you will feel completely happy.

Dream of deceased people eating

If you dream of deceased people eating, it means that you are going to receive something important, something that will help you get out of a problem, solve a difficult situation or something that you do not expect and that you can use to your advantage.

Dream of deceased people dancing

If you dream of deceased people whom you see dancing, it means that you have the help, guidance or light of someone who is no longer with you but who from the beyond protects you and enlightens you whenever you find yourself in the dark.

Dream of dead people coming for you

When you dream of deceased people who come for you, who try to take you with them to the afterlife, it means that you feel guilty, that you feel bad for something you have not done well, for harm caused to someone, for not having done enough. or for not having acted with absolute freedom in a specific situation. This dream reflects your need to rectify, to repair the damage caused, to correct an error.

Dream of dead people who die again

If you dream of deceased people who die again, it means that you feel trapped or trapped in a specific situation, that you see no way out, that you feel powerless to continue fighting or that you have lost hope of achieving what interests you so much.

Dreaming of deceased people who are resurrected

Dreaming of deceased people who are resurrected means that you are going to have a new opportunity to succeed, to achieve your goals that open up for you, the paths that until now were blocked or closed.

This dream can also be the omen of a reconciliation of the return of someone to your life or the arrival of a very special new someone, this is a very positive dream.

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