What does it mean to dream about demons and witches

What does it mean to dream of demons and witches

Perhaps you think that this is a terrible dream, because both demons and witches are considered evil characters. And having them present in the same dream can be chilling, it is not pleasant at all.

This dream is a warning for bad things that can happen to you, if witches are synonymous with evil for you, you should be careful. But seeing them together with demons is that you should take precautions immediately.

It also shows sometimes that you are very negative, that you see everything that happens to you with a lot of pessimism. You have a lot of anguish and fear of betrayal by your friends, you are becoming insecure and alone.

You have to assume that evil exists and will always exist in the world, that it can take many forms. But you must continue to live happily, and not let fear become a brake on your projects.

You are seeing the problems bigger than they are, you have to change your attitude and face things head on. It is the only way to improve your life, trust your skills and you will get excellent results.

If it announces problems to come or fights to face, then you must prepare to fight and not wait for it to just happen. You have assured victory thanks to this warning, because you will be prepared and protected.

Witches can represent good people for some, if that were your case it means that they are coming to your defense. If you’re scared to take on a new project, remember that not everyone will be against you.

Take care not to fall into anyone’s game, you are responsible for your actions and you must learn to take responsibility for the consequences. And control your negative emotions, which can hurt yourself.

Dream about demons and witches fighting

You will definitely have a confrontation, you must be very careful because it will be with very treacherous people. Avoid telling your things to everyone or bragging about your successes with some friends, because you can be a victim of their envy.

You are not going through a good stage right now, your negative feelings are taking over your actions. Be careful, mistakes are very expensive, especially if many tears are shed.

Dream about demons and witches flying

Demons and witches flying over you shows that you feel cornered and that fear is paralyzing you. Be careful, it is you who must get ahead facing your own feelings, the decision is yours if you want to achieve your goals.

There are people you should take care of, they are very close to you and they present themselves as good and kind people. Pay attention to everything they do and advise you, do not be carried away by the kind appearance they reflect.

Dream about demons and witches chasing you

Sometimes having this dream tells you that you may be leading your life in the wrong way, so it is better to take a look. It may be necessary to make some changes, and shake off so much negativity.

It can also be a reminder of some evil from the past, or that you are about to commit. Reflect that you have the opportunity to correct in time, or to repair the damage done.

To dream that many demons and witches persecute you

Feeling the persecution of many evil beings is a sign of disagreement with the people around you, the evil you are seeing anguishes you. Perhaps in your work you feel that your bosses are very aggressive, and it is bothering you how they dominate the environment.

Your emotions are out of control and you will not achieve anything good if you do not stop for a moment and decide what you want to achieve in life. You cannot always have everything, you are looking for reasons to justify your selfishness, you must change.

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