Dreaming of diamonds represents strength, purity, incorruptibility, absolute truth, bravery and courage. When you dream of diamonds this is a very good omen of good fortune, hope, reward or even triumph. Of course, the rest of the elements of the dream must be taken into account to analyze it in more depth.

dream of white diamonds

If you dream of white diamonds, this symbolizes stability and strength in your relationship or in your family relationships. This dream also represents the strength of your union against others, against obstacles, manipulations or bad energies, it means that your love, your alliance, your common strength triumphs. This dream is a symbol of happy and prosperous union.

dream of stolen diamonds

Dreaming of stolen diamonds means that you are afraid of losing something very valuable that you consider important, you may have some insecurity, that you have suffered a lot to achieve that valuable thing, whether it is stability, a job, material goods or even a person.

However, this dream only reflects your own insecurity, since you are not going to lose that which is so valuable to you.

Dream that they give you diamonds

If you dream that someone gives you diamonds or a jewel that has diamonds, it means that you are going to receive a very special and opportune position that could change your life for the better. This proposal could be sentimental, professional, economic or of any other nature.

Dream of small diamonds

Dreaming of small diamonds means that you will soon recover something that you have lost, that what you want so much will soon come into your hands.

This dream can also be the reflection of a powerful economic recovery or a very opportune stroke of luck.

Dream of big diamonds

If you dream of large diamonds, it means that you are going to receive a considerable reward, recognition or prize for your effort, work or dedication. It is therefore a very positive dream that brings with it the gift for you that you have fought so hard for.

Dream about uncut diamonds

If you dream of diamonds in the rough, uncut, it means that you have to look within yourself for those qualities that will allow you to succeed, achieve success or get out of the situation in which you find yourself and that does not make you happy. This dream is an encouragement for you to bet on what makes you happy, to trust your luck and yourself or yourself.

Dream of diamonds in the mouth

To dream that you have diamonds in your mouth or that you put diamonds in your mouth means that you are trying to preserve your most valuable possessions from someone or something from some danger that lies in wait for you or that you feel is close, you may feel some threat around you that is endangering everything you have achieved or everything you value in life.

Dream of diamonds and gold

If you dream of diamonds and gold it means that you are going to enjoy great splendor in your life or in a part of it, that you are going to consider yourself a very lucky person for having a certain person or persons by your side, for having achieved a valued objective or for having within your reach a series of advantages benefits or opportunities.

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