Dream about different shoes

we must pay close attention to the details that appear when dreaming of different shoes, since that will allow us to know what their meaning is. Usually the different shoes in the dream represent a new chapter in our life.

Other times the different shoes refer to our state of mind, or what direction we are going in our lives. Depending on its color or style will be its meaning.

Dream about different shoes

Seeing that all shoes are different shows that we will have many different paths that we can take and that decision will be difficult for us. When we see many different shoes in a shoe store, it portends success in love. Trying on many shoes that are different shows that we will be with many people at the same time and we will not respect our partner.

See we’re wearing different shoes

It indicates that we are beginning a new stage and we are afraid to take the first step, for fear of failing. Wearing different shoes also indicates that we must prepare ourselves, since the plans we have will not turn out as we thought. We will have to make a great effort for things to turn out as we wish. If we wear different shoes and feel bad or uncomfortable with them, it indicates that peace and joy in our family will end, and all because of gossip invented by a person who envies us. If we are wearing shoes of different sizes, it alerts us that someone is interfering in our relationship with the aim of generating fights and arguments.

Omen of dreaming of different shoes on each foot

This means that we have a problem that we don’t know how to solve. Seeing that we have different shoes on each foot warns us that without a stable partner, we will not achieve our goals. If we have different shoes on each foot, and it makes us feel good how they look, it predicts that we will overcome all obstacles with great success.

See different old or broken shoes

Seeing them old or broken indicates that a series of differences with our partner will bring the relationship to an end. If we decide to stay together, it will be a waste of time for both of us. It can be a sign of poverty or problems at work.

If the shoes are for children

When in the dream we see different shoes that are for children, it alerts us that we will start a new project. But before starting we must calmly analyze all the possibilities, since making decisions hastily could lead to the ruin of our projects.

Dream in which we take off our shoes

Seeing that we take off the shoes we are wearing warns us that an unexpected problem will appear, and we will not know how to manage our emotions. We must ask for help as soon as we realize that we can no longer control them. Other times this dream shows that we will abandon our projects that we are spending a lot of time on now.

Dream that we walk with different shoes

It means that obstacles will appear in our life, for which we are not prepared. If we are walking with different shoes that are not ours, it indicates that we will change the course of our lives and everything will turn out better than expected.

They give us shoes in the dream

When we receive shoes of different sizes as a gift, it is a bad omen. It indicates that a person is doing witchcraft to us so that we end our love relationship, or so that our family ends. It also means that there is a person who envies us very much, but pretends to be our friend.

Dream of different shoes that we found

It indicates that we are all the time looking for a partner in the wrong people. Usually we always look at married people. For a good relationship we must look for someone who is in the same single situation as us and thus begin to build a future together. Also this dream can show that we do not know which path we should take in life.

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