Dream about dirty shoes

Dreams where dirty shoes appear, in most cases portend events that will happen in the future and will be very negative for us and our family. We must be prepared to overcome them in the best way. The safest thing is that the person who had the dream has to travel for something unexpected that will arise. Dreaming of dirty shoes also predicts fights and arguments within the family in some cases.

In other cases they represent the future, family, travel, problems, business complications, love and marriage, depending on how the events happen in our dream. We must pay attention to details.

dream of dirty shoes

If we are married or have a partner in real life, this shows us that our relationship is worn out, and if we do not speak honestly, our relationship will not last much longer. In other cases, it predicts that we will enter a stage of great bad luck, where everything will go wrong for us and we will feel drowned by problems.

See that dirty shoes dirty our stockings

It predicts that we will have a fight with someone in the family and we will stay away for a long time.

Explanation of dreaming that we lose a shoe that is dirty

We must be very careful because the problems we are going through will lead to divorce or estrangement from the whole family.

What portends dreaming of dirty shoes that are too tight?

And they also make our feet hurt, it indicates that we will encounter many problems to achieve our goals. If dirty shoes rub our feet a lot, it represents the relationship problems that exist and that have become intolerable, it is time to end our relationship.

When we dream that we sleep with dirty shoes on

It augurs changes that are about to come to our lives.

I dream of cleaning dirty shoes

It shows that we are trying to correct a situation after having caused a lot of damage, but now we are on the right track.

If the shoes apart from dirty are broken

It means that we must be cautious when giving our opinion. Our comments can hurt or offend other people, and by doing so, we will make many enemies.

Having dirty shoes with untied laces

It augurs losses, they can be the end of our marriage or the end of our businesses. This dream can also refer to the fact that we can get sick, we have to be more careful when it comes to our health.

See our feet and wear dirty shoes

It shows that we will make a comment that will get us in trouble. A person will accuse us of being arrogant and conceited and walk away from us forever. This dream also predicts a lot of poverty and need that we will have to face.

Buying shoes because ours got dirty

It predicts that we will meet a person who will steal our hearts. He will love us so much and this love will be so sincere and faithful, that we will totally lose our heads for that person.

Dream of dirty shoes that we take off

This dream means that big changes are coming for us. It may be that we move, an unexpected trip takes place or we go to visit a relative that we have not seen for a long time.

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