What does it mean to dream about dolphins? 20 dream interpretations

In most cultures around the world, dolphins symbolize some kind of connection and social joy. That is why dreaming of dolphins usually has a positive symbolism. If you have dreamed of a dolphin, it is probably a sign of happiness, empathy or any other positive emotion that we can relate to those animals.

Also, this dream can symbolize your strong relationship with someone, their friendship, or perhaps an association that you have recently made. Anyway, a dream about dolphins indicates that the connection between you and another person will be very strong in the future

It is also important to say that dreams about dolphins are considered very spiritual, so they can help you connect with your subconscious mind. If you had such a dream, it could mean that it is time to look for something or someone who will be your spirit guide in real life.

Dolphins are magnificent and fascinating living beings, one of those animals that almost unanimously provoke positive feelings. There is probably no such person who can say that dolphins are bad or negative. It is so relaxing to watch them elegantly jump over the waves, slide through the waters and play.

Dolphins have been adored and adored in various cultures, all over the world, from long ago to modern days; even in societies that have no contact with dolphins in their living environment, these beautiful animals are considered happy and lucky.

Since historical times, it has been believed that dolphins possess truly extraordinary properties, which is, in fact, a true scientific and natural truth. In a symbolic sense, these animals have always been associated with concepts of purity and innocence, high qualities, benevolence, wisdom and kindness.

Dolphins are believed to be a fairly intelligent species. They are considered to be good spirited, graceful, graceful and gentle, but also powerful creatures. In some societies, the dolphin is described as the ruler of sea creatures and fish, although biologically it does not belong to the fish family.

Dolphins are aquatic mammals, animals with surprising biological characteristics. Symbolically, they are identified with concepts of kingship, kingship, and leadership, but they are never seen as cruel and ruthless rulers.

Other common ideas associated with dolphins include those of generosity, tranquility, harmony, mercy, and gratitude. These intelligent sea creatures express a cheerful and playful nature; They seem so relaxed and happy, almost all the time. That is why they also symbolize peace, carelessness, joy and security.

These fascinating animals are also committed to their family and group, which is why, for people, they symbolize loyalty, kindness, friendship, honor, trust and reliability. They also represent protection, guardianship, guidance and protection.

What does it mean to dream of dolphins? 20 dream interpretations


Around the world, dolphins are believed to be creatures of pure and innocent nature, unstained by earthly sins. They are also believed to be resistant to the evils and negativities of this world; Dolphins are never seen as tricksters and corrupt characters in people’s stories and legends.

Dolphins are commonly associated with the symbolism of the Sun and the Moon. They are also believed to possess divine powers and commonly accompany important deities in some cultures. For example, in ancient Greek mythology, dolphins are always depicted as miraculous, magical, positive, divine creatures.

His mythological role is to guide the souls of the deceased to the Isla de la Bendita, to their harmonious future life. In ancient Greece, dolphins were believed to be loyal companions of the beautiful deities Apollo and Aphrodite.

However, in addition to these characteristics of the same, it is always important to take into account all the circumstances that you have seen in your dream about dolphins, as well as the feelings that you had while dreaming of these animals.

It is important to remember many specific details, such as the color of a dolphin, what you were doing with a dolphin, etc. These can all be important factors for the meaning of your dream. For this reason we have prepared for you a series of the most common interpretations about what it means to dream of dolphins:

1-Dreaming of seeing dolphins

Seeing dolphins in dreams means that you are on the path of your personal, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth. Such dreams indicate that you are ready to discover new horizons and it reflects your self-confidence, determination and readiness to do so. If you are a little insecure in reality, such dreams come as a blessing and an encouragement.

If the dolphins are presented in a positive way; I mean, they’re not hurt or anything, it’s always lucky. Dolphins are a positive omen for your future and/or reflection of your current positive situation.

They symbolize optimism and a positive outlook on life. Even if things are bad in reality, such dreams come to you to remind you that there are always new and lucky opportunities.

2-Dreaming of dolphins swimming

Dreaming of dolphins swimming means that you are already taking some steps towards a brighter future. You are determined to change things in your life for the better, so your subconscious mind translates that inner revelation into a dream related to dolphins.

Perhaps you are still insecure in waking life, but your dream indicates that very soon you will have enough courage to bravely enter something new. If you dream of swimming with dolphins and the experience is particularly pleasant and joyful, it means that things will definitely get better very soon.

If you swim towards a dolphin or dolphins, it means that suddenly there will be new and positive opportunities that will surprise you. You will be confused, even scared, even though these opportunities are genuinely positive and you are aware of it.

3-dream of riding dolphins

Dreaming of riding dolphins reflects the adventurous spirit and nature of a dreamer; They come to encourage you to pursue your dreams and goals. Such dreams reflect a dreamer’s need to progress, advance, develop her skills and talents, and work on her goals.

These are related to any aspect of your life and personality, including your mental, emotional, physical, material, professional development and more. Such dreams represent your friendship and sociability, openness towards people and towards new situations.

Dreams about riding a dolphin bring fortune, which means that the things you do will bring you contentment, peace, and harmony. These dreams also symbolize a dreamer’s enthusiasm to share his experience with others.

3-Dreaming of captured dolphins

Dreaming of captured dolphins could suggest that a dreamer is lacking in fun, joy and moments of pleasure in life. He or she wants to enjoy life, but cannot, for whatever reason. Catching a dolphin reflects your need to enjoy pleasures.

dolphin that is trapped in a dream symbolizes friends, joys, pleasures, fun, harmony, etc. Something you want, but for some reason you can’t have at the moment. Dreams about capturing a dolphin occur to make you rethink your current emotional state in the first place.

Dreaming of a dolphin in the water

4-Dreaming of dolphins in the water

Dreaming of dolphins in the water is a good omen. This dream indicates that your communication with other people will be very good in the near future. If you had this type of dream, then it is a good time to meet new people and go out more.

If you have dreamed of dolphins jumping in the water, it is a sign of your good health and vitality. If a woman dreams that the dolphins were jumping in the water under the moon, it is a symbol of her femininity and attraction; she is she is aware of her femininity and she is very attractive to the opposite sex.

5-Dreaming of playing with a dolphin

Dreaming of playing with a dolphin means that you are trying to escape from a job that is causing you a lot of stress. It is also possible that you are in a relationship that causes you some discomfort and other negative emotions. That is why you should think carefully if you want to stay in that relationship or job. Maybe it would be better to look for something that brings you more calm and joy.

6-Dreaming of chasing dolphins

Dream of chasing dolphins; it means that you are looking for a job that will bring you a lot of joy and fun. Also, this dream can be interpreted in another way; it may mean that you are trying to socialize more and have better communication with the people around you.

7-Dreaming of saving dolphins

If you saved a dolphin in the dream it means that your relationship is at risk right now. You no longer feel emotion in that relationship and everything seems to be a routine for you. In this case, we recommend that you try to change something in it. Maybe you can do something nice for your partner and surprise her.

8- Dreaming of dolphins touching you

Dreaming of dolphins touching you means that you are emotionally attracted to someone in your real life. There is someone you are physically attracted to, but you don’t have the courage to admit it and maybe that person is feeling the same way about you. The same meaning will have a dream in which you made eye contact with a dolphin.

9-Dream with dolphins talking

Dreaming of dolphins talking to you, it is important to remember what they were talking about. This message could be very important because it could help you understand the connection between your conscious mind and the subconscious part.

10-Dreaming of feeding dolphins

Dreaming of feeding dolphins is always positive; it means that you should use all your skills and talents in the near future. It will help you succeed and other people will be impressed with all that you can do as well.

11-Dreaming of a dolphin taking you

If a dolphin was carrying you in your dream , it is a good sign. This dream means that a person will help you in the future, even if you do not expect it. It will probably be someone you don’t know very well and you will be surprised by this selfless act.

12-Dreaming of dolphins attacking you

Dreaming of a dolphin attacking you means that you are ready to do what you need to do to achieve your goals. It is time to start again the tasks that perhaps you have abandoned due to disappointments and failure because you have reached a complete maturation of your abilities.

13-Dream with dolphins flying

Dreaming of flying dolphins is a symbol of your childish nature that may be hidden within you. Perhaps lately you have longed to be a child again; away from responsibilities, close to fun and joy. For the universe has pleased you through this dream.

14-Dreaming of dolphins swimming with sharks

Dreaming of dolphins swimming with sharks could be a sign that you may be in danger right now or you may just feel like it. Anyway, this dream is a warning for you to be more careful in the future.

15-Dreaming of dolphins swimming with whales

Dreaming of dolphins swimming with whales tells you that you have the protection of someone who has authority in your life. It could be your father, your husband or any other figure in your environment who represents someone authoritative for you.

16-Dreaming of a white dolphin

Dreaming of a white dolphin means that it is time to start your spiritual journey and to devote more time and energy to your spiritual life.

17-Dream with pink dolphins

Dreaming of pink dolphins is always a symbol of positive emotions, such as love , affection, passion, etc.

18-Dreaming of dying dolphins

Dreaming of dying dolphins means that your connection with someone is lost or you may be too far away from someone who was very close to you in the past. Also, this dream could mean that you have a feeling that no one understands you. Anyway, the symbolism of this dream is always negative.

19-Dreaming of dolphins in a group

Dreaming of dolphins in a group is a good sign; you will have good luck in everything you do in the future, so it is time to execute any project that you have proposed because at this time the energies are in your favor.

20-Dream of two dolphins playing

Dreaming of two dolphins playing is a symbol that your relationship is full of love and understanding. You understand each other very well with your partner and enjoy a calm and pleasant romance.


As we have been able to observe; There are many different dreams about dolphins and they all have different symbolism. These dreams generally have a positive meaning, but sometimes they can be related to something negative, which is why it is very important to take the environment into account.

Whatever interpretation you have come to based on the scenario of your dream, remember that the subconscious is helping you through it to see things in advance to prepare for opportunities and have more time to look for solutions to problems. that will be presented to you in the future.

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