Dream about Donkeys

A donkey is one of the most stubborn animals in the world. About the intractable man they always say that he is stubborn, like a donkey.

Therefore, it is not difficult to guess what this animal means in a dream – stubbornness and obstacles.

However, among other things, the donkey is also a very hardy animal, and a loaded donkey seen in a dream is a sign of hard work and patience.

Meaning of dreaming of a donkey

Often, a donkey seen in a dream is a sign that various events will enter your life: both sadness and joy, as well as a similar dream means that you will encounter obstacles on the way to your goal.

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  • Seeing a dead donkey in a dream means that in reality you will make mistakes one by one.
  • Listening to how the donkey screams has two interpretations: either you will meet with insults in your direction, or you will start a new troublesome business.
  • If you dreamed that you drink donkey milk, you are very wrong with the time to decide to carry out your plans and you will do it to the detriment of your work obligations.
  • If you dream that you are afraid of the donkey and run away from it in panic, it is a warning that the envious people behind you are slandering you.
  • If you dream that you are riding a donkey astride, holding its head with your hands so that it obeys you – you will have the opportunity to make a pleasant trip at someone else’s expense.
  • Forcing a donkey that does not want to move – a dream means that in order to achieve your goals you will have to use all your strength and patience.
  • Riding a donkey that screams and is stubborn, but still goes – in real life you will be able to get rich and pay off all debts, the eastern dream book likes.
  • Seeing that you confidently drive a donkey that does not even think about resisting – in reality you will “keep up”, nothing can go unnoticed by you.
  • To see loaded donkeys or goats, a difficult and tiring job awaits you, which will not be paid exactly as you expected, the Islamic dream book warns.

Other interpretations when we dream of a donkey

  • If you dreamed that you found someone else’s donkey laden in your yard – you can interpret this dream in different ways: either you will have a successful marriage with a man who has achieved everything with his work, or you will be successful in a new business, but only if you put a lot of effort into it.
  • A dream in which you fall off a loaded mule promises failures at work: the boss will scold you, colleagues will not be nice to you, the salary will be small, predicts the Slavic dream book.
  • If you dreamed that a white circus donkey or a goat kicked you, this is a symbolic sign of joy and fulfillment of desires, black – happiness will come to you through suffering.
  • To dream of a child riding a kind and funny donkey near a circus or in a park – to great joy and luck in business. Maybe you can even win something in a contest or lottery, Modern Dreambook predicts.
  • The dream of seeing a show of donkeys, goats and circus ponies, decorated with bright blankets and with a plume on their heads – for a fun pastime in the company of friends.

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