What does it mean to dream about dragons? 9 dream interpretations

Dreaming of dragons most of the time makes us feel strong and indestructible, especially if in the dream we become one of these imposing animals that has represented in our consciousness since we were children a guardian of dwellings, who guarded important things such as treasures and princesses. in fairy tales. I think that all of us as children would have wanted to have a friend of these so that nobody bothered us.

Dreams with dragons symbolize greatness and fighting spirit ; a dragon will never allow the territory that belongs to him to be penetrated, unless they do so after being turned to ashes. But what does it really mean to dream of dragons? Its meaning has a lot to do with feeling like an egocentric person and with a self-esteem that reaches the skies.

What does it mean to dream of dragons? 9 dream interpretations


If you have not seen one of those fantasy movies or animes where these animals appear, which has caused your subconscious to emanate the stored information from them, then you should know that dreaming of dragons is showing you in most cases that you are a person of a different kind. perennial fortress .

However it is not always so; The meaning of dreams where dragons appear has very specific meanings according to the given environment; That is why we have prepared for you a list of more specific interpretations about what it means to dream of dragons. You must remember every detail of the dream and rely on the meanings set forth below:

1-Dream with komodo dragons

Dreaming of komodo dragons means that you are a person with great strength and an ego that goes beyond the normal levels of a person. That has helped you a lot to be where you are, to be successful, and there will be nothing and no one that can destroy you since you project immense security.

If you’ve been feeling down lately, feeling down and dreaming of komodo dragons, get ready! A very great success will be at your door, what you have dreamed of all your life will come into your hands as if it had fallen from the sky, and the universe will be in charge of providing you with the necessary strength and vitality to maintain it.

2-Dream of dragons flying

Dreaming of dragons flying means that you are letting your imagination go higher than where it should be and that is not convenient, since many times the ego makes us get into situations that later will be very difficult for us to control. You must learn to put your feet on the ground before leaving your mouth with some matter because you could become the mockery of all by not being able to meet the expectations that you brag about so much.

But what does it mean to dream of dragons flying? It warns you that your visions are very high, more than your abilities are allowing you to undertake. You must sit down to analyze your projects and start from the bottom to set good foundations that will help you not to fall after you have put all your strength into them.

3-Dreaming of Chinese dragons

Dreaming of Chinese dragons represents your mystical and esoteric side, you are letting yourself be carried away by your religious beliefs and that is not bad in its entirety, but you should not go too far into the fantasy side of what this often entails, since the creeds must be linked with hard work so that they can generate results.

Seeing Chinese dragons in a dream also means that you are venerating yourself in an exaggerated way, you feel that your strength will be more than enough to get ahead, and this is true to a certain extent at this moment; but remember that life can change the sides of the coin, so you must learn to establish relationships with the people around you.

4-Dream with small dragons

Dreaming of small dragons means that your abilities are not at their highest limit, but they are enough to carry out the projects you have set for yourself, and they may grow over time supported by the efforts you make every day to achieve your goal. overcoming.

5-Dream with green dragons

Dreaming of green dragons means that the natural state of your faculties is entering a higher limit than you were used to experiencing. Get ready to enjoy incredible strength from this moment forward and learn to use it wisely and intelligently.

6-Dream of baby dragons

Dreaming of baby dragons announces a new birth, a new spiritual awakening where the universe will progressively favor you in all aspects. Learn to channel the energies so that they acquire more importance, if you do; there will be no one who can destroy you at any time in your life.

7-Dream of a dragon chasing you

Dreaming of a dragon chasing you is indicating that you have been a very proud person and have used your powers to harm someone; you may be in big trouble for it. You must take care of the people around you and learn that in these cases humility is very convenient.

8-Dream with pink dragons

Dreaming of pink dragons announces an awakening of our most tender side. We are there calm pretending to be harmless and in reality we are; but deep within us lies an incredible power that we can bring to light the moment we feel threatened in any way.

9-Dream that you are a dragon

Dreaming that you are a dragon means that you are in the best moment of your life, that moment where you feel that nothing and no one can hurt you, where you experience sensations of ineffable greatness and vitality that cannot change despite the circumstances that are occurring in our lives. around.

If you are a dragon in your dream and you attack someone, it means that you are not being able to control your impulses, because of these attitudes you could be hurting a very loved one who has always been close to you supporting you. You must learn to better visualize the circumstances in which it is necessary to bring out that internal strength that is hidden within you.


As we could see, the meaning of dreams with dragons has a lot to do with the internal strength that is hidden in each of us. Our subconscious presents us through the world of dreams, the way we are channeling those energies so that we can find a way to make the most of it.

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