Dream about drinking alcohol

Dreaming of drinking beer is usually a positive dream, but we must pay attention to how we see beer in the dream, as this can turn the interpretation of our dream into something negative.

Most of the times we dream that we are drinking beer, or we see other people drinking beer, it portends good times to come. But as mentioned before, everything will depend on the context.

dream of drinking beer

Drinking a cold and foamy beer predicts positive changes that will make us happy. Drinking hot beer warns us about a person close to us who is not what he seems to be. He speaks ill of us behind our backs and at any moment we will learn of his betrayal.

Being alone in a bar drinking beer indicates that something will not go as planned and we will end up disappointed. Drinking beer from a mug shows that we must start working hard, otherwise our economic income will get worse.

Drink beer in the dream

When in real life we ​​love beer, and we dream that we are enjoying ourselves while drinking one, it is a very positive dream, because it augurs peace and a lot of union in our lives.

See I’m drinking beer

Drinking beer in a dream predicts good things that are about to come into our lives. If we were drinking a beer in a quiet place, it announces the arrival of a lot of peace and tranquility in our lives. If we are drinking beer and it spills on us, it predicts losses. These can be friendships or economics. Drinking a beer in our house is very positive, since it indicates that our goals will finally be achieved and we will feel very happy and proud.

Dream about drinking black beer

This dream is very positive, since it announces good economic income. If we drop the bottle or glass of black beer that we were drinking, it portends problems.

If it is others who take

Seeing that someone drinks beer and did not share it with others, indicates that a person will create many intrigues around us, and will end up making us give up on our dreams. If we see that other people are drinking a lot of beer and don’t invite us, it shows that gossip will ruin our reputation. Seeing other people drinking while having fun indicates that we will have a great time in the company of the family.

Getting drunk after drinking a lot of beer

If we drink so much beer that we end up drunk in the dream, it shows that our problems are due to inactivity and relaxation. If we don’t start being more proactive, our problems won’t pass. Lying on the ground because we are very drunk indicates that our inactivity will cause us to lose everything we have achieved.

See we drink beer in a bar

This particular dream indicates that our hobbies are not leading us on the right path. It is time to rethink what we do in our free time and look for a better alternative.

If we drink beer from a bottle

If we are alone drinking beer from a bottle, it alerts us to our passivity, since it can cause our relaxation to end up ruining our economy.

Dream about drinking canned beer

Enjoying a cold can of beer shows that we are very confident, and we have not realized that there is a friend who is betraying us.

Take it straight from a barrel

This particular dream shows dubious business. The bigger the barrel, the more dubious the deal. We have to be very careful in the new businesses in which we get involved.

When the beer is light

Drinking a light beer indicates that we should not waste our money, because soon we will have many needs to cover.

Dream about drinking sour beer

It means that we will soon be involved in a big fight, to the point of never seeing that person again.

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