What does it mean to dream about drinking water? 19 dream interpretations

Pure water represents health, it is the source of life, so dreaming of drinking water represents the calm of a vital need for the life of a human being. If you dream of drinking clear water, it indicates that your health is good. But if you dream of drinking dirty water, it indicates that you will suffer a loss of position and money.

Dreaming of drinking cold water indicates that you will get the achievements and honors through hard work. But if you dream that the water is from a river or lake, it indicates a comfortable and carefree life, good health and luck. Dreaming of drinking water from small ditches indicates that you will be in trouble or involved in a lawsuit.

If patients dream of drinking water from a small ditch , it indicates that the disease will worsen. Dreams of a businessman drinking water from a small ditch indicate problems or losses in business continuously. Dreaming of drinking mountain spring water indicates that you are free and careless.

Dreaming of drinking clear water means that you will make a fortune. If the water in the dream is dirty, it indicates that you will be frustrated. A worker who is far from home or a traveler who dreams of drinking well water indicates the longing to return home, the dreamer may return home soon. To dream that other people provide you with drinking water indicates that you may receive messages from your hometown.

What does it mean to dream of drinking water? 19 dream interpretations

dream of drinking water

Depending on the state of the water, a dream related to drinking it can mean that you are going to be insulted or ridiculed. Dreaming of drinking water from a river or lake indicates that you are fit and happy. However, this dream can have different scenarios, and each of them has a different meaning.

For this reason we have prepared for you a series of interpretations of the most common dreams that are related to drinking water. Lean on these to find the meaning of your dream:

1-Dreaming of drinking a lot of water

Dreaming of drinking a lot of water means that you are going to supply all the needs that you require for the success of your projects. Perhaps for a time you have suffered from the shortage of many vital tools for its operation, but from now on everything will be different. Get ready for better performance in everything!

2-Dreaming of drinking dirty water

Dreaming of drinking dirty water is a very negative omen; announces a bad streak in terms of money and business. Most likely, you have been getting carried away by proposals with poorly structured funds and they will begin to bear fruit in the coming days. You must prepare yourself to face very difficult situations.

3-Dreaming of drinking water from a bottle

If you dream of drinking water from a bottle , it means that you will have the success you expect, but everything will be at the cost of your effort. Little by little you will have to build your future, and obtain all the tools you need to carry out your plans. If you propose you will see excellent fruits.

4-Dreaming of drinking clean water

Dreaming of drinking clean water announces that you will have a health that will not be affected by anything, accompanied by great economic success. Crystal clear water indicates that both your body and your mental state will be in optimal condition and you will have nothing to worry about.

5-Dreaming of drinking mineral water

If you drink mineral water in a dream , it means that you are a very attentive person with yourself. You care a lot about keeping your body well; for giving him the things that are healthier for him. That will help your health go from strength to strength. You allow yourself no room for error when it comes to your well-being and you will be handsomely rewarded for that.

6-Dreaming of drinking bad water

Dreaming of drinking bad water means that the methods you are using to treat your physical ailments are not correct. Perhaps you are self-medicating and not causing the effects you would have wanted. You should consult a professional promptly; then it could be too late.

7-Dreaming of drinking red water

Drinking red water in a dream is an indication that you will be involved in some matter that will lead to a crime and you will have to keep it to yourself because your life will be in danger. It could also be dealing with dangerous moments of unbridled passion. In any case, you must choose very well where you get involved and with whom you interact.

8-Dreaming of drinking warm water

Dreams with warm water indicate that you are currently in need of comfort. Perhaps you feel depressed and have felt in recent days that no one understands you. Well, I tell you that soon that person you are waiting for will come into your life; someone who will make you feel that you are important and will help you find the reason for your existence.

9-Dreaming of drinking sea water

Dreaming of sea water that you are drinking speaks of peace and tranquility. You are entering a time of true spiritual harmony and all aspects of your life will be at a point that will give you nothing to worry about. You will be able to be good with yourself and with others wherever you are.

10-Dreaming of drinking lemon water

To dream that you are drinking lemon water indicates that you are going to be a bit incomprehensible towards others. Your character will be a bit out of control in the next few days. Just be careful not to treat people you shouldn’t or better, so brazenly; try to moderate your way of behaving. Remember that part of the success in any aspect depends on the good management of personal relationships.

11-Dreaming of drinking Jamaican water

Dreaming of drinking Jamaican water is a warning that you must take care of your weight; otherwise your health could be affected. Perhaps lately you have been making too many messes regarding food. Remember that everything in excess is bad. If it’s posible; go to a nutritionist to help you with that. You should also try not to get so upset because in addition to what I said before; It could give you a heart attack.

12-Dreaming of drinking spring water

If you are drinking spring water in a dream , this indicates that you are managing your health and your money in a correct way. It is not a great effort, nor a sacrifice for you to achieve it; since you do it naturally and that is why your health and your income will be perfect.

13-Dreaming of drinking fresh water

Dreaming of drinking fresh water means that you will finally be able to reach that goal for which you have always worked. Those days of overexertion will no longer be and those deficiencies that you have suffered will have no more place in your life because all your needs will be satisfied.

14-Dreaming of drinking plenty of water

Dreaming of drinking plenty of water means that sooner than you imagine you will have at your hand tools that will cause an indefinite rise in your economic progress. Your income will grow more and more and you will feel that your life will take an unexpected but very convenient turn for you.

15-Dreaming of drinking water from a waterfall

If you dream that you are drinking water from a waterfall ; this heralds a shower of blessings for you. In the next few days you will feel like a privileged being; because everything you do will be good for you. You will be the bearer of a very good streak; take advantage of it for things that give you long-term benefits.

16-Dreaming of drinking watermelon water

Dreaming of drinking watermelon water means that you are going to have good times with your family and/or friends in the coming days. You will be presented with opportunities to go out and take a vacation; do not reject them; remember that rest is vitally important for your body to function properly without becoming overwhelmed.

17-Dreaming of drinking crystal clear water

Dreaming of drinking crystal clear water tells that your health will be very good in the coming days and so will your thoughts. Crystal clear water in dreams is an indication of well-being, peace and tranquility, and the fact of drinking it indicates that all these benefits will go with you wherever you go.

18-Dreaming of drinking cloudy water

If you dream that you are drinking cloudy water, it means that your behavior will be a little unbalanced in the coming days. You must be careful not to do things that you will later regret.

19-Dreaming of drinking well water

Dreaming of drinking well water is telling you that you have a very productive source of income that will sustain you throughout your life if you know how to take advantage of it and take care of it. If you don’t have that source yet; get ready; because it will come surprisingly into your life.


Dreams where you are drinking water are an indication that there will be a change in our lives. Depending on the state of the water they will be positive or negative. Most of the time it is about things related to health and in many cases it is combined with the state of economic progress of the dreamer.

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