Dream about eating sweets

Dreaming of eating sweets represents our self-love, the confidence with which we act and our self-esteem. The safest thing is that we are always looking for another person to give us their approval, since otherwise we feel full of insecurities.

Dreams in which we see eating sweets have various meanings. Some can be positive, where they reflect joy, happiness and a lot of love. It can also be a dream where its meaning is negative, symbolizing pain, illness or dependency.

Dream of eating sweets

It indicates that we want things, that we know are wrong, but we still want them. It also shows that we have missed many opportunities in life, and now we want to indulge ourselves with the things that make us feel good, to try to forget our bad decisions.

Eat all the sweets in the dream

This feeling of well-being that we feel in the dream after having eaten all the sweets symbolizes how good we feel in real life with everything we are experiencing. But if we eat all the sweets and then feel bad, or guilty, then what it reflects is our frustration with the financial state we are going through, as debts are piling up and we don’t know how we will pay them. Or it may mean that there is someone who wants to take advantage of us and we are defending ourselves, so as not to be harmed. If we all eat sweets and throw away the wrappers so that no one finds out, it shows that we are having an addiction that is controlling our lives. We should ask for help to begin to get out of this problem.

Meaning of dreaming that they give us sweets and we eat them

This dream is very good, since it indicates that we are very lucky people. We are very dear people and they are always by our side accompanying us and giving us all their support. If when eating the sweets that they give us we do not like their taste, it shows that we are suffering from some type of abuse.

If we dream that we eat sweets and do not share

He points out that we are very selfish people in real life. We are too possessive and we want everything for ourselves, without caring about others or the pain we cause to people who really love us.

What does it indicate to dream of eating hard or stale sweets?

It shows that we will overcome the problems that concern us so much. We will be able to be in peace after so much time of tension.

Share the sweets we eat

It is a very good dream, since it predicts that they will propose to us. For single people, this dream indicates that they will soon meet the love of their life and will be very happy.

Seeing someone else eating sweets

It indicates that we are a person who often hurts others with our comments. People have started to move away from us. If we don’t change our attitude, we will most likely end up alone and lose the people who really appreciate us a lot.

Dream of eating sweets that we have cooked

It shows that people love us very much and enjoy our company very much. We like to protect and entertain the people we love.

Buy sweets and eat them

It indicates that we need to relax more in life. We are too demanding and we do not allow ourselves to fail in anything. Sometimes mistakes teach us and we learn a lot, thanks to them we broaden our horizons. We have to indulge in being more risky and embark on new adventures.

Meaning of dreaming of eating chocolate candies

It is a very good omen, since it indicates that we will have new opportunities in the business and we will achieve more economic income. If the chocolates we eat are in a box, it predicts a lot of happiness. We will meet a person who will be amazing and will help us a lot with our dreams.

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