What does it mean to dream about eclipse? 5 Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of an eclipse is similar to losing something in real life. If the eclipse is of the moon, you cannot focus on emotions. You may have suppressed emotions, unrequited love, depression, and failing goals and dreams. When you dream of an eclipse, it is important to remember that there is a light and dark side to life and even negative situations will fade away.

What does it mean to dream of an eclipse? 5 Dream Interpretations

Seeing or dreaming of an eclipse is cataloged as a symbol of sadness, or failing that, as assuming that deals or agreements have come to an end. If lately you have had a dream vision where you see eclipses, you can consider that something of great importance to you could end soon, the term can be temporary or definitive, everything will depend on yourself.

These types of dreams can also be a harbinger of a bad patch that you will go through in your life. When you see the eclipse within your dreams, it is basically associated with tears and sadness; In the event that within the dream the sun immediately replaces the eclipse process, it can be taken as a sign that you will be able to overcome all the difficulties that you have in your life and that you will be able to resume your normal life.

On the other hand, when a woman has dreams where she sees eclipses, she is supposed to be ready to do things that are really important to her. For example, if you have been working hard on a specific task, it is obvious that you will be able to finish it with total success. Basically, the eclipse in a woman’s dreams could mean her bitter tears, but in order not to get too far ahead, better pay attention to the following interpretations so that you associate the structure of your dream with the meaning that best suits your reality.

1.- Dreaming of a lunar eclipse

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse is a symbol of hidden secrets and emotions. If there is someone you meet in a dream about an eclipse, it is an indication that this person is not trustworthy or trustworthy. Sometimes it can also show a lack of self-confidence.

We often hide our own emotions and the moon is often a representation of divine feeling and understanding. When the moon is often eclipsed, the waking world is not aware of this, but deep down we know what is happening, as we can feel a change in the tides and our own inner being is affected. Consider the ways you might suppress your own feelings and whether it’s worth the effort.

2.- Dreaming of a solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is a time of darkness and in a dream it can be a bad omen. If other aspects of your dream are about love or a relationship, this is a bad sign for you in this area. It is also the same whether the other aspects of the dream reflect work or social life.

Taking the sun out of the equation is also a sign of depression or needing behavioral help. Without the sun in the dream there is often a lack of motivational direction or focus.

Negatively, a solar eclipse can reflect the fear of not understanding a situation or feeling some sense of belonging. Seeing yourself terrified of having no idea what to do next or how to act. Feeling overshadowed by something you don’t understand or can’t control. Confidence may feel lost.

3.- Dreaming of an eclipse that has already passed

If the eclipse is ending in a dream or if you can look at the corona then both are positive omens. This indicates greater opportunity and possibilities approaching.

To dream that the eclipse has passed represents feelings of sanity or rationality returning to a situation. It’s amazing how crazy the situation got for a short period of time. Positively, an eclipse passage can reflect relief that something you thought was the most dangerous thing that could happen is no longer serious. Alternatively, it may reflect an important wake-up call or a sign that a big change is needed.

4.- Dream that you feel something with the eclipse

Feeling something about an eclipse , whether it be fear or happiness, indicates your own feelings regarding emotions and religion in your life right now. It can indicate a positive emotional state or feeling close to the divine… or a lack in these areas of your life.

5.- Dreaming of a total eclipse

If you saw a total eclipse in your dream and you were there for its approval, then you may see something in a new light or you have recently gained some new knowledge. Perhaps you need to look at something from a different perspective, as the answer might lie in looking at it in a new way.

Conclusions about dreaming of an eclipse

An eclipse represents a time of darkness and doubt. You can foresee a failure in your business or in your personal life. At the moment, there are no clear paths. All you can do is stand still until the moment is over and you can see again.

Fortunately, the dream of the eclipse brings with it the hope that the darkness will not last forever. The sun will rise again, and when it does, you will be able to reorient yourself. An eclipse often has spiritual significance, and represents the opportunity for new ideas, or even the discovery of a new identity.

Dreaming of an eclipse can mean that there is something missing in your life. A lunar eclipse can be related to emotional turmoil. You may be emotionally repressed, or fear failure or success. You can even be in love with someone who doesn’t know you exist.

Eclipses are also a reminder that there is light and darkness in life. You must remember that just as the positive situations in your life can change, the negative situations can also change.

A lunar eclipse in a dream can symbolize deep secrets and emotions. Seeing someone you recognize in this type of dream can mean being cautious. It is a warning not to trust them. It may also mean that this is a time when you may not even be able to trust yourself to make good choices or decisions.

You can bury your true feelings. The moon brings these to the surface for further understanding. It is representative of a deep subconscious change in understanding yourself and the world around you better.

Seeing a solar eclipse can warn of times of darkness. You need to look at what else is going on in the dream to gain a deeper understanding as it will negatively impact most of your life. It can also symbolize that the light has left your waking life and you are suffering from depression. You may lack the direction and motivation to move your life forward.

An eclipse at the end of a dream symbolizes new beginnings. Feeling positive or negative about an eclipse represents your current feelings about things in your waking life. There may be things you have to face.

When the lunar eclipse invades your dreams, you can see it as a call for personal attention, that is, you should focus on taking care of your own health, surely you have forgotten it for a long time. Similarly, eclipses in your dreams can alert you to the illness of a loved one, especially if you have the vision on a Friday or Saturday night.

For many dream analysts, the fact of dreaming of an eclipse can be a sign that in real life there are people around you who hide in the shadows of others. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of inequality with other people, that is, that the people around you, instead of establishing harmonious relationships, are waiting to fight for something specific. In conclusion, it is possible that when you dream of an eclipse, you are about to learn a truth or discover problems and errors within your life.

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