What does it mean to dream about elevator? 21 dream interpretations

There are people who cannot remember what they have seen in a dream and others who, on the contrary, can detail everything they see. The world of dreams and the subconscious is not easy at all and is quite unexplained for most, and we can dream anything and they all have totally different meanings, either because of a specific detail, dreams are full of nuances and differences between things that look very similar. In this opportunist you will know what it means to dream of an elevator and its different interpretations?

To begin with, we must know that dreaming of everyday things is very common, since if we have a routine, and in the case of the elevators that we use on a daily basis, it is very normal that they can appear in one way or another in our dreams and in our subconscious. .

Elevators are machines that make our lives easier and that are designed and created to make the ups and downs much more comfortable, which also help us transport things, although it is good for us, in dreams it does not have to be like that. Therefore, we will see, depending on the details that surround it, what are the interpretations that it can have.

In general, the normal up and down action of the elevator represents the ups and downs of your life, when you are ascending to a higher floor, this indicates your rise to power and wealth, the opposite would be when you are descending, as it indicates that you are being punished and coming back to reality, means setbacks and misfortunes.

The place where the elevator is located can indicate the particular area of ​​your life. For example, an elevator in a shopping center can reflect your perspective on business spending habits, an elevator in an office building can represent your career, title, and employment status, and finally, an elevator inside a skyscraper or residential hotel can represent your family atmosphere and your social status.

What does it mean to dream of an elevator? 21 dream interpretations

Having dreams that involve being in an elevator is quite common, it is related to the feeling of anxiety and lack of control. Commonly, these types of dreams occur in women between 30 and 40 years of age and it symbolizes that you are trying to achieve something in your life, this can be connected to your career or alternatively to a relationship, to find the true meaning of what situation is bothering you it is important to think about what is troubling you in your waking life.

The elevator is also connected and can symbolize the physical body from a spiritual path, if you enter an elevator then this means that there is a deep desire for something better in life, you may feel some difficult personal circumstances if this is connected with the descent.

Feeling scared or terrified in your dream means that you are going to face some kind of adversity in the future but you are likely to get over it easily, if you get injured or die within your dream then this indicates that you are likely to lose many friends.

1.- Dreaming of an uncontrolled elevator

If you dream of an elevator that is out of control , it can mean several different things, if it is plummeting, it represents that you are afraid of losing control, it can represent an inability to reach the level that you want. If the elevator crashes, then this shows that you are being thrust into a new and lofty position and that you feel unprepared to deal with those additional responsibilities.

When you see an elevator in a dream going out of control with you inside it , this means that you are now in a crisis of your life. The crisis is indicating your fear of losing job security or a romantic relationship, your whole outlook on life will be shattered and changed forever, the experience of anxiety and nerve wracking mirrors how you would feel when a major crisis occurs.

2.- Dreaming of an elevator that goes down fast

If the elevator goes down quickly in a dream , it usually has to do with an area of ​​darkness in our lives. Some dream interpreters think that going down is not necessarily bad, as it can equate to flying and descending towards something bigger, depending on the speed of the elevator, this shows how quickly you are likely to move to the bliss position.

If you visualize an elevator going down and you are not actually inside it, this indicates that you are likely to escape some sort of disappointment on a project in the near future.

If you dreamed of a rapidly descending elevator while you were inside, such a dream could indicate that you are meeting someone who will have a great influence on your life, this person could even become your close friend.

3.- Dreaming of an elevator going up

An elevator going up in the dream shows you that you are reaching a higher level of consciousness, it can mean that you are starting to see the situation from a higher angel and indicate that your goals or plans in life are moving quickly, it can represent a promotion. or a raise.

If the elevator dream is moving upwards and crashing into the ceiling , this indicates that you are being catapulted into a position of power. You are moving too fast where you still don’t know how to deal with the newly found state. New responsibilities are weighing you down.

4.- Dreaming of a falling elevator

If the dream represents that the elevator crashed or falls and you are seriously injured or even killed by the accident, this indicates that the loss of control of the crashed elevator may have the potential to cause real damage, perhaps you are engaging in self-destructive behaviors in waking life.

5.- Dreaming of an elevator full of people

An elevator full of strange people in the dream can mean competition, maybe you are looking for or applying for a job with many applicants or maybe you are trying to apply to attend a prestigious school, where thousands of people aspire to enter.

Such a dream can also be a bad sign, possibly indicating being involved in some kind of danger or accident in the near future, it is a warning to be cautious and careful in dangerous situations.

6.- Dreaming of an old elevator

If in your dreams you see an old elevator , this indicates that you feel clinging to situations or moments that have passed and you have not been able to overcome, it is time to move forward, good things are yet to come, you just have to go out and look for them.

7.- Dreaming of an elevator and stairs

If you dream of an elevator and stairs where you prefer to go by elevator, it is because you like easy things and without so much stress, on the other hand, if you prefer the stairs instead of the elevator, this indicates that you like to take on challenges and make the most of opportunities no matter what. how difficult it is for you to achieve your goals.

8.- Dreaming of a stuck or broken elevator

To dream that the elevator is out of order, stuck or broken means that your emotions have gotten out of control, you have lost the ability to access the different layers of your mind.

Dreaming of a stuck elevator when you first entered, is a reflection that your life or career is stuck, you are in the way but you cannot move up or down, which means that you are currently in a dead end job. or in a relationship state.

9.- Dreaming of a trapped elevator

If you dream of being trapped inside an elevator , it means that you are trapped in a certain situation in your life and you cannot see the way out. It’s usually an unpleasant situation rather than a scary or really threatening one, but it drives you crazy.

For example, you can’t see your way out of a minor financial crisis, or you can’t finish a project, or you have an argument with a loved one and it still hasn’t been resolved.

This dream could be a reflection of extremely intense feelings of being helpless, manipulated and controlled by others, you cannot just press the button and make the elevator move, you need help from others.

10.- Dreaming of a damaged elevator

If you dreamed of an elevator that is damaged or broken , such a dream could indicate your feelings of losing your security, as you may not feel confident that you can handle some situation, it could mean that you have lost control over your emotions.

It can also indicate that you feel stuck in your private or professional life.

11.- Dreaming of a narrow elevator

If you have a dream where you find yourself in a narrow elevator , it means that you feel in a totally difficult situation and there is no way out, you feel drowned looking for an exit where there is no one, you must remain calm in the face of any obstacle.

12.- Dreaming of an elevator without walls

If in your dreams you see an elevator that has no walls , this indicates that you feel insecure because you do not have the support of anyone or that is what you think, because you are a very closed, shy and introverted person, this makes it a little more difficult to approach you, you must have more confidence in yourself and do what you really like with or without support.

13.- Dreaming of a dark elevator

If you are inside an elevator in a dream and it is totally dark , it means that bad news is coming for you and your family, you may be facing really sad situations and full of despair, it is a negative dream.

14.- Dreaming of an elevator that goes very fast

If you find yourself inside an elevator that is going very fast and you don’t know how to stop it, it means that many things are happening to you lately that you don’t have time to assimilate everything at once, which is driving you crazy, leaving you unable to make good decisions. .

15.- Dreaming of a small elevator

If you dream of seeing or being inside a small elevator, it means that you will have small changes in your life that will be important for you and that despite this, this can take a 90 degree turn that will make you feel better.

16.- Dreaming of an elevator that does not open

If you feel that in your dreams you cannot get on the elevator because it does not open or because there is an obstacle in the way, this shows that you cannot reach the goal yet. You may have to work harder to reach the goal you have in mind.

17.- Dreaming of a luxurious elevator

If you see a very clean and luxurious elevator in your dreams , this indicates that in life you have always had very high expectations, and this is not bad at all, you are a very enterprising person and want to get ahead.

18.- Dreaming of an elevator that does not arrive

Having a dream where you see yourself waiting for an elevator that never comes means that you have been waiting for a long time for a person who does not feel or does not want the same as you, so this wait should come to an end and continue on your way. .

19.- Dreaming of cleaning an elevator

If you see yourself cleaning an elevator in your dreams , it means that you have made many mistakes that have now affected your present and perhaps part of your future, so you are trying to fix things with a person who you could have done a lot of damage to.

20.- Dreaming of several elevators

If you dream of seeing several elevators and you don’t know which one to go up , this is a sign that you are a very indecisive person about the things you want, you don’t feel sure about what you want to achieve in life because you are afraid of failure.

21.- Dreaming of an elevator that goes up and does not stop

If you have a dream where you see or are inside an elevator that goes up and does not stop , it means that you are in a situation where you do not feel comfortable, you are in a position where you do not feel capable of assuming the responsibilities that this implies.


Elevator movements can also symbolize a change in your emotional state, perhaps you have been experiencing many ups and downs in your movements in quick succession. Since increases and decreases in your levels of success in life are usually tied to your emotions, it’s not too hard to see why success and failure would be tied to happiness and sadness.

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