What does dream mean about English

What does dream mean in English

From the outset, the most striking thing about this dream is that it is unusual, despite the fact that today, hearing other languages ​​is already common through the media. Therefore, it tends to be related to the ability to communicate with the people in your environment. A part is also linked to a free and independent personality.

The truth is that dreaming of this language is not frequent. Only if you are doing a course or receiving classes, that make you feel immersed in the foreign language most of your day, also, it is one of the languages ​​that we listen to the most, different from the usual Spanish. 

It is present in the movies 

In the series that we frequent, in music, in videos, in social networks, in almost all audiovisual media. For what is common in your life and can be a reference for you to project in your dreams. So it should not seem strange to you that it appears in the subconscious , even if you do not usually relate directly to the English language.

Language is seen as a bridge of communication with the individuals around you. Also, it can represent the individual skills that you have to try to understand other people, even if they do not understand you, you will look for ways to make yourself understood, with cordiality and education.

From another point of view, when in the dream you notice that they understand you clearly despite communicating through English, it means that your resources to reach other people are well defined and you seek to always remain attentive and clear so as not to create misunderstandings. or to cause you to isolate yourself from contact with those around you.

The meaning of dreaming in English

This in dreams can occur in various contexts, whether the dreamer is living abroad or interacts in the language with other people even if he is at home or in his daily environment. So it is understood that dreaming in English will be connected to the ability that you enjoy or not to communicate and make yourself understood by those around you.

It is necessary for the dreamer to pay attention to all the details , actions and factors present in the dream and to be able to interpret what the dream images are projecting from the subconscious and seek to presage for the near future of the dreamer. Isolated elements do not have the same meaning as when they interact with others as message codes. An example of this would be hearing English spoken in a dream with English-speaking individuals, than trying to dialogue with people around you who do not understand you when you speak to them in another language.

Dream speaking English with others directly

Dreaming of speaking English without being your native language

If in your dream you see yourself speaking fluently, it means that you are a very awake and broad-minded being , educated, full of culture and that your desire to move forward and always live new experiences is latent. Also, it can mean a message from your subconscious, that you want to continue expanding your knowledge, perhaps, those that are related to foreign languages.

Dream about speaking English to you 

If in your dream you find yourself surrounded by people who speak to you in English and you cannot understand them clearly and you make mistakes frequently . It is indicating that you have to pay attention to everything around you. You are in a state of total distraction and often lose concentration on what is being communicated to you. But, you shouldn’t worry about what other people think, you should just be more attentive and correct the faults.

Dream of speaking English and people do not understand you

In a dream you see yourself speaking fluently in English, but the people around you do not clearly understand. It indicates that you are a creative being and have a unique way of communicating . You probably don’t fit in many places, on the contrary they look at you suspiciously in your usual environment, for your security and attitude in life.

Dream of speaking English and not being understood

When you are presented with a dream in which you speak English and despite the fact that you do so clearly and fluently, you feel that your messages do not reach people, it is direct evidence that the dreamer feels excluded from the group to which he belongs. 

Although, many times he tries to approach others, they do not understand him. You should review your behavior with those who are close to you. Perhaps, with your personality you have caused some inconvenience and you should recapitulate.

Dream speak English in different environments

Dream of speaking English in an unknown environment

If in your dream you see yourself speaking English in a place that you do not know previously and the people with whom you speak are not known either, it means that you have many resources and you are not worried about making yourself understood . In addition, you have a wonderful ability to adapt to unforeseen changes, without paying much attention to leaving your comfort zone. 

Dream of speaking English in a movie

It is a dream full of symbols. If when you dream, you are in a movie and you find yourself speaking English fluently with others, it is clearly the sign that you are deeply involved in your projects , you like to be understood and that everyone around you feels as committed as you are to achieving success. 

It is a message from your subconscious that you are the protagonist of the actions that must be carried out to achieve your goals, you do not depend on others .

Dream of speaking English alone in the street

If in your dream you see yourself talking to yourself, and in a different language than others, in this case English, it means that you are going through a significant moment in your life and you need to be paid attention to. It is a sign that indicates that you feel lonely and you do not find a way to be treated as you wish. It’s time to seek support from a therapist or someone who can listen to your concerns.

Dream of speaking English with strangers in a store

If you have a dream where you see yourself in a store speaking in English with people you don’t know, but they clearly understand what you want to buy, even though you don’t belong to their usual environment. 

It means that you can adapt to any circumstance that comes your way to achieve your goals. You accept the challenges and seek to engage in harmony with everyone.

Dream about speaking English and sports

Dream of speaking English on a sports field

It is a rare dream, but if you see yourself participating in a sporting event and you communicate with your teammates in another language, however, they understand you perfectly, it is an indication that you love to work as a team and seek the common good. You are one of the people who strives to get ahead, not only individually, you like to share your successes with your loved ones .

Dream of speaking English at a baseball game

It is a symbolic dream, in which you must be attentive to all the elements in it, If you see yourself in the stands lifting your team in English, it indicates your ability to rejoice in the achievement of others and to recognize the success of others. 

If you see yourself as part of the sports team, it is clear that you feel committed to a project where several people work for the same purpose. Your goal is to achieve group harmony despite the circumstances.

Dream of speaking English in a game of chess

It is a strange dream, considering that in sport science, it is rarely talked about. When, you find yourself in unusual circumstances and speaking in another language, in this case English playing chess. 

It is clear that your subconscious wants to express feelings or desires that it has repressed for a long time and it is time to make it evident. Pay attention to your surroundings so that you can bring out your feelings and that they can understand you. It is likely that there is some circumstance with which you have not agreed and it bothers you.

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