What does it mean to dream about erupting volcano?

What does it mean to dream of an erupting volcano?

Dreaming of natural events is one of the most common precognitive dreams. Since ancient times in the history of mankind, special attention has always been given to dreams that show changes in nature, since they are interpreted as warning signs . Some ancient civilizations believed that the gods communicated through dreams to help human beings. 

It is not surprising that the appearance of catastrophes of various kinds in a dream is always taken as a negative sign . As is known, in the field of dream study, premonitions are especially important because they allow us to act in time in the face of any adversity. This is the case of dreams in which everything from earthquakes to hurricanes, floods and also erupting volcanoes are shown. 

Generally this type of dream causes a feeling of terror in the person who has seen these images. Natural disasters are part of life on planet earth and therefore are also a cause for concern. Therefore, the appearance of this element in a dream is usually interpreted as an indication that difficult situations will come , although depending on the context it could have a more positive meaning. 

Natural events in dreams express people ‘s deepest fears . These are feelings and emotions that have not yet come to light, the feeling of helplessness is directly related to the eruption of a volcano on the emotional plane. 

According to some opinions, observing the eruption of a volcano can be related to aspects such as creativity and the need for progress . It is possible that we are unconsciously looking to make important changes in our professional life. It could be related to the need to start a new project or successfully complete one that is already in process. 

What does it mean to dream of an erupting volcano from the point of view of psychology?

Psychologists often explain that repressed aspects of our personality manifest through dreams. Therefore, the association of an erupting volcano with violent events is one of the most common interpretations. Violence is one of the aspects of life, they are situations that can occur unexpectedly and have negative consequences for those involved. 

According to psychologists, the symbolism of an erupting volcano is directly related to feelings of rage or anger, but it can also be associated with love and affective problems that have not yet been resolved. Possibly the person who has experienced this type of dream has not been able to be valued by the people with whom he relates. 

Some psychologists have determined that for a certain period of time, these dreams can occur constantly. It is a common pathology in those people who are suffering from post-traumatic stress as in the case of traffic accidents, rapes, robberies or having suffered some other type of violence. 

How are these dreams related to emotional problems? 

This type of dream is also related to some kind of need that has not been satisfied. Therefore, it is a manifestation of an emotional outburst , such as an attack of fury or uncontrolled rage, which has not been manifested in real life and therefore is shown in the mind. The person may be beginning to have trouble controlling himself. Like dreams in which bombs and explosions are shown, volcanic activity however is a sign of some control of emotions.  

Some psychologists believe that people with bipolar disorder often go through difficult emotional periods that can be manifested through dreams of this type. Dream encounters in which people see themselves trying to survive catastrophic natural events are often a clear sign of lack of confidence and emotional crisis. 

It is possible that the person is beginning to act impulsively , for which he has begun to make decisions that have not been thought through in depth. Also some psychologists relate this dream to the passionate and erotic field, it is possible that the person is going through a period of sadness and absence of a stable partner.  

There are multiple interpretations for dreams with volcanoes erupting. But the most important aspects to analyze in this type of dream are related to the background context and its relationship with the main event. Therefore, the eruption of a volcano could also have a more positive connotation, it could also be related to a moment of ecstasy or effusiveness . Perhaps some event or receiving good news has generated a positive feeling that is also reflected in this dream

What are the most common interpretation

Dreaming of the eruption of a volcano can refer to the fact that important changes will occur soon . The appearance of natural phenomena in dreams is usually interpreted with the representation of some kind of negative change, or that difficult events could occur in the life of the person who has had this type of dream

The eruption of a volcano usually has a strong symbolic charge of definitive transformation. It may be time to start taking risks and adopting new strategies that will allow you to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself. 

It is important to clarify that the appearance of this natural event will not always have negative connotations. Therefore, these changes may be necessary to be able to move forward and continue successfully, it is related to the start or completion of a project . Everything depends on the context in which this image appears in a dream, also the feeling it creates in the dreamer will intervene in how it can be interpreted. 

What does it mean to dream of lava from a volcano? 

If in the dream we see large amounts of lava, it could be related to some kind of warning or notice of changes that are approaching, these could have negative consequences. 

When the eruption develops gradually , slowly, without causing damage and also does not cause deaths in its wake; it is a dream that could be indicating that the actions that we are carrying out in real life are generating important changes; not only in personal life, but also with friends and family. 

Curiously, there are dreams in which the eruption begins to disappear . Some experts believe that this is a sign that the situations that are currently developing will eventually generate positive changes in relation to different economic aspects. 

If you see that the volcano goes out, it could indicate that there will be financial stability in the coming days or months. Who has this type of dream could be calm, since any event that has been forecast as negative is not going to affect their finances. But it also has another interetation, it is related to ineptitude or failure in affective relationships.

What does it mean to dream of an erupting volcano that causes damage and dies?

Sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares. Observing how a volcano is generating disorder and some type of material damage in its path, could be indicating that there will be a lack of control in emotional and sexual aspects . This interpretation is even more accurate when we observe that the volcano spits lava in large quantities. 

As explained above, the symbol of an erupting volcano is usually related to emotions that have not been controlled . It is possible that some aspects of the personality of the person who has this dream such as anger, frustration, rage and desire; they’re wreaking havoc on his mental health. 

If we observe that in the dream, due to the eruption, there is significant damage to property such as streets, forests, buildings and the death of people; this dream reveals the current state of the dreamer’s love and family life. If, in addition, we include other elements such as volcanic rocks or basalt , then the dream reveals that we are losing confidence in the people around us. 

Observing how the lava of a volcano causes destruction in its path, can be related to some aspects of the personality. The change in temperament and the onset of anger are some of the aspects most typically associated with a volcano eruption. There are also other scenarios related to the person’s thoughts and feelings, which begin to have a more negative stage. 

If you observe that the lava of a volcano begins to advance underground, hiding from the outside world, it represents that there are a series of intimate and personal thoughts that you do not want to be externalized. It is possible that some relevant information is being hidden and therefore the feeling of guilt is expressed in this way. 

The eruption of a volcano and other natural events 

Sometimes in dreams there are different elements that interact with each other. Therefore, the eruption of a volcano can be accompanied by other natural events such as storms or earthquakes . These circumstances can be directly related to what happens in real life, therefore it denotes concern about the lack of tranquility and stability both from an economic and emotional point of view. 

Some also think that the manifestation of these dreams is related to when we are waiting for bad news to be announced soon. These dreams can occur when we are in a period of waiting for the results of medical exams, academic evaluations or reviews in our work. It is possible that we are having a negative attitude and we are predisposed to the occurrence of some negative situation. 

If we observe that the eruption of the volcano is causing a fire, it could represent that we have caused harm to ourselves or to the people around us. This is an image with a strong symbolic charge, which directly expresses that our repressed feelings can no longer be hidden. Therefore, it indicates that we are being emotionally harmed, it is a way in which the subconscious is manifesting that we can no longer be silenced. 

If in the dream we observe that several people die from the eruption, or even we ourselves die, it indicates fear of life. It is possible that we are feeling helpless and expect negative events to happen to us soon. If we observe that we fall into the volcano, it reflects that we are afraid of mistakes and failures in real life

Another interpretation that observing how we fall into the volcano has is related to the possibility that there are people who seek to harm us . It is possible that the cause of some recent failures is due to the efforts of third parties that did not allow some of the projects to materialize. 

When the eruption of the volcano is accompanied by a telluric event, it is a dream that is related to the desire to be able to maintain a more fluid communication with a person of interest. Frequent changes may be occurring that do not allow us to maintain stable personal relationships. 

Also these dreams can symbolize what is the real state of our mental health. It is possible that you are suffering from anxiety and stress , this accumulation of negative emotions is generating fear and urgent need, which could be taken as a warning sign to start finding solutions. 

These dreams manifest when there is a need to release this accumulated tension . It is possible that the right formulas for its treatment are not being found. People who have an impulsive temperament may have this type of dream when they finally begin to see the consequences it has on their health. Therefore, the subconscious is working to say that they must implement changes in habits and attitudes. 

If in the dream we observe that after this catastrophic event you begin to see a transformation in the big picture, it is possible that we will observe this same situation in real life. Positive transformations seen in dreams in different ways generally have an equally positive meaning. Therefore, perhaps some project or decision will finally bear fruit soon.

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