Dream About Ex Lover

Dreaming of an ex-lover shows a person who has left us good memories, or deep wounds, in our life. That is why it is normal for us to dream of people who have gone through our lives leaving us good or bad memories.

Whenever we dream of an ex-lover, it can have different interpretations, that is why we have to take into account what our feelings are in the dream, since these will determine the meaning. During sleep we can feel worried, happy, have sexual desires, feel an emotional connection again, sadness, joy, anger, understanding, desire to start over, etc.

Dream About Ex-Lover

Feeling in the dream that we are in love and happy with our former lover indicates that problems from the past that we thought were solved will reappear. If we see our ex-lover and feel jealous, it indicates that we have a lot of resentment towards the people around us. We need to change that resentment in order to grow as people.

If we meet our ex lover and he rejects us, it signals that we should let new people into our life and give them a chance. When we see it and it generates anger in the dream, it means that we are feeling sad and abandoned by our partner. Talking to a former lover and seeing that the talk turns out to be pleasant indicates that we are still attracted to that person.

Seeing your ex-lover with a new partner shows that we feel we have lost a lot and luck is not in our favor. Being at your ex-lover’s wedding and seeing him marry someone else, indicates that we are seeing a reality that is not. Marrying an ex-lover is a dream that shows many concerns that are yet to come into our lives.

See your ex lover’s wife

Meeting the wife of your ex-lover in the dream, means that we are going through moments of great difficulty in our life. But if in the dream your ex-lover’s wife yells or insults you, it indicates that we are afraid of being betrayed by someone.

Dreaming of my husband’s ex-lover

Finding my husband‘s ex-lover, and starting a fight or argument, means that we are upset with our partner. Also this dream shows that we feel inferior to other people. We need to raise our self-esteem.

Seeing the ex-lover’s family in the dream

If in the dream we see the family of the former lover, it indicates that we are dealing with the pain and guilt of having done things wrong in the past. Now we must bear the consequences.

If we see each other making love

Being with an ex-lover making love, reflects the desire we have to get back with that person. But if we are making love with a former lover and we are not having a good time, it shows that we are losing something in real life that hurts us a lot.

When in real life we ​​have a child in common

If in real life we ​​have a child with a former lover, and we dream about him, it shows that we feel stressed, because we are going through many situations, where we must make many important decisions to achieve a better future.

Dreaming of an ex-lover with whom we return

Having a relationship with a former lover again indicates that we are afraid of being rejected. That is why we make decisions that end up hurting us. If we return to have a romantic relationship with a former lover, and we feel valued and listened to by that person, it indicates that we are going through a very delicate and sensitive moment in real life. We want to feel protected to ease our pain.

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