What does it mean to dream about excrement? 21 Dream Interpretations

Surprisingly, dreaming of excrement is extremely common. When we wake up from such a dream, we often wonder what it means on earth. I know, it’s quite an embarrassing dream, especially since it’s such a peculiar thing.

Now, there is no easy way to start this interpretation, because everyone’s dream is different. It may be difficult for you to move your head. But in this post, we are going to try to give resolute answers to this dream. Scroll down to find the meaning of your dream

What does it mean to dream of excrement? 21 Dream Interpretations

 Going to the toilet in public in your dream, although it could be embarrassing, means that someone will ask you for money. Dreaming of a child‘s feces implies that you are trying to get rid of responsibility. A popular dream is to see the toilet clogged with feces so that the poop overflows or comes down the sides of the toilet. This is a popular dream, it indicates financial problems in real life.

If poop is splattered on the walls, it shows that there is a fear of losing financial responsibility and monetary benefits in the future. To grow as a person, you need to put more effort into your work situation. Typically, poo in the spirit world is associated with possession, contentment, compassion, money or financial matters, or perhaps extreme abilities.

Many dream psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud of the 1930s, agreed that dreams can be useful if they offer a degree of insight. Freud, in fact, has linked feces with personal development and personality. Our dreams provide true feelings about issues in daily life.

Anything that comes from our bodies, such as feces, urine, or even disease, is considered disgusting. But in a spiritual context, when we go to the bathroom, extraordinary things happen in our body. This is an amazing process that takes place when we go to the bathroom. The garbage that human beings produce when we go to the bathroom gives us strength, growth and life.

Therefore, if we process this further, the stool dream could simply be a reflection that we spiritually need to eliminate an emotion or problem in life. Ok, so where does this take me? Always remember that past choices can never be forgotten or lifted. It indicates that spiritually, we should not ignore the emotions that we have inside. Don’t hide your feelings, but think about how you feel deep down. Try to be more interested in how you connect emotionally with other people. Let’s see more interpretations below:

1.- Dreaming of excrement in the toilet

Feces coming out of a toilet in a dream can mean a problem being fixed because there is a problem with others that you no longer want to be involved in. There are many problems that will come to light. If the urge overflowed in a dream and this suggests scenarios or social gatherings that you should avoid.

Dreaming of a bathroom or property covered in feces can signify difficult situations in life where you are having a “crappy” outcome. Seeing feces floating in the toilet in a dream suggests a dangerous problem that is out of control.

2.- Dreaming of excrement in your hands

Dreaming about feces being seen on your hands in a dream – means a problem that you think is “in your hands”. You can suggest dealing with problems. Perhaps you are not getting the promotion at work that you deserve, it can suggest possible legal problems or relationship problems. It really boils down to having a problem that you can’t seem to solve. This dream can also suggest, especially if you wash your hands in the dream that the work will not turn out as anticipated.

3.- Dreaming of excrement on the ground

Negatively, feces on the floor in a dream can mean problems that will become more difficult as life progresses. You can predict reckless behavior that will exacerbate a problem. This issue needs to be resolved in order to focus on cleaning up someone’s mess. Washing or cleaning poop off the floor in a dream reflects facets of your inner personality that are unnecessary or unwanted. This could be a poor diet or a lack of time to clean your house. You can make a change.

4.- Dream that you clean excrement

As mentioned above, the dream of “cleaning up” the poop indicates that it is time to clean up the mess in your life. Something in your life is useless to you or you would like to eliminate this completely. There are probably people/situations that you have trusted to be there for you, but when problems start they are not people you can trust. Take care of your life and do everything you can to clean up the mess.

5.- Dream that you eat excrement

Dreaming of eating feces means problems or undesirable problems in life. You or someone else is accepting “junk” into their life. Consider. Try to calm down and keep working hard as this dream can indicate stress. Dreaming of eating human excrement can be associated with a situation in waking life that worries you.

Fundamentally, eating poop in a dream could be a “wake-up call” to fix yourself mentally or emotionally. You may be facing a difficult, dirty, messy, poisonous, or shitty problem in real life. It can also indicate a lot of anxiety about money and job prospects.

6.- Dreaming of a toilet overflowing with excrement

This is quite a scary dream and it is common. In my opening statement, I mentioned that the general dream meaning of a toilet overflowing excrement means a lack of control. It can often be suggested that seeing overflowing toilets or not being able to walk on the toilet floor because there is feces and urine flowing indicates that there is a problem in life that you are finding difficult to solve.

Commonly, this dream normally occurs when we feel anxious and stressed in life. The toilet in a dream that overflows is usually a public toilet. This indicates that you feel threatened by other people. Seeing your own bathroom in your house full of excrement suggests that there are characteristics within you that you need to resolve. It could be that you are working too hard to not pay enough attention to your home or diet.

7.- Dreaming of excrement scattered everywhere

Poop in a dream suggests “trouble”, but what if you see poop everywhere in a dream? Poop itself represents all forms of problems and anxieties in life. Are you comfortable with your life? It can suggest that you feel quite insecure and vulnerable.

Not being able to stand on the ground because it is covered with excrement suggests that we will overcome all difficulties and also trust others. The dream of poop everywhere can also imply that you are spiritually blocked. We try different things in life, but you still seem retarded.

8.- Dreaming of excrement on the walls

We’ve all been in the bathroom at school, where feces are wiped off the walls. Alternatively, there have been occasions where faeces have been cleaned on prison walls. What does it mean when you see poop on the walls in a dream ? The walls in your dream represent possible barriers in life, the fact that feces are spread on the walls can suggest that you are unable to move forward in life due to these barriers. The most important thing to do now is try to recognize what those barriers are and then you can pave the way to your own success.

9.- Dreaming of defecating

Seeing yourself poop in a dream denotes a difficult situation or problem in life. In dreams, we often subconsciously think about the difficulty we have in the waking world. Seeing yourself having a poop in a toilet is connected to difficult situations in life. If you visit a toilet in a dream and cannot poop, this indicates that you are not focused on your immediate goals.

In old dream dictionaries, the toilet represents our “waste” in life. Not being able to poop in dreams indicates that there is a problem in waking life that needs your attention. It can also suggest that someone in waking life is taking your precious time.

10.- Dreaming of animal excrement

If you see the excrement of an animal in a dream , step on dog poop, cat poop or horse poop, this indicates a situation that has gotten out of control. Animals in our dreams are associated with possible disappointment from the past. You need to clear your mind in order to move forward. If you step on the poop of animals, especially dogs, then this suggests that you are hiding the truth of the matter from yourself. Eating animal poop in the dream indicates that you will be ready to take action to solve the problem of life.

11.- Dreaming of liquid excrement

Liquid stool is not the best end to have! Diarrhea in a dream usually means that there may be health problems or problems with the diet in the future. The most important thing after having a dream like this is that you take care of yourself. If you suddenly had diarrhea in the dream state, this means that you can change something for the better.

Seeing liquid stool in a toilet in a dream (where the poop is not yours) represents meeting a challenge. Diarrhea can also suggest a loss of life. Clearing liquid feces indicates that, despite the challenges, you will overcome all the difficulties that you will face! Seeing someone poorly or in the hospital and having them tell themselves indicates that they need to take better care of others.

12.- Dreaming of baby poop

A baby indicates the innocence we feel within ourselves. The baby can also mean our inner child. Babies are usually associated with dirty bottles and diapers, of course, we love babies too! The baby’s poop in a dream is associated with all the elements of her own behavior in life. It is connected to your own character.

Changing a dirty diaper in a dream suggests a fresh start, a fresh start. If you see your own baby poop in the dream, it means that you want to be more cautious and you should be less worried about yourself. For the poo to be green from the baby’s diaper suggests some problems in the future. This could simply be adjusting to a new situation or a new job.

If a baby has diarrhea in the dream state, this means emotional distress. If you discover in your dream a baby that has defecated, this implies that you have the ability to work on your own skills in life. If you are pregnant (in real life), this dream may signify your fears of not providing your baby with proper care. To see a heavy dirty diaper in the dream suggests that you will rely on others to help you achieve a goal at work.

13.- Dreaming of white stool

Feces can come in many different colors, depending on who went to the bathroom. A pale white poop in a dream is associated with peace and tranquility after a difficult time in life. In order to determine what this really means, we need to take a quick look at what white poop means. In general, white poop is the result of a lack of bile. This is the fluid that is usually produced in the liver and also in the gallbladder.

Dreaming of a white stool has a completely different meaning. Normally, poop is brown in color which includes bile. Having clay-colored poop indicates the need to take a break. In the dream, a white poop suggests that you need to take care of your health.

If we look at the old dream dictionaries, the white impulse can indicate an obstruction of life. This is probably due to the medical term “bile duct obstruction.” “If you see a lot of white poop in a dream, it suggests that the situation will be better.

However, you have an illusion that is not realistic. Perhaps you are projecting your talents onto others and they are not listening to you? Take a break and consider if you need more time to focus on your own progress in life.

14.- Dreaming of excrement in your home

The feces in your home take on a particular meaning when interpreting your dreams . Seeing feces in the front yard of a house indicates that you are showing a problem to the whole world. The backyard / garden indicates that you are hiding a hidden problem. What you find inside our house in the dream reflects associated and compartmentalized elements of your “inner self.”

Bad news is in store if the entire house was covered in feces. The size, style, condition, and manifestation of the stool in your home are important in understanding this dream. You will need to consider both the feelings evoked by seeing feces in your house (in the dream itself) and how this connects to your house. Is the same?

The feces in your living room represent an unconscious reflection of your own emotions. If you see your home in the dream and it is not your home in real life, this can signify a feeling of opening towards higher levels of spiritual connection.

If the home in your dream is bigger and bigger, this denotes unbecoming grandiosity, based on your ambitions in real life. Conversely, if poop is covered anywhere in your home, it could be a symbolic representation of your values.

If poop is in your bathroom in your dreams, we have already covered the meaning above, but it does indicate that you may have forgotten to take stock of the results of an important task in life. If you dream of a particular house from an earlier time in your life (such as your childhood home) and see feces inside, this may refer to events in your current environment linked to your family. In addition to development in life itself.

15.- Dreaming of excrement at school

Although you are an adult, it is common to find that you go back to school in one’s dream and that you dream of “school toilets”. Many people often see themselves with a poop on the school or the walls. Dreaming of feces connected to going back to school or in a school is associated with your own development in waking life. School kids pooping in a dream suggests that you need to learn an important life lesson.

16.- Dreaming of dog excrement

As a guide, a dog poop in the dream is connected to our friends in life. Dreaming of dog poop suggests your own inner power that is dormant, especially regarding relationships with friends. Now stepping on dog poop in your dream indicates a real problem with friends. To have dog poop being posted through a mailbox in a dream indicates a new start in life.

Dog excrement is a sign that you should be more cautious with your social contacts: consider things more and be more respectful of other people. Try to think of the outcome of a problem with a friend. Dreaming of a dog pulling out something unusual (such as a person, object, fruit, or anything else that seems crazy) can reflect feelings of discontent or problems in life. It could also be associated with her feelings or feeling somewhat scared in life.

17.- Dream that you poop in a strange place

Sometimes we have dreams of bringing out something really weird! But what does this mean? When an individual attempts to poop something that is unusual in a dream , it indicates fighting what you believe in in life. If you found yourself trying to poop something strange in the bathroom, this indicates that a particular enemy is attacking your own loneliness. If you cannot poop in a dream, but want to, it suggests that a problem will end satisfactorily.

Bringing out an animal is an indication of humiliation and shame. Are you being too sensitive? Another meaning is that if you dream and locate a massive poo or if this is spread all over the floor or the bathroom in a dream, this indicates that you are struggling with a relationship. To poop out of a building indicates a possible new job.

18.- Dream that a man poops

It can be quite worrying to dream of seeing a man poop in a dream ! Especially if you don’t know his identity! A man in a dream can indicate a new meaning in life. The man is connected to our masculine traits in waking life. However, this dream portrays every component of our personality: such as our vision, traits and masculine qualities.

Seeing another man‘s poop indicates our impulses or anxieties in life or areas where we try to make sure we find the truth, for example, the love we have for another man or woman is intimately ours.

Seeing a man’s poop indicates that this dream can mean problems in a relationship, with a man. We might discover that someone’s behavior is difficult to tolerate. Observing that another man has a poo in the toilet means that we must understand our relationships with others.

19.- Dream that a woman poops

Seeing women poop in a dream is connected to hidden issues and problems with a “woman” in the waking world. Sometimes dreams of seeing your wife, lover or partner having a poo in the dream imply that she is possibly trying to express something in life. Subsequently, dreaming of a “female” relative in the toilet suggests that action is needed.

The truth is that many women dream of excrement, sometimes because of worries, but often because it means that there is a problem or problem in life. Seeing elderly women pooping in a dream suggests that she needs care and attention in a relationship – she will make it! If you dream of women on a chamber pot, it indicates unexpressed emotions.

20.- Dream that you step on excrement

This is not a big dream to have! Are you dreaming that you step on human feces on the ground ? This could be animal poop or worse human excrement! So what does this mean? Walking in poo is having the ability to do something in life, but you’re doing the best you can.

Dreaming of constipation or not being able to poop – It is quite uncomfortable to encounter constipation in real life if you are looking for a toilet in a dream and you cannot find the toilet or end up with constipation and this indicates a relationship breakdown in life The relationship could be symbolic friendship but all is not lost.

21.- Dreaming of duck droppings

If you are walking by the lake and the grass is covered with excrement in the dream , this may suggest that you are about to finish. It implies a new adventure, but also the need to continue with the tried and tested. If the duck that is in your shoes and the dream that this indicates, you must persevere in projects.

Conclusions of dreaming with excrement

Some are surprised to dream of excrement or that they poop. It is actually a very common dream theme. A stool dream is often about how we discard (or fail to discard) something psychological, in this case thoughts or memories that have really been a load of “poo” to carry.

Emptying the intestines as a symbol of getting rid of negative thoughts. Feces in dreams can be a symbol of getting rid of something that has been a burden on us psychologically.

The excrement is a sign of monetary gain. Dreaming of shit almost always predicts a great profit, even in the most risky undertaking, which does not require as much of your effort as banal luck. Perhaps you can receive a large inheritance.

If you dream that you see excrement, it is a fact that you will experience an improvement in your financial situation. On this day, all your business transactions will be profitable, which means that it is time to act. But people who are not in business will have gifts and surprises.

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