Dreams in which you feel that you fall or see someone fall are related to fears, worries, insecurity and lack of confidence.

These dreams tend to occur more frequently when you find yourself going through moments of conflict , worry, when drastic changes occur, when you have to face new situations or you are forced or forced to leave your comfort zone.

In other cases, dreams of falling, falling or falls can be linked to low self-esteem , a feeling of failure or defeat in the face of events that are happening around you or the feeling of not having control over that situation.

Dream that you fall into the void and never reach the ground

Dreaming that you see yourself falling into the void and you do not reach the ground is a clear reflection of the current moment you are going through, it is likely that you will find yourself at a crossroads, that you do not know how to face what surrounds you, that you are afraid of the consequences or to the outcome.

This dream represents your feeling of not having control over what happens in your life or what is going to happen.

Dream that you fall to the ground

Dreaming that you fall to the ground is a reflection of your insecurities and fears in the face of a situation that you are currently experiencing or are going to experience in a short time.

If you do not feel pain when you fall to the ground , it means that a family conflict is going to occur, with your partner or with a close friend. It can be an argument or a misunderstanding.

If you hurt yourself when you fall and you feel pain , it means that you are going to be disappointed with the behavior or reaction of someone important to you or someone you appreciate.

Dream that you fall off a cliff or cliff

In this case, the dream is directly related to concerns, fears and insecurities regarding financial, professional or business matters. It is likely that you are going through a difficult stage, that you have some concern regarding the economy, work or business. You may also find yourself facing a new situation that you don’t know how to deal with or that you feel unable to resolve.

If in your current life you do not have any concerns of this type and you experience this dream, it would be the harbinger of financial problems, changes at work or ups and downs in the business.

Dream that you fall from a bridge

If you dream that you fall from a bridge, it means that you are making a hard effort to achieve something important, be it personal, professional, financial, love or family.

The dream reflects your concern about the wait that you are enduring for having achieved what you want, which generates insecurity, since sometimes you think that you will not achieve it or that the results will not come.

Dream that you fall from a building

When you dream that you fall from a building it means that you need some time to rest, you should take a breather before continuing, you are reaching your limit and you need to go at a slower and more relaxed pace to avoid collapse before an episode occurs. of anxiety or stress, you should stop and take another path.

Dream that you fall into the water

Dreaming that you fall into water, whether from the sea, a river, a lake or a pool, is an omen that someone around you will be of great help to you in a complex problem or situation in which you are going to be involved. or wrapped. You may already be going through that situation and you can’t find a way out or you don’t know how to solve it.

The dream is telling you that you should be patient and trust the people around you.

If you fall into dirty water or mud , it means that there are people around you who are harming you or are going to harm you, that you are probably being manipulated or manipulated by someone or being a victim of someone who takes advantage of you.

Dream that you fall on the mud or mud

This dream means that you have been or are going to be disappointed with someone, with something or with yourself. This dream also represents the promises that are not fulfilled, the frustration in the face of dreams that are not fulfilled and of course, as we have said before, the possibility of being harmed or harmed by a third person.

Dream that you fall in an elevator

If you dream that you fall in an elevator without being able to avoid it and you never reach the ground, it means that the solution of the problems that cause you insecurity, worry or anguish does not depend on you, therefore, you must change the way you approach it and try to relax. , since you can’t do anything to remedy it, just wait for time to put everything in its place.

If you dream that you fall in the elevator and it reaches the end, that is, it hits the ground, it means that you are close to getting out of that quagmire, that you are going to see the light even if you have to face difficulties and adapt to the new situation. It may not be easy, but you will come out of that situation reinforced.

Dream that you fall into a well

To dream that you fall into a well and never reach the end but you feel that you fall into a dark well means that you need to ask for help, that you should talk to someone close to you or ask for help from someone who can provide it, it is likely that you do not want involve anyone or that you don’t feel up to it, but you should ask for help.

If you dream that you fall down a well and reach the bottom, it means that you feel a great emptiness inside, that you carry responsibilities that do not correspond to you or that you give too much to others and never receive anything proportionally. It is time to change that situation.

Dream that you fall from the bed

This dream is very common, feeling that you fall out of bed. In this case, it represents the problems, deficiencies or unmet needs that you have regarding your sentimental or sexual situation.

It is likely that there is some unresolved situation with your partner or that you do not feel happy in the relationship you are living. The time has come to face this situation and try to solve the problems by making the decisions that are convenient.

Dream that you fall from a tree

This dream represents the warning regarding the present consequences of past matters, you could start now to pay the consequences of decisions made long ago.

Dreaming that you fall from a tree is the announcement of the return of past issues or situations that were not resolved at the time or were resolved poorly.

Dream that you fall and get up again

It is a very positive dream since it announces that you will be able to overcome the problems that currently overwhelm you, worry you or cause you instability, that is, even if the consequences are important and you must assume the seriousness of the situation, you will emerge triumphant.

This dream also represents the new opportunities, the much more prosperous and successful new beginnings that will soon arise around you.

Dreaming that you fall and cause injuries or an injury

If you dream that you fall and injure yourself or injure yourself, it means that you must be patient with the situation in front of you, with the projects you want to achieve or with the problems you need to solve.

On the other hand, the dream is positive, since it is telling you that you will end up achieving what you want or receiving good news, but it will take time to do so due to different processes or circumstances that require it.

Dream that you fall because someone pushes you

If you dream that you fall because someone pushes you or causes your fall in one way or another, it means that there is someone around you who is not trustworthy, who has deceived you or is going to deceive you, that you could be the victim of a trap or betrayal

If the person who pushes you is known , you will have to reflect on the relationship with that person and be alert to possible events.

If the person who pushes you is unknown, it means that someone new who will appear in your life is going to harm you, you must sharpen your senses to prevent it.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you push someone and they fall, it means that you will be directly or indirectly responsible for the ruin of that person or someone around you. It is likely that your actions, decisions or behaviors negatively affect that person whether you are aware of it or not.

Dream that you fall because you bump into something

If you dream that you stumble or slip and fall to the ground, it is a warning about the risks or dangers that you run with your decisions, actions or behaviors and even the risk or danger that you pose to others.

But this dream does not carry a very great gravity, they may be milder consequences.

Dream that you fall with other people

In this case, the dream tries to warn you that what you do, decide or say can affect other people and for this reason you must be very cautious or cautious about your movements or behaviors.

On the other hand, this dream could be the omen of possible consequences to wrong decisions you made in the past due to the manipulations or influences of other people.

Dream that you see people fall

Dreaming that you see other people you know fall but you do not fall means that there will be changes around you that will affect people around you but not you, that is, you will come out of those consequences well.

On the contrary, dreaming that you see unknown people fall means that in the face of any challenge, test, exam or interview in which you have to compete with other people, you will come out the winner or winner. This dream portends victory over others.

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