The father is related to the rational, with the conflicts, the obstacles or impediments that you have when it comes to overcoming or facing any challenge. The figure of the father also represents strength, perseverance and discipline. Dreams where your father appears can acquire many nuances in their meaning since the elements, situations and sensations that are experienced during the dream will be decisive when it comes to personalizing its interpretation.

Dreaming of your dead father if he is alive in real life

If you dream of your dead father but in real life he is alive, it means that you are facing a series of important problems or obstacles in the face of which you feel weak or incapable at times, you believe that you will not be able to overcome them, so So this dream represents your own concern in the face of those difficulties that currently surround you.

If you dream that your father is resurrected during your dream, it means that you have some internal conflict with yourself or with someone around you that affects you more than you imagine. You may need to address that situation as soon as possible to settle it.

If you dream that you see your father inside a coffin but you are calm or calm, it means that you feel powerless in the face of the decisions you must make or the situation you are facing.

If, on the other handyou dream that you are crying or you feel sad in front of your father inside a coffin, it is a very clear reflection of the fulfillment that you are going to carry out of those tasks, objectives or dreams but that for the moment are arrested.

If in the dream your deceased father speaks to you or you hear his voice, you will have to remember the words he pronounces. In most cases it is usually a warning, advice or an important reflection for you, since the figure of your father is very important and your opinion of him or your assessment of him greatly affects you.

Dreaming of your dead father if he is dead in real life

When you dream of your deceased father, if in real life he is also deceased, it means that this relationship, the relationship between your father and you, has marked you especially, that in one way or another there is something between you and your father that you do not know. completed, was not said, or was not resolved. It is likely that you have a feeling of guilt for any of these causes or in other cases it may be a reflection of the pain that you still feel for some experience with your father.

If you see your father in a coffin and you feel calm or calm, it means that although you may sometimes feel insecure or insecure in any circumstance that surrounds you, you are more than capable or able to achieve or do what you set out to do.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself sad or crying in front of your father’s coffin , it is an omen of change, of transition, of transformation for you in general or in a specific area.

If your father speaks to you or you hear his voice during sleep, the message of his words will have to be interpreted as a reinforcement for you, a message that will help you grow and believe in yourself more.

Dreaming of your father alive if he is dead in real life

If you dream of your father alive when he is currently deceased, it means that you have a great need for help, support or advice in a situation that you are experiencing or are going to experience. It is likely that you feel alone or alone in the face of danger, that you feel that you will not be able to complete it or solve it.

Dreaming that your father speaks to you or you hear his voice , you will have to analyze it deeply since the words you remember could be a warning, advice or the announcement of changes, news or news that will occur in your life in the short or medium term.

Dream of your father crying sad

If you dream that you see your father crying or with a sad countenance, it means that you will have some conflict with someone close to you, probably due to a lack of understanding or misunderstanding.

If in the dream you try to comfort your father, it means that the conflict that could arise with someone close to you will be due to the attitude of the other person or even to the interference of third parties.

Dream of your father laughing happily

Dreaming that your father is laughing or happy is a powerful prognosis of overcoming, strength and security in the face of what worries you or you are currently experiencing. By having this dream you can feel calm or calm since a very stable and prosperous stage begins for you.

Dream that your father hugs you

To dream that your father gives you a hug, means that you feel vulnerable in the face of a certain situation that you are experiencing. You may feel weak, fragile or insecure or insecure about what you have to face. However, beyond showing your weaknesses , this dream is essentially a reinforcement for you, so that you feel that you can do everything you are going to achieve, what you want despite the difficulties, delays or impediments.Dream that your father gives you a kiss

Receiving a kiss from your father in the dream is a reflection of your own emotional or affective limitations regarding your own father or someone important to you. You may be repressing feelings towards someone for some reason.

If it is you who kisses your father, it means that you are going to experience an emotional transformation, which will make you more mature and will allow you to live your relationships with others in a much healthier way.

Dream that your father gives you something

If you dream that your father gives you something, an object, an element, this represents the help that you need so much at this moment and that it is probably in your power but you do not know how to use it or start it due to your insecurity or lack of confidence. that you have been developing. It will also be important to add the meaning of the object or item that your father gives you in the dream.

If it is an object with a great sentimental value , it means that you have in your possession the tools to solve that which blocks you or worries you.

dream of your sick father

Having this dream is revealing your deepest fear in the face of adversity, a problem or a situation that you are going through. Seeing your father sick in the dream symbolizes your own fragility or weakness in the face of certain circumstances.

If your father recovers from the illness during the dream or you see that he improves, it means that you will acquire more security and confidence in yourself or in yourself, that you will be able to face the problems that worry you and overcome them with flying colors.

If, on the other handyour father dies from the disease, it means that you will finally succumb to problems or difficulties and will not be able to face or overcome them.

Dream that your father is older

If you dream of your father but he has an older appearance than in reality, it means that you are exaggerating your concern in a certain situation or you are giving too much importance to an issue that probably does not have it. On the other hand, this dream could also be a reflection of your most intimate weaknesses and fears.

Dream that your father is younger

On the contrary, if you dream that your father looks much younger than he does today, it means that you are living very fast or impulsively. He may be in some specific aspect of your life or in general, you may be acting based on certain toxic or unreal thoughts that make you see your current state in a very different way from the real one.

Dream that your father has an accident

If you dream that your father has an accident of any kind and is unharmed, that is, no serious damage or harm is caused, it means that you are undervaluing yourself and that you have a negative thought of yourself.

If in the accident your father caused any injury or injury, it means that you do not feel prepared or prepared for the changes or novelties that you are experiencing or that you are going to experience. You may feel that everything is going very fast around you.

If in the dream your father dies as a result of that accident, it means that you cannot fight against the inevitable, that you have to accept with absolute calm and maturity what is happening or what is going to happen. You may have to close a cycle to open a new one that will undoubtedly be much more positive for you.

Dream that your father speaks to you in the dream

If you dream that your father speaks to you or has a conversation with you, you have to pay attention to the words he addresses or exchanges with you, since they will contain the essence of the meaning and interpretation of this dream.

If they are words of love, tenderness or affection, it means that you depend too much on others, it may be time to let go of that or those person’s hand and start living your own experiences for yourself.

If your father gives you advice or warns you about some danger , you will have to take his words for what they are, advice or warning, but be careful, it may be related to another area or situation different from the one that exists or is referred to in the dream.

If your father calls you by your name or pronounces your name out loud, this dream is a sign of attention to what you have in front of you, to the management of your emotions, decisions or actions. You must stop to reflect before continuing.

Dream that your father is angry or angry

If you dream that your father is angry or angry showing a bad character, it means that you feel great respect for your father, for the figure he represents, perhaps he has been an authoritarian father, very disciplined and in a way you have submitted to his advice. , decisions and guidelines.

If you dream that your father yells at you or scolds you during your dream, it means that at some point you have repressed yourself before your father and have accepted his will to avoid conflict out of fear or lack of security.

Dream that your father assaults you or hits you

If you dream that your father assaults you, hits you or tries to do so, it means that there are cracks in your relationship with him. There may be experiences or experiences that still hurt you and that, although you may not believe it, have marked you deeply or have conditioned you in one way or another.

If in the dream you are the one who attacks, hits or tries to do so to your father, this represents your contained anger, your repressed emotions and your contained feelings. It is likely that you have to externalize everything that you have been saving for so long.

Dream that you travel with your father

To dream that you are traveling with your father and you feel calm or calm during the trip, means that you want to make up for lost time with him or with someone important or special to you, that you feel longing or nostalgia for certain memories or experiences.

If during the trip you feel nervous or nervous, that is, you do not feel comfortable or comfortable, it means that there are aspects of your personality that block you when it comes to relating and do not allow you to be yourself or yourself.

The means of transport through which the trip is made will be important when it comes to further synthesizing this meaning.

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