Dream about fathers and mothers and Meaning

It occurs very often in dreams to see people as close to us as family members represented. Whether it is dream experiences dictated by nostalgia caused by distance or real warnings coming from the unconscious to suggest the dreamer to approach some topic in a certain way, among the most reported dreams about family members who dream of Dad is definitely one of them.

A male figure who normally expresses authority, strength, and protection , the father is the man who represents in the dream world many facets of a relationship that needs to be revisited not only with his father but probably with himself as well.

So let’s try to understand what it means to dream about dad, what interpretation to give and this dream experience and what numbers to play if we want to try our luck in the Lottery.

Dreaming that the father speaks to us

When we remember a dream and try to understand its most hidden meanings, we have to pay close attention to the details. Dreaming of a father who speaks to us, therefore, does not have a particular meaning in itself, but rather for the words that are addressed to us.

It can be praise, but it can also be harsh words, full of resentment or resentment !

In any case, remembering what we are told is essential to better analyze the dream experience. The speech that a father makes to his son in the dream can be the result of something that really happened and that the dreamer’s unconscious is trying to process at best, or it can represent words that he would like to hear but not they arrive.

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Dreaming of an angry father

If in the dream the father seems angry to us, the dreamer is probably experiencing a strong sense of guilt for something that happened in real life.

In other cases, especially when you have a father who is very critical of you, the dream can represent the stress that comes from always wanting to be on top to meet your parental expectations.

Dreaming of a dead living father

Far from the idea that such a dream may in some way be a harbinger of harmful events, dreaming of a dead father who is alive and might well indicate the need on the part of the dreamer to distance himself from a “shadow” figure who has not hitherto allowed his son to get away with it alone.

Dreaming of drunk father

A dream representation in which the father appears to us without inhibitory brakes in the grip of alcohol can be a difficult moment in the life of the dreamer in which he does not feel supported as he would like by the father.

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In other cases, such a dream could be interpreted as the impossibility of fully understanding some behaviors of one’s own father that appear far from one’s own way of seeing things.

Dreaming of sick or sad father

A dream that often leaves a deep feeling of discouragement in the dreamer once awake, dreaming of a sick or very depressed father certainly does not indicate that soon after one of these two conditions will really come true.

The sick or sad father therefore represents a father that we unconsciously perceive as being at the mercy of events , without stimuli and with little motivation.

Dreaming of deceased father

One dream that is often referenced is that of the deceased father who is depicted in the dream world as alive or angry, happy or even resurrected. In many cases, the cause of this type of dream is certainly the lack of a lost father figure, but if the dream becomes recurrent and presents one or more elements that are always the same, the dreamer will probably have to ask himself about the possibility that something with the deceased father has been left in suspense and that in this constant oneiric vision the unconscious is trying to put in its place what internally does not feel like such.

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Daddy Dreaming and Lotto Numbers

For the Kabbalah, the number that is generically associated with the dream of the father is 26 . If in the dream the father is drunk, the number to bet will be 21 while for those who dream of the sick father the advice is to play 19 . Dreaming of the admonishing father instead links to the number 63 , while for those who dream of hugging the father , the advice is to use 38 as an extract .

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