What does it mean to dream about fights? 28 Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of fights or any violent action such as kicking, punching, combing, stabbing, murdering or slapping another person suggests that you need to make decisions. This dream usually says that you are struggling with something in your mind that needs to be fully understood. Only you can make the decision required to feel better. It also shows that you need to think outside the box. What is the achievement of your life? Have you completed it yet?

In some circumstances, dreaming of your own violence in some way can symbolize that you are really angry with someone in your real life, and it is important to try to find a solution to that anger. If you dream of going through a narrow alley and you are attacking someone, it shows a general need to get over stress and stop worrying about things that have not happened yet.

What does it mean to dream of fights? 28 Dream Interpretations

Dreaming of fights shows that you are struggling in some way to express yourself with others. You must interpret the message with all other factors included. Dreaming of anger means that you are currently experiencing some kind of threat, and that this dream reflects your feeling of denying yourself something important to you. If there is more than one aggressive person in the dream, you need to make sure you express yourself in the right way with the right people.

If you are struggling to be yourself in the real world, or have a fight and are angry, then it is common to have a dream of this nature. In all of society, anger is not acceptable, and in the dream world this is still the case. If in your dream you are not angry, but others are, it is important to make sure that you have not offended another person who may be covering up the anger inside because of something you have done.

Think about how anger was represented in your dream. It could be a man driving a fast car, a fire, or even an aggressive animal. Whatever the external element that reflects anger, this dream symbolizes the importance of being able to control this anger that prevents you from enjoying your life. Look within through meditation to find the answers.

A fight symbolizes your conflicts with yourself. To dream that you are deeply involved in an altercation is a sign that you should be careful in making hasty decisions. If you have a reasonable discussion or friendly debate, you will be lucky in the near future.

Such a dream predicts prosperity, good business and close friends. Hearing a fight in a dream means that something unpleasant will happen to you. Fighting with someone tells you that you will receive news, while fighting with a friend represents damaged relationships.

This dream is frequent for women who have emotional problems. Some traditions claim that whoever dreams of fighting will fight in real life. This is not an ordinary fight, but one that will affect a romantic relationship. It is a particularly bad omen if in your dream you fight with a friend. It usually suggests loss. However, if you fight with someone less important in your life, you will receive some positive news.

1.- Dream that you witness fights

Dreaming that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and shape your own life regardless of what other people may think. As long as you respect other people’s rights and spaces, you can follow your own idea of ​​happiness and success.

2.- Dream that you are involved in fights

To dream that you are involved in a fight means an event in your life that would surprise you. It could be a happy event that would come as a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident that would make you lose faith in humanity. On a positive note, this vision in your dream could very well be good news brought by you, of all people, the person closest to you.

3.- Dreaming of fights between or with animals

Dreaming that you are mistreating animals portends sadness and doom. Harming animals is actually pretty bad. Doing it in your dream means that you could be entering a difficult period in your life full of heartache, pain and sadness. Such could be the effect of this unspeakable cruelty that you would have great difficulty getting your life back on track.

4.- Dream that you try to break up a fight

To dream that you are trying to break up a fight or defuse a commotion is a vivid reflection of your lack of skills in arbitration or mediation. You might have been pushed under similar circumstances or had opportunities in the past where you tried to use your judgment to resolve disputes and arguments, but were found to be failing. In other words, you would not be able to handle such situations, which could be a blow to your ego and self-esteem.

5.- Dream that you get hurt in the middle of a fight

To dream that you are hurting yourself in the middle of a fight is an indication of your excessive tendencies to give unsolicited help and advice, or to meddle in other people’s affairs when it is really the last thing they would need. Of course, you could have the best of intentions and your messianic complex could be getting the better of you.

Still, you must exercise self-control in these circumstances to prevent problems from gravitating toward you and to avoid complicating other people’s problems.

6.- Dreaming of fights between lovers

To dream that you or your spouse or partner are involved in a fight with another person could symbolize a dark period of separation in your current relationship. Certain events in the past could have led to your emotional exhaustion and caused your intimacy to fade. The separation could be temporary. But, without the effort of either party to rekindle the romance, it could die a natural death.

7.- Dream that they chase you and a fight occurs

To dream that you are being chased and then a fight ensues between you and your assailant is a stern warning that if you allow yourself to be bullied and refuse to put up a fight against the injustice directed at you, it is equivalent to making the wrong choice about yourself. the good, even if you did not instigate it.

Seeing evil and doing nothing about it is a form of sin by omission, with repercussions equal to the aggression itself. This dream tells you to stand up against any form of oppression so that you don’t end up losing the pain.

8.- Dream of losing fights

To dream that you are losing in a fight portends a losing streak in real life. You could be involved in a series of unpleasant events or have been making poor decisions related to your current money-making business.

This could start a downward spiral that, if ignored and not given adequate attention to reverse the situation, could lead to the loss of much of your money or property, and ultimately the possibility of filing for bankruptcy.

9.- Dreaming of fights that end in blood

To dream that you are in the middle of a fight in which you or your opponent start to bleed says something about loyalty and betrayal, trust and betrayal. This vision warns you about trusting your friends and people too much that you think would never put you in danger. Sometimes the people who should be protecting you could hit you worse than your enemies, at a time and place you never saw coming, and in the most unimaginable way.

10.- Dreaming of fights between women

A woman who dreams that she is involved in a fight or trying to fight should take this vision as a warning that some people in her close circle might be spreading ugly rumors about her when she is not around.

Gullible listeners could be easily swayed, and she could lose many friends. But at least she would know who her real friends are. If she dreams of her partner or spouse being involved in a fight, she is telling her that person might be a pompous asshole who is not worthy of her time, let alone the slightest bit of attention from her.

11.- Dreaming of fights with whips

To dream that you are using a whip to defend yourself in the middle of a fight is a symbol of triumph. In whatever you do, whoever your opponent is, you can expect to always have the upper hand, be in control, beat normally strong and invincible competitors and give them a run for their money. In real life, this could translate to success in your business, your family life, or any current endeavor.

12.- Dreaming of duel-type fights

Dreaming that you are a participant in a duel has serious implications. Soon you could go through some difficult situations in your career, business, relationship or life in general. These obstacles may cause you a little discomfort and disrupt your normal routine, but they shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. They are there temporarily to test their agility and intelligence, and their undeniable ability to get back on track in no time.

13.- Dreaming of fights between acquaintances

To dream that you are in a fight with a loved one or a person close to you is indicative of your arrogance and callousness. You would have no qualms about displaying your aggressive attitude towards everyone you meet, even your loved ones.

While it can be useful in situations that require quick action and mastery, it could put a noticeable strain on your relationship with loved ones and those close to you.

14.- Dreaming of fights or unstoppable fights

To dream that you are in the middle of an unstoppable fight involving countless people is a stern warning that you should refrain from associating with shady characters or people who may have a criminal past because you may be branded as one. On the other hand, this vision in your dream could also imply a major change in your life or a change in your career or business.


15.- Dream that you are challenged to fight

To dream that you are being challenged to a fight in which everyone present knows that you are the clear winner, indicates doubts and fears that could bother you and hinder your current project or company. You might have started this project on the wrong foot, and now you’re worried you won’t be able to see it through because, as the saying goes, a house built on a bad foundation won’t stand the test of time. So why go after him?

16.- Dreaming of fights between groups of people

To dream that you are witnessing a dispute between a group of people that seems like it would escalate into a full blown fight is a sign of good news. You would be surprised to receive good favors from people and places you least expected. The same vision could also indicate a completely unforeseen event that could have a positive or negative impact on your life. Otherwise, this dream may indicate the healthy relationship you are cultivating with your neighbors.

17.- Dreaming of fights that you win

To dream that you are winning in a fight is a positive sign that indicates your resilience and perseverance in the midst of a difficult situation in real life. By focusing on your abilities and willpower instead of wallowing in your weaknesses and negativity, you’ll soon realize that the worst of situations could bring out the best in you.

18.- Dreaming of professional fights

To dream that you are watching a professional fight live or on television is a welcome sign. It is an indication that you will soon make new friends, meet and deal with people who could become an important part of your life. This dream vision could also be a sign that someone you love and have not seen for a long time will pay you a surprise visit and spend some quality time with you.

19.- Dreaming of fights where you fight fiercely

Recurring dreams of a fierce fight or a violent fight is indicative of a depressing sex life. Your poor performance in bed could have underlying issues, such as health issues that cause erectile dysfunction in men or loss of libido in women, or low self-esteem due to poor body image.

This can take a toll on your marriage or relationship. The dream vision reminds you to take steps to deal with her as soon as possible, even to the extent that you seek professional help, in a clear effort to spice up your sex life and restore romance. That is, if you do not want your ego to be deflated by the discovery of your spouse or partner, with your most handsome neighbor you are putting it on.

20.- Dreaming of fights between couples

Dreaming that a couple is having a fight is a sign of infidelity in real life. It indicates that half of the couple, or worse, both parties could be having extramarital affairs with or without the other party’s knowledge at this time.

The longer the affair or affairs, the deeper the emotional attachments. The trap could reach a point of no return and consequently break up a family or relationship, destroy lives, or God forbid, turn deadly and become yet another horrifying theme in a CSI episode.

21.- Dreaming of fights between men

A man who dreams that he is having a fight with another man is a sign that there may be competition and tension between you and a friend, family member or acquaintance. They could be supporting the same attractive woman, competing for the same position in your company, or participating in the same type of business in which they consider themselves direct competitors.

22.- Dreaming of fights between women

Dreaming of two or more women fighting is a sign that one of the women is currently in a period of emotional instability and distress that could have a lasting impact on her life. However, your inner turmoil, which would become temporary and superficial, may not necessarily involve any of the other women seen in the dream.

23.- Dreaming of fights between mobs

To dream that you are a participant in a riot or a mob fight is a reminder to watch your mouth when you find yourself in a dispute or disagreement with a person or group of people in real life. Harsh words could get you into serious trouble in situations like this, so you should learn to make your point politely or just know when to channel.

24.- Dream that you fight with a friend

Dreaming that you are in a fight with a dear friend or family member is analogous to what might happen to you in real life. You could lose a friend one way or another, suffer financial setbacks, or not achieve your current goals.

25.- Dreaming of fights between strangers

To dream that you are fighting with a complete stranger indicates upcoming changes in your home, workplace, career, business, or personal relationships that could significantly alter the course of your life.

These changes could be as trivial as moving things around the house, or as big as kicking a bad habit like chronic smoking, or changing your sleep patterns due to a revised work schedule or a new job.

26.- Dreaming of fights between children

Dreaming that you are a witness to children participating in a fight , whether they are your own or someone else’s, is cause for emotion. It indicates that you are currently enjoying the company of the people you really care about: your family, your friends, and your loved ones, or will soon have a good time.

An outdoor picnic by the lake or a simple meal at some quaint restaurant would be priceless and would bring immeasurable joy knowing that you are surrounded by love in the form of your favorite human beings.

27.- Dreaming of fights at a distance

To dream that you are witnessing a fight a good distance away from where you are standing is a reminder to be careful about getting involved with someone who might make a mistake and drag you down into disaster. You do not want to be a party to questionable dealings or activities, or to be put in a compromising situation where your reputation or your very life could be at stake.

28.- Dream that you reconcile with someone after a fight

Dreaming that you reconcile with someone with whom you have been at odds can reveal a future situation in your life that would be too good to be true. Someone may promise you something that they have no way of delivering, or they may be misled by an offer from a vendor or advertisement.

Beware of situations that make it seem like you’re getting too much for too little. This would probably come back to haunt you later.


Conclusions about dreaming of fights

In the world of dreams, the fight can have several interpretations. In many cases, fighting foretells conflict with those close to you, perhaps the very people you saw in your vision. Another possible interpretation indicates receiving unpleasant news or hitting a patch of some kind.

Furthermore, having an out-of-body experience suggests that either of the two potential scenarios could lead to being rejected by peers. In the case of fighting, your friends are likely to take the other person’s side, while in the case of receiving bad news, it may mean that others will abandon you in your time of need.

However, passing out and waking up wrapped in light could reveal some inner strength or power that would allow you to overcome these difficulties, even if it seems impossible.

Dreams where you see fights between an unknown person and someone you recognize from reality can represent dueling aspects of your personality. On the one hand, you may have a rough and cruel side that doesn’t affect others, even when they find themselves in unfortunate circumstances. The other part of your personality, then, is the empathic side, sympathetic and concerned about the well-being of others.

These two sides are at war because even though you want to be a good person, it’s hard when others don’t try as hard as you do. Based on the vision progression, it seems that the most difficult aspects of your personality are winning. It might be a good idea to remove yourself from confrontations or situations that are aggravating these feelings. Perhaps in time and space he will be able to let his better emotions rule his actions once more.

Fighting is a common dream symbol. Dreams about you fighting with someone or seeing someone fight are usually disturbing. They often symbolize some influences and circumstances that are blocking your progress and preventing you from moving towards your goals.

Such dreams are often dreamed by women experiencing some emotional turmoil. These dreams symbolize the way she handles her daily problems and the problems she encounters. If you retaliated when someone attacked you in a dream, then such a dream is a sign that your reaction to the problems and difficulties you encounter is usually to face them and deal with them, using all your strength and abilities.

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