What does it mean to dream about fire

What does it mean to dream of fire

As a general meaning, dreaming of a fire shows that we are in a time where problems and discussions arise that keep us worried and stressed. These problems generally have to do with friendships, couples and family relationships.

But beware, despite being a more common problem (relationship problems) when you dream of a fire, for some it will mean facing financial or health problems.

It is a warning that you have to take action to solve these problems because they are going to generate other even more complicated problems. And when you want to react, it is too late and the relationships built for years are over.

You are aware that you can solve these problems, but you did not take action for fear of failing in the attempt. Actually, that same attitude is what does not let you out of the hole. Possibly what you do is complain about what you have to live instead of looking for a solution.

This is a dream that people who avoid complications have, even if they have it in front of them and have to solve it. If you are one of these people, surely you believe that at some point things will solve themselves or someone will come to solve it for you.

However, things in life are not that simple and if you don’t deal with it yourself it will get worse and worse. This is compared to a fire that if you don’t stop it now, the fire will continue to run and it will be difficult for it to go out on its own.

Now, we should not get frustrated just by hearing the global meaning of this dream. This dream has different interpretations for situations that we observe in it. In particular, it is one of the ones that varies the most between interpretations, having good meanings as well as some bad ones. We will see all the most common variants:

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  • Dream about fire and SMOKE
  • I dream of fire and FIRE
  • FOREST fire dream
  • I dream of fire and DEATH
  • BUILDING fire dream
  • Dream about a fire at work
  • Dream of fire ON THE STREET
  • Dream with fire OFF
  • Dream about ESCAPE from a fire

Dream about fire and SMOKE

Interestingly this is a good sign. Dreaming of black smoke from a fire symbolizes passion. Meaning that a new love is approaching in your life.

However, you must be very careful about this dream because depending on your maturity it can play tricks on you. If you are not mature or mature enough, this new love can get you into trouble or cause you great disappointment.

I dream of fire and FIRE

It is a sign of having a strong character. You have a positive attitude and you are not afraid of anything. Just be careful that you don’t get into bigger trouble. That character will allow you to solve current problems.

FOREST fire dream

This shows that it is difficult for you to control the problems you have today and you do not know where to start to solve it.

You are lost even though you want these problems to be over. The best thing you can do is seek help and be able to

I dream of fire and DEATH

If you see people dying from the fire, even if it is a scary dream, it has nothing to do with someone’s death or yours. What this dream shows is that you are immersed in worry about the problems that have arisen. This is seen in people who are too tense in any difficult situation. What you should do is relax and take the initiative to solve them. Since that is what your subconscious asks of you.

BUILDING fire dream

This means that the problems are destroying our self-esteem. This makes us unhappy. In this case, the biggest problem is that your self-esteem will continue to be destroyed more than the complications you have. Urgently look for someone you trust to accompany you in these difficult times.

Dream about a fire at work

Or dreaming that my work is burned, will have different meanings depending on whether or not you are satisfied with the current job. Since, depending on these situations, the dream can be given a positive and a negative meaning.


In this case, it shows that you are a person who has courage and has a high self-esteem. If in case you are in love with someone, this may mean that you will have an important rapprochement with that person, and if not, you will be able to start a new project.


This would mean economic problems. Very soon you will get into some problems that will complicate your financial situation. Be careful because this will be caused by yourself and is due to your lack of maturity.

Dream of fire ON THE STREET

It means that the problems in your work or the fact of not getting a job is making you doubt the decisions you made. That is, you feel sorry for choosing the current profession or the life you have today. But don’t worry because when things start to improve this negative feeling will go away.

Dream with fire OFF

If you see the trail where there was a fire, it means that you are a person willing to face any problem that arises. This is due to the different experiences of life that made you stronger.

Soon you will be facing complicated situations, but for you they will be nothing more than some obstacles that you must overcome in life.

Dream about ESCAPE from a fire

If you see yourself running away, it means the same thing in real life, but against your fears. That is, you are a negative person and you have been avoiding many things in life. I just face those fears to stop having this uncomfortable dream.

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