What does it mean to dream of a fish? Often in order to understand what our dreams mean, we need to think carefully about the different feelings and the context of the dream. Fish have a long history of symbolism around the world, and are natural inhabitants of the water.

For this reason, there are many different possibilities of what the fish dream can mean. Fortunately, once you understand the basics it is much easier to understand how this dream can relate to your own waking life experiences.

What it means to dream of a fish

Fish can present themselves in many different ways in a dream. You may dream of a large school of tropical fish swimming around a coral reef in the ocean, or you may dream of a freshwater fish jumping out of a lake.

Fish are also a common food, so it is not unusual to also dream of eating fish. You can also dream of hunting and trying to catch a fish for food purposes. As you can see, these different scenarios can greatly influence the meaning of your specific situation in your personal life. By studying the different cultural symbols, as well as looking at specific details in context, we will be able to better understand what your dream may mean.

Cultural and historical influences on the meaning of a fish symbol

The way you feel about fish in your waking life probably has a lot to do with where you grew up and the role fish play in your life. Perhaps you grew up in a family that often goes fishing for recreation or survival. Maybe you have pet fish in an aquarium at home. DREAMING of AQUARIUMS What does it mean? What does this dream mean?

In addition to our own personal feelings and associations with fish, there are many cultural symbolic meanings for fish. For example, Chinese cultures often associate a fish with fortune and wealth. In Christianity, the Ichthys is a symbol that represents a fish and is often used as a symbol of Jesus Christ. The Bible mentions many examples of fish, and many people are familiar with the parable of the fishermen and the loaves.

There are also a number of fairy tales, folk legends, and other examples of fish throughout history. Stories like The Golden Fish (also known as The Fisherman and His Wife) often use the fish as a symbol to understand the balance between abundance and greed .

Fishes are also part of the zodiacal symbol for the astrological sign of Pisces . The astrological zodiac symbol for Pisces is often depicted as two fish swimming in opposite directions but connected. Pisces is a water sign and is often about a lot of emotion and balance in duality.

Understanding these common fish-related symbols can help us better understand fish as a dream symbol and how it can relate to our waking life.

Questions to help you interpret the meaning of your fish dream:

To understand the dream of a fish in its entirety, it is very important to see the different aspects that help us to better see the dream in its entirety. Here are some questions to ask yourself regarding this dream:

  • What kind of fish did you see in the dream?
  • Were there many fish or just one?
  • What was the size of the fish?
  • What people were in the dream?
  • What other events occurred in the dream?
  • What was your general mood/feeling about the dream?

Answering these questions will help you better understand what your dream may mean. By better understanding other symbols present in the dream, this will give you a greater understanding of how it may relate to your waking life.

It is always a good idea, when learning to interpret dreams, to take some time to write down what happened in the dream in your dream journal. This will give you a great starting point to start thinking about your personal associations and symbols. Although you are the best interpreter of your dreams, there are many common themes and scenarios where we see fish in our dreams.

Meaning of common symbols for fish

Understanding the common themes associated with fish can give you insight into what this dream may mean in relation to your own personal waking life.

Here are some common symbolic meanings that we can associate with fish:

  • Abundance: We often associate fish with abundance. Think of a large fishing boat that catches an abundance of fish to feed a multitude of people. The fish can be a symbol of financial security, wealth, and success in achieving your goals.
  • Spiritual connection : We commonly associate fish with a spiritual connection, especially if you are of the Christian faith. Dreaming of a fish could be a way of connecting with a higher level of consciousness. Depending on the context of the dream, dreaming of a fish could be a call for you to awaken to a higher level of consciousness and spiritual connection.
  • Duality : When we are in a lower energy vibration, it is easy to fall into the duality of the world around us. There often seem to be opposing forces: good versus evil, or darkness versus light. We are often faced with choices that seem completely paradoxical and opposite, but everything is connected at the same time. With dualistic thinking, we see the big fish versus the little fish or the top of the food chain versus the bottom of the food chain.
  • Fertility: It is not uncommon for women to dream of fish when they are trying to conceive or if they are currently pregnant. Many types of fish lay thousands of eggs when they reproduce, which is why they are considered such a powerful symbol of fertility.
  • Change and transformation: Fish are often a symbol of change and transformation in our lives. There is a reason there are so many legends and fairy tales of people turning into fish to escape oppression. Water is a powerful symbol that can reflect many things, such as emotions, change, abundance, and transformation. Since fish are natural inhabitants of the water, they are frequently associated with many of the same symbolic meanings.
  • Flow and movement: Fish live in water and as such are often associated with being able to move with the flow. A fish often goes with the direction of the tides and currents – seeing a fish struggling to swim in a dream can indicate that you are not necessarily doing what aligns with your natural soul instincts.
  • Cleanliness : Fish is also sometimes associated with cleanliness and purity. In order to eat a fish for food, the fish must be properly cleaned. Many species of fish are also the natural cleaners of the environment, such as bottom feeders that feed on algae to ensure that the environment remains viable for all living creatures in the water. Many of our waters in today’s society are polluted, so sometimes a fish can draw attention to our own environments and lives to ensure that we are doing everything we can to reduce pollution and environmental interference.

The fish as a spirit animal

The fish may sometimes present themselves as a spirit or a power animal . In these cases, the most important thing to consider is the type of fish, as the fish themselves can vary quite a bit between types of fish and the environment. A carp can have a different meaning than a goldfish; a clown fish certainly represents something different than a trout.

If you are interested in the specific type of fish and what it means, it is best to research fish in the wild. By observing the fish in its natural habitat, it is easier to understand what traits or aspects it can offer as a spirit or power animal.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of environment is its native habitat?
  • Is the fish gentle or aggressive?
  • Does the fish represent any of the common themes mentioned above?
  • What colors are associated with fish? This could be a sign of the corresponding chakra needing work or other symbolic color meanings. DREAMING with COLORS What does it mean? What does it mean?

Common dreams about fish and what they mean

If you have a dream about a fish, it may be helpful to look at a few different examples of the ways fish can present themselves in a dream. By exploring these common scenarios, you may be better able to understand how to interpret your dreams and relate the different meanings of the symbols to the different aspects of your own waking life.

Dreaming of fish in clear water: Clear water means that you feel clarity about a situation in your life. Conversely, if you dream of a fish in cloudy or muddy water, this could symbolize that you are feeling uncertain or overwhelmed by the current circumstances in your life.

Dreaming of a school of fish : Indicates abundance and the way you may feel that you fit in with others. If the school of fish is swimming peacefully and happily, this could mean that you feel satisfied with the way your current life situations are working out.

Dreaming of fish jumping out of the water can mean that you are experiencing unexpected events in your life. You may feel like you don’t belong, or you may feel like things are happening that surprise you. It is important to think about other aspects of the dream, such as the general mood and the way the water is presented. Is it a rough and stormy sea, or is it a calm and peaceful lake?

Dreaming of fish in an aquarium could mean that you are somehow feeling confined with the current events in your life. You may feel as if you are being judged or that you are somehow exposed for the enjoyment of others. You may feel like you’re stuck in a dream or feel like you’re unable to make progress toward your goals.

Dreaming of large and threatening fish : If you dream of a shark or a whale, it may be that the fish is a sign of fear or concern. Sharks are predators, and it could be a sign that you feel out of control in your life.

Dreaming of dead fish: If you see dead fish washed up on the shore, this could mean that you are feeling disappointment or regret in relation to the events that are happening in your current life. You may feel that opportunities have been wasted or ignored.

Dreaming of dolphins: Dolphins are not really fish, but they are mammals that live underwater. Dolphins swimming with fish can be a symbol for you to seek better ways to communicate your feelings to others or to tap into your own divine spiritual knowledge to better understand a situation in your waking life.

Dreaming about fishing: If you dream about fishing, it can mean that you need some kind of fulfillment in your life. You may have concerns about your financial situation, or you may be thinking of ways to get ahead to meet your needs. If you dream of fishing only for recreation and sport, it may mean that you are looking for ways to relax and reconnect with nature.

Dreaming of eating fish : If you dream of eating a fish, it may mean that you are looking for a way to feed and nourish yourself.

Dreaming of swimming with the fish: If you dream that you are swimming with the fish , or even that you are riding on the back of a fish, it can mean that you are exploring where you belong in the world. You may be going through the flow of life and finding ways to become more aware of your spiritual and emotional needs.

Dreaming of someone or something turning into a fish: If you dream of someone turning into a fish, or an object turning into a fish, this often reflects the symbol of change and transformation in your own life. You can be suspicious of these changes, or you can get comfortable and welcome new beginnings. Think carefully about the general mood of the dream to better understand what this can mean for you and your personal life.

Common sayings and phrases for fish, literal meanings

Our brains often use literal translations for common expressions, sayings, and idioms. Understanding these common expressions can also give you a greater understanding of what the dream may mean if none of the above resonates with you yet.

A fish out of water : This means that you may feel like you don’t belong, or that you are expected to do something that you are not physically capable of.

Fish something: There are many expressions in which someone says “fish” as a way of searching or looking for something. Fishing in your pockets to find your keys means that someone is looking for something, perhaps without success or with great effort. Fishing for compliments means that a person is looking to others to build her ego. In many cases, fishing can be synonymous with searching or finding.

Fish Tales: Many fishermen tell great stories about the giant fish they caught or, of course, “the one that got away.” This is often an expression used to mean that something is greatly exaggerated from the truth.

There are many fish in the sea: This is often related to romantic references or business opportunities, and is frequently used as a condolence or a means of coping and staying positive after failure. For example, someone, after breaking up with a boyfriend, may know that she can meet another boyfriend because there are “many other fish in the sea” and one of those people is destined to be a better and more suitable partner. This can sometimes be used in reference to business opportunities after a failed prospect doesn’t work out.

Shoot a fish in a barrel: This expression is often used to imply that something is extremely easy to do. It would be much easier to get a fish into a barrel than it would be to catch a fish in a big river or even the ocean.

Bigger fish to fry: This saying often means that you have bigger problems to deal with that require your attention. You may not worry about the smaller details or issues until the larger issues are prioritized.

Big fish in a small pond: This often means someone has an advantage over others, or feels more powerful over others, but has very little influence on the grand schemes of life. This expression is often used negatively to suggest that a person only has power or influence because he is part of a very small group.

Teach a man to fish: There is a proverb that says, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.” Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life.” This expression is often used to suggest that it is better to teach others skills to be independent rather than relying on others to always provide for them.

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