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What does it mean to dream about fish

What does it mean to dream of fishThe saying goes that if you want fish you have to get wet; However, to dream of fish it is not necessary to be in the water because the imagination allows us to see them in all environments, places and situations. What does it mean to dream of fish ? keep reading the article and you will be surprised by the different interpretations of these dreams.

We can dream that we bathe in a river and there are fish, or that we are in the sea catching fish, or that we are on land with dead or even alive fish, or that we are eating some type of grilled fish…. Dreams with fish are infinite and give multiple interpretation and analysis options.

That is why it is always very interesting that, as soon as we wake up, we write down what we have dreamed ; because there are probably aspects that we can forget and that can be relevant for the interpretation of the dream.

In the book, 5005 Dreams , a very clear interpretation of dreams is made. It is a highly recommended read if what you are looking for is to know the meaning of many of your dreams. I advise you to buy it.

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Physically, fish have scales, fins and gills (which is where they take in oxygen) and live in both saltwater and freshwater. They are also an important food source for humans. There are many different types of fish: common fish such as trout, carp, sturgeon, perch or salmon, as well as rare animals such as monkfish or eel

Many people will say that they are very basic and simple animals, but they are wrong. There are many things that we do not know about fish, and you will undoubtedly be surprised because they are very special and peculiar animals, not only because of the environment in which they live but also because of the characteristics they have depending on the species. For example, did you know that a tuna can swim 100 miles in a single day? o Did you know that clown fish fight and shout to avoid aggression? 

Without a doubt, they are unique animals, which have been talked about and narrated throughout history in legends and different religions, even seeing them with a threatening aspect. Do not forget that, if you are in the sea, for example, large fish can suddenly appear from the deep sea and devour you and attack you.


When a fish appears in dreams, it is advisable that we analyze more closely and in detail the characteristics of the fantasy, because at first, the fish symbol in dreams is very ambiguous and confusing.

Traditionally, for example as it happens in the Catholic religion with the miracle of the fish and the loaves, the fish are seen as a sign of hope and joy . They represent good news and are becoming and a turn towards positivity.

Depending on the nuances and how it is shown in the dream, there are other interpretations:

If the fish swims in crystal clear water , it is a sign that the dreamer has, or will have, good connections with famous, wealthy or influential people. Reference can be made to the saying that socially “he thrives like a fish in water.”

In dreams in which a large fish swims happily, or even jumps in the water, it is interpreted as a sign of well-being and health, while if the fish is small and swims slowly, we can see it as a concern or possible illness. Big fish mean true and practical turning.

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When we dream of goldfish , no matter the size, they are interpreted as a state of good hope; we or someone from our close circle is expecting a child.

Dreaming of a flying fish warns us of false colleagues and dangerous partners, that we will meet at social events or at some kind of party. Faced with this dream we must act with courage.

If we are dreaming that we hold a fish in our hands and it escapes or slips, it is a demonstration of inexperience in our goal. We are not yet mature enough to succeed in some facets of everyday life.

Often, we dream that we are on a boat and we catch a lot of fish . If we catch many, it will mean wealth thanks to our work, while if we catch few but big fish, it will mean that we will carry out good business. If the catch is of small fish we should interpret it as a warning of unhappiness and problems related to the mind.

In fantasies in which we become fish and see a fishing net, we should not worry, and contrary to what it might seem, they imply the existence of a problem that we have located and from which we will come out successful.

Health is manifested in dreaming of fish, if what we are eating is a dead fish . While if we eat a live fish we will be lucky in love, both women and men.

After dreams with fish bones , which choke us, or thorns that are in a plate, they mean that the dreamer still has “a thorn stuck” and instead of moving forward in life, lives anchored in the past and grudges.

If many dead fish appear in the dream , it denotes a loss of influence and wealth. We are no longer what we were and we are in full decline. In these situations we have to reflect on why this happens to us, and what environment is around us, because the most normal thing is that we have to change the scene to be in accordance with our status again.


Jung interprets the dream symbol as a symbol for the inner self, that is, consciousness. And just like fish can come from the deep, if someone is dreaming of a fish, it shows that they have access to the subconscious. We are talking about controlled emotions.

In spiritual interpretation, fish are the symbol of water, life and fertility . They symbolize spiritual power when they appear in dreams

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