What does it mean to dream about fish dying

What does it mean to dream of fish dying

Not only is it a frightening dream, dreaming of dying fish is definitely not positive. But it does not mean that misfortunes are approaching your life either. This dream shows your insecurity and fear that you currently feel.

But something needs to be clarified. If you dream that a fish or several are already dead , it is more complicated than seeing a fish that is dying. Since this means that it will be somewhat more complicated to be able to correct your personality.

So if you dream of dying or dying fish, it shows that you still have time to improve. That fish shows how you feel inside, you don’t know what to do because of different things that have happened to you.

This type of dream is seen by people who do not want to leave their comfort zone because the fear of failing takes over. In addition, they are people who have done what most do. That is to say, very few times you have acted according to what you really want, this is because you do not like being rejected by people.

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If you dreamed this, it shows that inside you feel very unhappy. Maybe you pretend the opposite with your joy, but you can’t be honest with yourself. This will consume you little by little, be careful that in the future it can cause problems with your friends. Since you are going to become a bitter and intolerant person.

If you dreamed this, you should take it as an opportunity to change. Since it shows that you are still on time and you want to have a different life. You have to be very attentive to the changes that you may suffer, dreaming of selling fish can also help you to reach an adequate interpretation.

Dream of dead big fish

If we see that the fish is big and is dying or is already dead, it does not mean that the problem we have will be big. But it shows us the number of problems we have.

This means that you do not know where to start to solve the problems you have. Possibly it is not only about your internal problems, but about things that you think you cannot control. But this feeling occurs because you have not yet been able to solve any of your problems.

It doesn’t matter if you work it out slowly, but try to start with something. Above all, with something that you think can solve it.

Dream of dead fish floating

This symbolizes bad luck. You must be very careful after having this dream. Since it shows that especially in economic matters you can go wrong.

It is a warning for you to be very careful not to be scammed and to have greater responsibility in taking care of your savings or money that you have at that time.

Dream of dead fish in clean water

It shows that you blame others for the things that happen to you. You feel so insecure with yourself that you feel that there is nothing left but to blame others for the negative things that happen in your life.

Be careful, you must control yourself and not get carried away by your feelings or impulses.

If you dream of dead fish in dirty water , it will have the same meaning as the main dream in this article

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