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What does it mean to dream about flies? 36 dream interpretations

Different types of animals enter our dreams for various reasons, despite being one of the smallest in the animal kingdom, dreaming of insects is very common. Each insect has its own meaning, dreaming of cockroaches can mean that you have some obstacles ahead or dreaming of spiders can mean that success is ahead, but what does it mean to dream of flies ? Unfortunately, it can have negative interpretations, this does not mean that it should have a negative impact on your life, it can be a useful warning to consider an aspect of what you have been neglecting.

Flies are some of the most common insects, regardless of whether you live in the country or in the city, they are likely to bother you, therefore, dreaming of flies is quite common, since you are in constant contact with them. 

It is important to analyze the context of the dream within your own personal situation, you must compare the feeling of dreaming about flies with your feelings and personality. In addition, you should consider the feeling that these insects stir in you in your real life (whether they make you sick or annoy you). It should also be noted that dreams of flies can be a warning against the risk of infection in a real situation, as well as a reference to physical and psychological jokes, which is why they appear quite frequently in the dreams of nervous people.

What does it mean to dream of flies? 36 dream interpretations

A dream of a fly usually represents a minor problem or obstacle that you have to face. It means that you are being annoyed or irritated by friends or others and you may be contemplating a stupid action as a result. Flies in a dream also represent delayed success, they can symbolize individuals or events that prevent you from getting what you want, or they can indicate that you are currently experiencing frustrations and discomfort.

Because flies are so annoying, they can suck any enjoyment out of an activity or situation, so try to determine what things in your waking life fit this description. If you can successfully get rid of flies in your dream, it means that you will find a way to overcome the annoyances in your “real” life.

Flies in dreams can also represent feelings of guilt or a plan that has been broken, sometimes predicting a contagious disease or being surrounded by people who do not care about your interests. They can be related to a feeling of nervousness that you feel about something in your environment, things like gossip or other social issues.

The main interpretation of insects appearing in a dream implies the fact that something or someone is bothering you.

1.- Dreaming of flies flying

Dreaming that you see flies flying everywhere, means conflicts, disputes or disagreements, it could be a sign that in your life many have stagnated and are stale, the more the fly flies, the more difficult it will be for you to deal with problems leaning on your shoulders, you have to get out of your annoying environment and those who are posing as your friends.

2.- Dreaming of dead flies

If the flies you see in your dreams are dead , it means that you are capable of achieving everything you set out to do, but it will not be an easy task and when the time has come you will be able to enjoy your triumphs. If you are now presenting concerns such as financial problems, an exam, an interview for a job, do not worry because whatever your reason for stress is, it will be fine, you just have to prepare well.

3.- Dreaming of black flies

It is very rare to dream of black flies , which is understood to bring many problems with people very close to you, it can be family, friends, study or co-workers, among others, each of these problems is making you lose your focus, your goal in life, so it’s time for you to act with agility.

4.- Dreaming of large flies

If large flies appear in your dreams and they are also dead , this is a positive sign, it can be interpreted as that you have a lot of willpower to get up after being defeated, that is, although life has made it difficult for you and you have fallen on many occasions you have also known how to get up and that is a constant with which we must live as human beings.

5.- Dreaming of flies in the mouth

If we see that in the dream flies come and go from the mouth , this means that problems are approaching, it is there where the saying appears that says “flies do not enter closed mouths”, if you are this type of person who has a hard time maintaining a closed mouth means that sooner or later you will have many problems, either because you do not know how to keep a secret or simply because you like to talk about others.

6.- Dreaming of fly larvae

If you see fly larvae in your dreams, it means that you will soon have a serious conversation with a loved one whom you appreciate and have a lot of respect for, perhaps this person will give you advice on how you should lead your life, guide you to achieve your goals and Give your point of view of how you have handled the situations and circumstances you have been through.

7.- Dreaming of flies on the face

If when you dream you have flies on your face , this can be interpreted as you have a very big concern which does not let you think about others, leaving them aside, whatever it is that worries you, it will have a solution and if it does not, you must realizing that you don’t have to worry about the inevitable.

8.- Dreaming of flies on the ceiling

Dreaming of seeing flies on the ceiling , indicates that in reality you have a serious relationship with a false and hypocritical woman or man, who will not bring you happiness, on the contrary, it will make you suffer and cry even for insignificant things and if this is so, it is signal that you move away and look for other directions and meet other people.

9.- Dreaming of small flies

Dreaming of smaller flies points to enemies, but in this case, you will see them as weak and insignificant beings, whom you should not worry about or waste time protecting yourself from.

10.- Dreaming of a swarm of flies

If you dream of a swarm of flies and you cannot drive them away , you will probably feel helpless, everything can surround you and there seems to be no way out, maybe this has something to do with business.

For example, you may have a deal in the works, but you’re worried it’s going to run out all the time, or you may feel overwhelmed by a relationship. If you dream of many flies, you may be anxious and not even realize it, you should take stock of your emotional well-being.

It can also mean your accumulated stress, you can be stressed by daily tasks and responsibilities, but also by the worries of life. You need to take some time off and relax a bit, if you don’t you could risk a nervous breakdown.

11.- Dream of a giant fly

If you saw giant flies in your dream , such a dream could reveal your inner fears and worries, sometimes it can be a sign of your insect phobia or something else, you should try to control your thoughts, because being stressed about surreal matters can cause you to make some mistakes about real and important issues in your life.

12.- Dreaming of flies and worms

This type of dream in which flies and worms are involved is quite clear, because these two animals are disgusting and unpleasant because they represent dirt, this dream is only telling you that you should cleanse your inner emotional self. and spiritually also or in the same way it can mean the contagion of some disease, you must be careful.

13.- Dreaming of flies in bed

Seeing flies in your bed in your dreams , symbolizes a lot of annoying problems, it is necessary to change the environment, the environment where you spend most of your time and your personal environment such as your room, you have to make changes and try to take well with your coworkers, study and with your love partner.

14.- Dreaming of flies and killing them

If you dream that you kill flies in dreams , it means that you will regain your honorable position after “falling from grace” and that you will win back the love of your romantic interest.

As is known dreams of flies represent as a symbol of discomfort or a feeling of guilt, therefore, if you kill a fly it can also mean that you will overcome all those small obstacles in your life.

If you kill the fly by swatting it then congratulations, this is a good sign! You will be successful over envious and toxic people who do not want to see you well.

15.- Dreaming of plagues of flies

This dream where you see a plague of flies wants to make you understand that a group of foul-mouthed people are close to you, they will tell endless lies about you to discredit you and thus be able to cause you harm, they are people who are envious of your achievements and will do everything whatever is in their power to counter everything you do.

16.- Dreaming of flies on the wall

Possibly, when you dream of flies on the wall , there are concerns within your home, perhaps due to economic reasons or concerns about a member of your family, this is what these insects would represent, and in the case of arguments, there are to look for solutions that can please both parties.

17.- Dreaming of flies and cockroaches

When you dream of flies and cockroaches, such a dream announces a great profit, it can be money, your business, opportunities, good friends, among others. This type of dream is positive although it can be a bit disgusting due to these two animals, but good things are yet to come.

18.- Dreaming of flies and bees

The dream of the flies and the bees is a bit clear, as you already know the flies are dirty and disgusting and the bees, on the contrary, fight hard to find their honey, the message that this type of dream transmits to you is that you should be like bees, don’t look at what others do or don’t do, just do your thing, work and try much harder to achieve your most cherished goals.

29.- Dreaming of flies and mosquitoes

If you dream of seeing flies and mosquitoes together , such a dream indicates that you want to take a leadership position, you want to be the one who takes charge of everything, who makes the decisions and who directs others to do things your way, this type of attitude will not take you anywhere, on the contrary you will find many enemies on the way.

20.- Dreaming of flies on the head

If you dream of flies that land on your head , this dream represents impurity, something you have done and of which you are not proud, it represents dirt in terms of your actions of which you feel ashamed and repentant, these actions have not left you live in peace and you must do something to get it out of your mind.

21.- Dreaming of biting flies

If at any time you dream of flies that bite you , it is because you must be careful with your enemies, those people who want to take revenge on you or those who simply smile when they hurt you, do not let anything or anyone interrupt your most desired goals, just trust your pulse.

22.- Dreaming of flies in the ear

If you see that a fly is entering your ear in the dream , it indicates that you will hear bad news and feel worried as a result. Alternatively, the dream illustrates that someone will tell you something that you do not want to know or it can also mean that you will suffer a robbery or fraud and that you will lose a lot of money.

23.- Dreaming of flies and ants

This type of dream where you see flies and ants only tells you that despite the fact that you are a hard-working and cooperative person, the people around you are not, and this decreases your performance since it is a group work where nobody does anything. nothing but you, which makes you feel unmotivated.

24.- Dreaming of flies and rats

The dream where you see flies and rats means that you are overwhelmed with many problems and toxic people, they only fill your head with negative thoughts and this calls bad luck, do not ask for advice from those who do not care for you because unfortunately that the world is full.

25.- Dreaming of flies and toads

The dream where you can see flies and toads means that those problems that have been driving you crazy for a long time will soon be resolved, the bad times will end to give way to opportunities. This dream also means that perhaps a family member, friend or colleague is having a hard time and you will be the key to making them feel better.

26.- Dreaming of flies and dirt

If you dream of flies, dirt and garbage even if it looks disgusting, it is a good sign, it means that you are doing things right, that you are going the right way and that the decisions you have made have been crucial and important for you, do not worry. Let yourself be carried away by bad comments and continue doing everything as you have been doing until now.

27.- Dreaming of flies and blood

I f in your dreams you can see flies and also blood , said blood, if it is from flies, means that you are ending bad attitudes that you have and that they are leaving you without people who really love you, moments are approaching where these people will do you things that you would not have imagined.

28.- Dreaming of flies and the dead

If you dream of a fly or many of them eating a dead person , it means that a real death is the key to your concerns, perhaps it is about dividing an inheritance between greedy relatives, or the death of a person with whom you have to settle an outstanding account.

29.- Dreaming of flies and cobwebs

If you see a fly falling on a spider’s web in the dream , this indicates that you have certain plans or projects that you are sharing with someone else and that other person wants to make you fall into a trap, which can bring you very serious consequences from which you will not come out very well. freed, just to earn the credits of your idea, be careful who you trust with your secrets, plans and weaknesses, as they can take advantage of that.

30.- Dreaming of flies and cats

Seeing a cat and flies in your dreams indicates that you are a very good and very nice person and this type of attitude wins over many other people in your environment, something that annoys that person who has always been angry and envious of you, You must get away and not find out what is going on in your life.

31.- Dreaming of flies on your feet

Seeing flies on your feet during sleep means that the envious will not rest until they see you fall to the bottom, they will not leave you alone if you do not do something about it so that they do not spoil your life, you are totally surrounded by them and you can be a target easy, do not let yourself be destroyed by anything or anyone, it is a warning.

32.- Dreaming of flies in the drink

If you see flies in your drink in your dreams , it indicates that you are taking life very calm and relaxed regardless of the fact that some problems are surrounding you, you are not aware that what is approaching you are really very bad situations and before that they happen you must put your feet on the ground so that you do not fall by surprise.

33.- Dreaming of flies in the nose

If in your dreams you have a fly on your nose , it means that you have made a mistake, it may be the person you care about most and you have no idea how to let him know that you did not mean to do it, that you do not want him to feel disappointed. /a but you must face the situation and tell him face to face that you really regret what happened.

34.- Dreaming of flies on the window

If you dream of seeing flies on a window , it is a bad sign, most likely you will find yourself in a difficult situation from which you cannot get out on your own, you should seek help from those people who have not turned their back on you in any way. moment of your life, because what they want for you is success and good vibes.

35.- Dreaming of flies in the food bowl

There is nothing more disgusting than seeing flies on food, especially when you consider that these insects hang out in nasty, dirty places. If you dream of flies in your food , it means that a small concern is arising in your mind, that there are disturbing circumstances that bother you and that you do not know how to put them aside, this can be a very disturbing dream, almost a nightmare, if there are many flies, or even worms, in your food.


If you dream of flies, pay attention to your dark thoughts, having said that, the conclusion is that there is something out of place in your life, a certain confusion, something that is represented by the fly in particular and any other dark insect. They are dark and unpleasant thoughts, and your flight symbolizes some interruption in your routine, a feeling of madness, something external attacking you.

Flies invade your house, and so they exceed certain limits, they become insolent, they climb on your head, they invade your mind until they manage to disturb it. Therefore, it is time for you to turn to a mental health professional, who can help you organize your thoughts, and thus be able to squash those flies that bother you so much.

It should be noted that the dream in which flies are seen warns of imminent danger for business or with friends, you can also talk about your hidden fears and negative traits, however, remember that a dream is a warning and can change the course of events and avoid problems.

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