Dreaming of flies is especially related to what you need or should get out of your life, it may be an annoying, harmful or malicious person, it may be a fear, a blockage, a bad memory or a harmful emotion that does not allow you to move forward .

Flies represent what is left over, what bothers, what harms or causes you to waste time on something that is not worth it.

dream of flies flying

If you dream that you see flies flying around you, it means that you have someone or something in your environment that harms you, annoys you or prevents you from focusing on what is truly important. It is probably something or someone that prevents you from seeing the absolute or complete reality that surrounds you or that prevents you from clearly seeing the path you must follow or the decisions you have to make.

If you dream that some or all of the flies land on your body , it means that malicious rumors, poisoned information or false or adulterated news will reach your ears.

dream of dead flies

Dreaming of dead flies is a good omen and here it announces that you are going to overcome some obstacle or problem that will allow you to continue advancing or achieve your desires. Dead flies represent victory over enemies, over problems, in short, it represents the triumph of good over evil.

If you dream that you are the one who kills one or more flies , it means that your actions, decisions, courage or strength will help you overcome the difficulties that you have in front of you or that right now are preventing you from getting what you want so much. .

dream of small flies

If you dream of small flies, it means that you really are much stronger than your opponents, that you should not be afraid of the circumstances that surround you and that you should be optimistic despite the difficulty that the specific situation you are experiencing may present.

You may even be giving too much importance or paying too much attention to those people or those problems, which is increasing the strength of those difficulties. Therefore, this dream tries to make you reflect on that question.

dream of big flies

On the contrary, if you dream of flies that are larger than normal, with large or giant flies, it means that what worries you, be it a situation, a person or a feeling, is of great magnitude, which causes you discomfort, impotence. and it makes you feel weak and pessimistic about the possibility of overcoming it, defeating it or solving it.

The large size of the fly symbolizes the magnitude of your problems or concerns.

Dream of a plague of flies

Dreaming of a plague of flies means that there is a lot of toxicity around you , either because of some of the people around you, or because of your own feelings of dependency, defeatism or pessimism towards life or some area of ​​it.

It is important that if you have this dream, you begin to make an assessment of all this to change it as soon as possible, since if you continue like this, other types of inconveniences or situations could be triggered.

Dream of flies that bite or attack you

If you dream of flies that bite you or you dream that a fly attacks you, it means that the betrayal, deceit or manipulation of someone around you will cause you deep sadness, disappointment or disappointment. Possibly you do not expect it or even being able to expect it, it catches you by surprise or it is difficult for you to assimilate it.

If in the dream after the fly bite or the attack you see that you get a lump, a wound or your skin turns red, it means that you will have to be strong to overcome that situation and consider turning the page completely with that person.

dream of flies at home

If you dream of flies in your house, either flying or perched somewhere in the house, it means that there will be disagreements with your family or with your partner. This dream possibly reflects an unbearable situation that you are facing or are going to face in a short time, but that will depend exclusively on you to be able to solve.

It may not be easy to do it because of the feelings that exist and because of the different fears that it provokes in you.

dream of flies in the mouth

If you dream that you have flies in your mouth, it means that you are reaching an extreme situation due to the problems or concerns that exist in your life. It is likely that without realizing it, the situation has overflowed and you must act urgently to eradicate the evil that is causing all this.

If you dream that flies come out of your mouth , it means that you are about to explode and that you will probably do and say things that you have not dared until now.

If, on the other hand, you dream that flies enter your mouth , it means that you are still enduring something or someone who hurts you, harms you, manipulates you or paralyzes you. In this case, the dream reflects your passivity in the face of what is happening around you, your inability to act firmly.

dream of flies in food

Dreaming of flies in the food means that you are hiding a problem or a situation that you do not dare to stand up to, whether for comfort, fear of consequences or for any other reason.

However, each day that passes and you do nothing to remedy it, it accumulates dangerously inside you, causing wounds, resentments, unhappiness and suffering.

Dream of flies in the trash

If you dream of flies on the garbage or on excrements, it means that you are wasting your time on something or someone that is not worth it, that you must forget, that you must settle or on what you must definitively turn the page.

This dream very clearly reflects the wrong position you have taken by clinging to that impossible, harmful or completely inadvisable cause.

Dream of flies in your hair or on your head

If you dream that you have flies in your hair or on your head, it means that you are losing your strength , your ability to act or decide, and you may even be losing or hiding your personality in favor of another person or a circumstance that you have experienced, that you are experiencing. or that has marked or traumatized you.

This dream indicates that you are giving ground in your life to fear, blackmail, manipulation or others about yourself or yourself.

Dream that you drive away flies

To dream that you shoo away flies or try to get them away means that you have the ability to remove from your life that negative person or people or that situation or feeling that until now has paralyzed you.

This dream is positive, since it represents your strength, your ability and your ability to emerge triumphant.

If in the dream you manage to remove the flies and see that they disappear or move away, it means that in a short time you will be able to solve what worries you or causes you suffering.

If, on the contrary, despite the fact that you try to drive away the flies, they do not go away, they do not disappear in the dream, it means that this process of overcoming will take time to complete.

Dream that you catch flies

If you dream that you are trying to catch flies, it means that you are stubbornly trying to solve the problem that worries you in a possibly wrong way. Therefore, this dream tries to warn you that perhaps you have chosen the wrong path, strategy or even the objective.

dream of black flies

Dreaming of black flies, which is usual, indicates that the difficulties that exist in the situation you are experiencing are important and you will have to be aware of it to overcome them.

Dream of green flies

If you dream of green flies, it means that you will be able to achieve what you want with some ease, since the difficulties are less important than it seems.

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