Dreaming of flying is related to the need to escape from situations that torment you, that worry you or that you do not know or do not want to face. The fact of flying in the dream is just that, escaping, going away from those situations or problems, overcoming them and leaving them behind.

On the other hand, dreaming of flying also has a component of improvement, promotion, improvement, in short, entering a higher level than the one you currently occupy.

Dream of flying and falling dream

Dreaming of flying and falling means that you do not have enough confidence in yourself or in yourself, that you feel or believe that you are going to fail in what you undertake or have undertaken.

If you dream that you fly and fall on the ground or a hard surface , it means that if you do not begin to change your way of thinking about yourself and what you do, you will not be able to achieve any success.

If you dream that you fly if you fall into the sea or into a pond or surface of water, it means that despite the fact that you are letting yourself be carried away by fear, insecurity you will have opportunities to take flight and adapt to the new situation that is established.

dream of flying high

Dreaming of flying very high represents your ambitions, that is, how far you want to go or are willing or willing to go. When you dream that you fly high, you are revealing how important it is for you to go far in some area of ​​life or reach a better position.

In short, the price you are willing or willing to pay to get what is so important to you.

However, you should reflect after this dream, since you could be giving too much importance to your goals, then forgetting to enjoy the journey.

Dream of flying over the field or over a forest

If you dream that you fly over the field, over a forest, over trees or mountains, it means that a more relaxed stage is presented to you and in which you will enjoy greater stability and well-being. It is possible that when this dream appears, you are going through a stage of stress, worries or problems that you want or need to escape from.

This dream is a great omen of peace and tranquility.

Dream of flying over the sea or water

Dreaming of flying over the sea or over a large surface of water means that you need more freedom than you currently enjoy, you may feel tied or tied to a situation, a person or a problem and you do not know how to escape from it.

This dream is basically positive, since it acts as an impulse for you, helping you to gain strength and be able to make that decision that will allow you to free yourself from the bondage or blockage.

This dream usually manifests itself when we keep a great secret that torments us, that causes suffering.

Dream about flying over buildings

Dreaming that you fly over buildings, over a city means that a more stressful stage for you is approaching, tension or a vertiginous stage, either at work, in relationships with others or even for yourself.

If you dream that you fly over very tall buildings, it means that you feel that a lot is expected of you, it is as if you had forced yourself to meet the expectations that others have of you.

Dream of flying over people

Dreaming that you fly over people means that you feel that you are above those people, that you feel superior, more intelligent or that you act superior to certain people around you.

This dream reflects your behavior towards the people around you, whether in the family, social, love or professional environment.

Dream of flying above the clouds

If you dream that you fly above the clouds or go through the clouds, it means that you feel stronger, that you are in a vital moment of your life to be able to change what you do not like or do something different, either in your relationships with others, when starting a new love story, betting on what you want at work or any other circumstance that poses a challenge for you.

Dream of flying by plane

If you dream that you fly, but inside an airplane, plane or helicopter, it means that you are not prepared or prepared yet for the changes that are coming, that you will probably be caught by surprise and you will have to adapt and adapt to the environment.

This dream announces important transformations, both in you and around you.

Dream of flying in a balloon

If you dream that you fly in a balloon, it means that you are ready or prepared to embark on your path, to start a project or idea or you will simply feel freer to show yourself as you really want to others and to yourself or yourself. .

dream of flying with wings

Dreaming that you fly with bird wings or big wings means that you will have a certain advantage or extra help on your way to success or to solve what worries you. The wings are a symbol of strength, independence and also triumph.

To dream that you fly with wings means that you will go far in your goals, that you have a special protection that will accompany you on your way.

This dream is very positive, it is a powerful omen of good luck and improvement.

Dream of flying on a broom

If you dream that you fly on a broom, as if it were a witch, it means that you have great inner strength , which will allow you to face any circumstance or problem. This dream also reflects how you could or can feel about other people, it is likely that you feel misunderstood or misunderstood, that you do not feel valued or valued in your professional, friendly or loving environment or that sometimes you feel In crops of nobody.

dream of flying with someone

If you dream that you fly in the company of someone, it means that you need the support , approval or security of another or other people, that deep down you do not feel completely free to do what you want for yourself.

It is interesting that you look at the person who accompanies you on that flight since the meaning must be applied directly to that person or to the figure they represent in your life.

Dream of flying and being chased

To dream that you fly and someone or something is chasing you means that there are problems, situations or unresolved issues in your life, which ultimately are the cause of your not being able to move forward and achieve what you want or free yourself from something.

This dream reflects your own conflicts or the conflicts you have with others and that have not been resolved that cause blockages, worry and frustration.

Dream of flying and going through walls

If you dream that you fly and also cross walls or walls, it means that you are preparing to overcome everything that blocks you, paralyzes you or prevents you from growing. This dream is very positive, since it speaks of overcoming, strength and courage.

Dream of flying and being afraid

If you dream that you fly and feel fear or vertigo, it means that your internal fears or the fears that others project on you are causing you real problems when it comes to feeling independent and capable of achieving what you set out to do.

This dream indicates that you are becoming smaller or smaller each time due to fear and insecurity.

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