Food is something we all need to survive, and a common part of everyday life. It is not surprising then that we can dream about food. Learning the symbolism of what food means in our dreams can help us navigate through the current challenges we face in life.

What does it mean to dream about food?

Food is a common dream symbol that often shows your desire for something. It can be closely related to the desire for more energy , or related to the need for more information or knowledge on a specific topic. This has a lot of added insight into interpreting a dream about food, especially as it pertains to the details of who you eat with or where you eat .

Common food dream meaning

To dream that you are eating a healthy meal: Just as food is food for the body, knowledge is food for the brain and energy is necessary to take care of ourselves. You may be in the process or have a desire to gain more knowledge and wisdom in some area of ​​your waking life.

Dreaming of eating or preparing a healthy meal can also mean that you are looking to make better choices in your health, or that it is important for you to take time to pay attention to your needs and desires. An example may be dreaming of fruits or vegetables, such as apples .

To dream that you are preparing a meal: This could indicate that you feel the need to share wisdom and knowledge with others around you. If this resonates with you, now is the time to start taking the steps in conscious living to do so. Preparing a meal for others can also mean that you are in a caretaker role in your life. Is there someone you take care of regularly? Do you put the needs of others ahead of your own?

Dreaming that you are eating junk food: Dreaming about eating junk food could have several different meanings. It may indicate that the information you submit to upon awakening is emotionally unhealthy for you. You may want to take steps to censor what you are watching and listening to. This dream can also be a form of illusion if you are on a diet or do not consume sweets or junk food during waking life.

It can also be a manifestation of guilt you have about your current eating habits. If you’ve been consuming too many unhealthy foods like ice cream , consider cutting back a bit to work out the guilt you feel about this.

Not all dreams are symbolic

Of course, not all dreams are necessarily symbolic. Dreaming of food could simply mean that you are hungry in your sleep. Sometimes if we neglect our own physical needs, our conscious mind will try to get our attention through dreams.

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