Dream about forest fire

A dream where we see a forest fire represents our fears, anxieties and things that we experience daily in our lives. Most of the time, dreaming of a forest fire means that we are not in control of our lives and we have lost the strength to continue fighting.

On the other hand, a forest fire in a dream can portend very good things for us. The interpretation of the dream will depend on what happened during it.

Dream about forest fire

If the forest fire is taking place in a forest, it predicts good health or a change in lifestyle, towards a healthier one. Seeing a forest fire and the flames disappearing on their own, alerts us to problems that we will not see coming. If we are caught in a forest fire, it points out that we need to find an outlet for our negative emotions.

A forest engulfed in fire predicts a future full of uncertainty. If we observe a forest fire but it does not cause us any feeling of fear, it indicates that we will make changes in our lives that will greatly favor us in our future.

If we see smoke during the fire

The smoke in the forest fire refers to our unstable emotions that we are going through. We feel very anxious, wanting to fight, a lot of negativity and a lot of fear. We need to ask for help to control our emotions, otherwise we will get into a lot of unnecessary fights.

Seeing from a distance that black smoke comes out of a forest fire, indicates that our plans for now will not materialize. But if the smoke is accompanied by fire, then this dream represents the negativity that we carry inside. If we don’t get all that negativity out, we’ll end up exploding with the wrong people, and others will start to pull away from us. If we observe from afar that the smoke from the forest fire rises to the sky, it predicts that we will soon have good news.

If the smoke is accompanied by sparks and embers, they presage fights, economic losses and disappointments caused by bad decisions. Being in the middle of the flames, and feeling suffocated by the smoke, unable to breathe, alerts us to a possible accident in which our health is at stake. We must be cautious and take more care to avoid it.

Dreaming of a forest fire that we put out

It shows us that we will face the difficulties that afflict us in our lives, and finally, thanks to all our efforts, we will free ourselves from all the difficulties that stop us from moving forward. If we put out the forest fire with water, it signals that we need to make peace with someone we are estranged from. A long time has passed and the dispute is pointless.

See fire truck in the fire

It means that our work is causing us a lot of anxiety and stress, due to the number of responsibilities that come with it. If we see that the firefighters control or put out the forest fire, it is very positive, since it augurs many joys within the family. Helping the firefighters put out the fire shows that we will change our point of view regarding future plans. What we thought would be better for our future, will no longer be.

Dream about forest fire that burns trees

Seeing all the trees burned after the passage of the fire indicates that difficult times are approaching in our lives. We will lose hope, but only our perseverance will make us get ahead. If all that remains is black and burnt logs, it indicates that we have to work hard to get rid of the negative feelings that we carry inside. We must talk to someone we trust to free ourselves from that weight we carry and begin to see the positive part of our life.

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