Dream about French fries

Dreaming of French fries usually leaves us surprised, since it is not a very common dream. But here we leave you the meaning of the most common dreams that involve French fries.

Mostly dreams with french fries are usually positive, since in dreams they represent our effort, work, family, and also alert us to problems that are about to come into our lives.

Dream about French fries

Seeing French fries in the dream portends that all our effort and dedication to work will finally have the reward we long for. Buying potato chips indicates that we have a lot of hard work ahead of us. If we drop them and pick them up from the ground, it shows that soon we will have a lot of work and we will feel overwhelmed.

See French fries in the dream

Peeling potatoes to make French fries shows that a bad deed of a friend will change our way of seeing him as he will become a doubtful and deceitful person.

Dream about fries that we bought

When in the dream we buy French fries, it is a very good omen, because it indicates that our work will be a success. If we buy fries and eat them all, he points out that even if we earn a lot of money, we will not be able to save anything because we spend too much money.

eat french fries

Eating a lot of French fries portends prosperity, happiness, and a carefree life. This dream also indicates that we will find many new things that will cause us joy and fun, but we must find a balance between fun and work. We must not allow fun to end up destroying our work and economic future. Eating French fries and seeing that they are raw predicts that the business we are doing will give us more profit than expected.

bag potato chips

A bag of chips in the dream means that we will increase our economic income. It may be that we get a promotion or that we get the job we dream of so much. A large bag full of chips is a very positive dream, as it predicts times full of abundance where we can finally relax and enjoy.

fry French fries

Cooking French fries in the dream predicts that our career or business will finally take off. We will receive a great proposal that we will not be able to let go. Also cooking French fries in our house predicts that we will be offered the right job for us.

If we see many fries

Having a dream where we see a lot of French fries foretells that we will make a big change in our life, which will greatly benefit us and our family.

Dream About Rotten French Fries

To see that the French fries are rotten in the dream, foretells difficult times ahead. We will have to face the difficulties and overcome them with the help of someone reliable. Also this dream shows that the joys will come to an end unexpectedly.

Order french fries in a restaurant

Being in a restaurant and ordering French fries to eat bodes well for success in the future. Seeing fries in a restaurant and not ordering them shows that we will have less economic income than expected. This will make us feel frustrated after working so hard.

Put ketchup on the fries

Putting ketchup on the fries signals that we are focusing on solving the problems we have. Once we get rid of these problems, we will achieve our goals and a stage of great happiness and well-being will begin. This dream also shows that happiness will not come by itself, it will come after much effort and patience.

Dream of French fries that we sell

It means that we will start a business that will take us a lot of effort and will not be to our liking, but it will be more profitable than we imagine.

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