What does it mean to dream about friends

What does it mean to dream of friends

Dreaming with friends shows our state, so it will be key to understanding yourself. Thus being a great help to overcome the problems you currently have.

You should know that dreams involving a friend or friends are very common. But these can be interpreted in many ways depending on the circumstances and conditions.

A friend symbolizes the feelings such as happiness or sadness that we have. That is, your mind is projecting a part of those feelings and makes friends appear.

But one of the characteristics that coincide among those who dreamed of this is that they are somewhat stubborn people who do not want to recognize the mistakes of the past. Surely you are that way and it is a point that you should improve.

But it is nothing serious, the most important thing is to know what that friend you see means to you and we will analyze it according to the various circumstances it has.

Finally, let me tell you that if you see a friend in a happy state it is because you will soon receive very good news or the problems you have will be solved and even opportunities will appear that will make you push forward in life to achieve your goals.

As we said, the friends we see in the dream reflect our feelings and it is a clear sign that we are positive despite the problems we may have. It will be that same attitude that will allow you to see the good things in life and in the same way the best opportunities that you deserve.

We leave you the most common variants right away, when analyzing each one you should think about what that person you saw means for you, that will make you have a much more precise interpretation.

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  • Dream of childhood friends
  • Dream with school friends
  • Dreaming of former classmates
  • Dream about a drunk friend
  • Dream of crying friend
  • Dream of a friend crying
  • Dream that a friend cries a lot
  • Dream with many friends

Dream of childhood friends

When you see a friend from your childhood you must take into account what feeling it gives you. If in case he makes you happy, you should not worry at all, it means that positive things will come and that you will be prosperous because you are satisfied with your life.

But if it gives you sadness or a feeling of wanting to return to that time, it means that you are not satisfied with the life you currently have.

In this case, the person himself does not have much to do with it, because he is showing the situation that you are experiencing.

Dream with school friends

Our current classmates show us that we are going through a time where we don’t know what decision to make.

This is generated by a little insecurity that you have, either because it is something unknown or because you previously failed in this.

To get out of this situation do not hesitate to ask someone for help. The important thing is to find a solution to this uncertainty.

Dreaming of former classmatesIf they are old classmates from school, it means that you want to change the course of your life because you believe that you should not have chosen the path taken.

However, that feeling is only temporary due to bad streaks you’ve had. You should never forget that it depends more on you if you manage to be successful or not.

Dream about a drunk friend

If you see one or several drunk friends, it means that you are a person who wants to change your current life. This is because you are expecting various challenges and you feel a bit stressed, but you will be able to overcome all that.

You are one of those who is not satisfied with staying in the same place. That attitude will make you an extraordinary person and you will be admired by many.

Dream of crying friend

In the case of dreaming that a friend is crying, it is not necessary to consider what that person means to you. Since that person you see is yourself.

This means that you have a lot of sadness that you don’t even want to realize, but little by little it is taking away the security you have.

You urgently need someone who can listen to you to vent. You should not be ashamed because it will ultimately be for your good.

Dream of a friend crying

When it comes to seeing a friend who cries, it is interpreted that you cannot put an end to the problems you have and you feel trapped.

Unfortunately you need to stay calm, because as long as you continue to feel distressed you will continue to see the same dream.

Dream that a friend cries a lot

If you see a friend crying very hard in your dream, it means that you are about to do something crazy to get out of the problem you have. So it is an alert that your subconscious wants to make you.

You know that you should not do it, and if you calm down and pay attention, there will be a solution to get out of this.

Dream with many friends

If you see a lot of friends in your dream, this means that in reality you are afraid of being alone. You are a person who cannot live alone and is afraid of criticism.

Your subconscious is screaming at you that you need to change this because it shows that you are still immature. And you will not be able to overcome the challenges that life will give you so easily.

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