Dream about Friends and Meaning

Friends: an inexhaustible resource, a treasure, as the well-known proverb says. Because the friend, the true one, supports us not only in the joys, in the positive situations, but also in the adversities and sorrows that are part of life.

You can always count on your friend and the trust he places in him is unconditional.

Mutual understanding, respect, shared interests, complicity: these are the ingredients of a sincere and clean friendship, very rare and that you have to keep close when you are lucky enough to have “met” it.

This in reality, in daily life. But in dreams ? What does it mean to dream with friends ? What are the sensations you feel? Positive or negative? What is the first thought that comes to mind that can be linked to them? The dream image of friends is very recurrent , often due to a kind of envy or even competition, for being more extroverted for example, and the desire to emulate them in their behavior.

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The “scenarios” that can be prefigured are the most disparate: we are going to discover the different situations related to dreaming with friends.

Dreaming with friends: what it means

If you stick to the symbology of dreams on the contrary , the dream images about a friend would be interpreted as a contrast , an insipid one . Actually, the meaning is not really negative: dreaming about friends highlights the need to be supported , to be protected .

It is also true that the friend in a dream symbolizes a kind of alter ego and therefore the dark part of the dreamer must be recognized , which is not fully accepted.

The figure of the friend is nevertheless comforting and this means that you are ready to face these “dark” aspects of your personality.

Interpretations of different dream images

After the premise above, let’s examine some of the different images related to dreamy friends .

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Dreaming of distant friends, from childhood or from school, means being in front of memories that we keep within us, related to both positive and negative periods of our lives. For example, that school friend you dreamed about may want to remember a pleasant event, but also the not so idyllic relationship you had with him. In the latter case, the dream highlights a trauma that has not been completely overcome.

Dreaming of friends you have not seen in a long time can also have another interpretation: ask yourself about yourself , about your goals , those you have achieved and those you have not yet achieved. And they still stem from a sense of nostalgia for the past , perhaps related to remorse or regret. Another explanation, finally, is the one connected to unexpected financial problems.

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Dreaming of dying friends ( or wounded friends ) is closely related to changes (and in fact the event of death is related to a change): this means that there will be a change in the friend’s life, but also and especially in the relationship between them. he and the dreamer.

Dreaming of multiple dying friends could instead be the symbol of a detachment you feel from the usual group of friends of which you are a part, and this is due to different life options or ongoing disagreements with the dream subjects.

Dreaming of dead friends , that is, actually dead in reality , instead indicates the memory of them still vivid in the dreamer’s mind. If the death has been going on for a long time , you should pay attention to the words spoken in your friend’s dream, because they are a symptom of a positive or negative event that is about to occur. And the positivity or negativity of it depends precisely on what it refers to or the gestures used.

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If friends in a dream come in the form of animals , enemies are likely to get between the dreamer and his friends, trying to end the friendship.

Dream friends: lottery numbers

In the previous paragraph we have seen some of the most frequent dream visions carried out by friends. Dreaming of friends , however, lends itself to many other contexts, and consequently to many other and different interpretations. This also applies, of course, to lottery numbers if you want to try your luck. The Neapolitan grimace connects the number 73 to a friend, 30 to a dying friend, 51 to distant friends, 74 to old friends

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