What does it mean to dream about friends from the past

What does it mean to dream of friends from the past

If you dream of friends you haven’t seen for a long time, it’s because you can’t stop thinking about something that is very important to you. But in this article we will tell you that what you think is important, in reality it is not so important.

Dreaming of friends from the past is experienced by people who cling to some event from the past and cannot leave it because they consider that it will not leave them in peace or that they will be unhappy. The most common is a love that ended badly. This is the most dangerous because it will wear you down without anything positive towards your future. You must analyze your case, without lying to yourself.

Many regret the small mistakes that were the cause of that negative event that torments them today. However, they only have regrets and do not want to go ahead with the idea of ​​not making the same mistake again.

If you dreamed of old friends, I must tell you that all this is nothing more than an excuse not to get ahead, since doing something to improve your life costs much more effort than just regretting it.

But you dreamed this because you yourself do not want to fall into that trap and stay stuck all your life for things that you can no longer change.

Rather you should use your way of being in positive things. Since this shows that you are a perfectionist person and when you focus on something you do it extraordinarily well. You should use that to start something that you are passionate about or that is something that you manage to obtain the admiration of others.

Keep in mind that dreaming of a dead friend has a similar interpretation and you may have dreamed it too. Now, we will show you the variants.

Dreaming of a friend from the past

If you see an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while, this highlights the part of you being a bit negative, when you run into something that is new to you.

Although you feel frustrated to hear this, you should be calm that it is something totally natural. Since the human being is made to resist changes.

You should just be more aware of the ideas you have and how you behave when you are faced with a new situation. It does not matter if you feel afraid or think you are doing it wrong, we are all beginners at the beginning, if you try you can even become an expert.

Dream about your ex best friend

This is also applicable if it was your former best friend, and it symbolizes that you feel trapped and cannot fit in well with your friends. Note that this may be true or just an illusion. That is, you may think that you do not fully integrate into your circle of friends, but in reality you have. Only in the past you had much closer friends.

Don’t worry, this is normal by adding age. It also shows that you are maturing. You must assimilate this reality if you want to stop having this weird dream.

Dreaming of your ex friend talking to you

If that old friend or friend comes to talk to you, it is because you want to detach yourself from the past, but you do not know how to do it. Actually, it is a good sign, since it shows that you are having optimism towards the future.

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