dream with friends

Dreaming of friends is in many cases the reflection of our own personality and also of our deepest feelings regarding them, our friends.

Dreams with friends can reveal important details of how we relate, what we feel or how we behave with friends. At the same time, dreaming of friends shows the most intimate and deepest part of your relationship with those friends.

Dream about known friends

If you dream of known friends, it means that you value that friendship very much, those relationships that are important to you in some way. However, it is important that you pay attention to the rest of the features that manifest in the dream.

  • Dreaming of friends you know who look good and are well dressed means that your friendship is strong, solid and very long-lasting.
  • If, on the other hand, you see them in the dream with a bad appearance, old or dirty clothes and disheveled , it means that your friendship or relationship will go through a crisis and there will probably be a estrangement.
  • If during the dream you talk to those friends or any of them , pay attention to the words, since they will be of vital importance when looking for their meaning.
  • If the conversation is pleasant and calm , it is an omen of good news.
  • If you argue with your friends or the conversation escalates, it means that you will receive unpleasant news or some conflict will arise.

dream of unknown friends

If you dream of friends you do not know or whose faces or physical appearance does not correspond to reality, it means that you feel insecure or insecure in your relationships with them, there may be aspects of your friendship that are not flowing as they should because any cause or reason.

This dream also reflects the need to meet new people, to expand your social circle.

dream of friends from the past

If you dream of friends from the past, that is, friends with whom you no longer have a relationship or whom you have not seen for a long time, it is the omen that you are going to receive help or pleasant news from someone close to you or in many cases it may be the omen that there will be a contact with that person or with those friends.

Dream of childhood friends

Dreaming of childhood friends, of childhood symbolizes the nostalgia you feel regarding certain memories or those friends, you may be experiencing some important change in your life or you are going through a complex or significant situation and that is why you project your memories through the dream trying to find a return to the past or escape from the reality you are living.

Dream with school friends

Dreaming of friends from school, institute or even university, that is, friends related to stages of study and training is related to aspects that you keep hidden, secrets that you hide , parts of your personality that you do not show to others, you probably have need to do it, although you are not ready or prepared to do it.

Dreaming of friends who laugh and are happy

Dreaming of friends who are happy, laughing and happy is a good omen, on the one hand it represents the positivity and good energy that you and some of the people around you have. On the other hand, it announces the happy outcome of a certain problem or conflict that you have in real life.

Dreaming of friends who cry or are sad

If, on the other hand, you dream of friends who cry or are sad, it is a bad omen, since it announces misunderstandings, complications in your relationships, and negativity around you.

Dream of sick friends

If you dream of friends or one of them sick, it means that you feel that your friendship has deteriorated. For some reason, seeing a friend or several friends sick reflects the current state of that friendship.

If the friend or friends die from illness during sleep, it is the omen of the definitive rupture or a prolonged estrangement between you.

dream of dead friends

If you dream of friends or a friend who are deceased in real life, it means that you are missing that person, that you long for a moment in your relationship, either because they were someone important to you or because of the suddenness of their death. death, let us say that his disappearance has left a deep impression on you.

If you hear that friend or those friends speak to you or speak to you in the dream, what they tell you will be related to new opportunities, new experiences or events that are going to occur in your life.

Dream that your friends die or are dead if in real life they are alive

If you dream that your friends or one of them dies or is dead in the dream when they are alive in real life, it is the symbol of the end of that relationship or transformation, nothing will ever be the same.

This dream predicts changes in your friendship with that or those people, it may be that some link has been broken and it will be difficult to restore it.

Dream that your friend or friend walks away and disappears

If you dream that you see how your friends or some of them move away from you or disappear, it means that you feel misunderstood or misunderstood, that there are times or situations in which you feel lonely.

However, if you dream that it is you who is moving away from your friends or from any of them, it is a warning of estrangement or cooling of your relationships. It is likely that you should reflect on what is happening between you and that person.

Dream that you hug a friend

To dream that you give or receive a hug from a friend, friend or several of them reflects the strength of your friendship, loyalty and existing trust. You must have the peace of mind of being able to count on your friends and they with you both in good times and in bad times.

Dream that you kiss a friend or friend

If you dream that you kiss a friend or several friends, it means that you feel confused or confused in your feelings, it is likely that you are feeling something special for that person or those people.

If, on the other hand, it is your friend or several of your friends who are kissing you, it means that you are likely to have a passionate and unexpected adventure with someone close to you or someone new that you will meet in a few days.

Dream that you are intimate with a friend or friend

If you dream that you have intimate relations with a friend or several friends, it is the reflection of your most intimate thoughts regarding that or those people. You may never have given it much thought, yet there is a sexual chemistry with that person or those.

Dream about a friend you like

If you dream of a friend or with several friends that you like, it means that you are going to have the opportunity to deepen your relationship, that opportunities to become more intimate will arise.

However, if during the dream you find yourself restless or restless , it means that you are not prepared to move beyond friendship, possibly because the situation is not the most optimal for it.

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