Dreaming of the galaxy can have many possible meanings and interpretations of dreams.

Here are some common meanings of what it means to dream about the galaxy:

See the bigger picture of life: To dream of the galaxy symbolizes that you are seeing the bigger picture of life. You can see things objectively, and see all sides of a situation in your life.

Open mind: Dreaming of the galaxy can also mean that you have an open mind. Is there a situation in your life that you have experienced recently where you need to keep an open mind?

Free from limitations: Another common meaning of the dream symbol is that it can mean that you are free from limitations. Think about the current events in your life, is there something about which you have complete freedom?

Creativity : The galaxy can also be a symbol of creativity and artistic expression. Have you been expressing yourself creatively or have you felt the need to be creative lately?

Spirituality and expansion of consciousness: Your dream about the galaxy can also be a longing to connect with your cosmic origins or to expand your spirituality. You may be ready to start exploring ways to develop your awareness in life.

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