Dream about Gambling and Losing

Dream about Gambling and Losing: Dreaming about betting money is a warning that you should exercise caution in your dealings or business with strangers .

It also announces that adversaries seek the opportunity to harm the dreamer.

The same indicates dreaming about betting in casinos or simple gambling tables : a warning against carelessness and waste.

Dreaming of gambling money in any way implies that in daily life one proceeds without reason, adventure and dishonestly, which will lead to problems for the dreamer.

Dreaming of losing bets announces setbacks in the matters that are being handled, but if it appears winning, then it indicates the triumph .

Dream about Gambling and Losing: In some cases, the dreams where we see ourselves gambling are a wake-up call, because we are being very passive and this makes us miss great opportunities. It is necessary to risk to be able to achieve what we propose, but always with prudence, knowing how to handle situations. It would be good to take advantage of the means that can make things easier for us, and take risks that do not involve attacking others.

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