A garage is a place where we park cars and store things, and in dreams it can have different meanings. The type of garage, what you do in it, and whether or not there are cars in it can influence what it means to dream of a garage.

Meaning of common garage symbols:

  • Motivation/Driving : Dreams about driving often mean control or motivation. When the car is parked, where do you go? To nowhere. Do you feel like you are “parked” in your life, with no destination or motivation to get there?
  • Stability and security: Having a garage is often a sign of stability and security, as you have a safe place to store your car. Do you often choose safe options instead of risky ones?
  • Repair: Dreaming of a car being repaired in a workshop means that something is not going as planned in your life, and that you need to rethink your goals. Alternatively, if it is a precognitive dream, it could be a warning sign to get your car checked out by a mechanic.
  • Goal setting: Is the garage clean and tidy or is it a mess? A clean and tidy garage suggests that you are organized and have well thought out plans for future projects that will help you achieve your goals. A messy garage can symbolize that you feel disorganized, that you don’t have clear goals, or that you feel overwhelmed by your current situation in life.

Opening and closing garage doors: Seeing garage doors means opportunity.

  • If the door is opening , it means that you are close to achieving your goals.
  • If it closes it means the opportunity may have passed, or you are choosing not to use the opportunity to its full potential.

Tips to interpret your dream about a garage:

What kind of garage did you dream of?

Garages come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are mechanical repair shops, large city car parks, garages attached to houses , then there are two-car garages, three-car garages… Take note of the architectural details of your dream. What is the garage made of? Is it a concrete building or is it made of wood?

The type and size will give you more information about your sleep. For example, seeing a multi-car garage with many open doors may mean that you have many options to choose from. A large garage can symbolize the feeling of being stuck in a situation or the need to consider others.

What is the condition of the garage?

The state of the garage will also give you some clues as to what the dream means. Seeing a clean and tidy garage or a dirty garage can have different meanings than a cluttered and cluttered garage. Seeing an abandoned garage could mean that you are neglecting something important in your life.

What’s in the garage?

The contents of the garage can also give you an idea of ​​what the dream could mean. Is there a vehicle in the garage? Are there boxes stacked to the ceiling? Do you see tools or equipment? All of these things can give you more information about what this dream is. Are you “storing” your repressed emotions? It can be a sign of the need to release old feelings and leave the past behind.

What is your personal experience with garages?

If you’re a mechanic who spends all day in a garage, then you might have a different meaning for the garage than someone who doesn’t even drive a car. Everyone has different personal associations with something. Dreams are very personal in nature, so that’s something to keep in mind too!

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