Garbage in the world of dreams symbolizes everything that you must get out of your life, everything that harms you, that weighs you down, that hurts you.

Dreaming of garbage therefore shows that there are negative, painful, sad or toxic feelings that harm you, that prevent you from being happy or stand in your way.

Dream of garbage at home

If you dream of garbage inside your house, it means that there is some situation in your family or sentimental environment that causes you pain, that makes you suffer or that worries you and causes you unhappiness.

If you dream of garbage at the door of your house, it means that there is some negativity around you that you have to eliminate.

Dream of garbage on the street

When you dream of garbage in the street, it means that there is someone in your life who harms you, who manipulates you, who influences you negatively or who takes advantage of you. Therefore, through this dream you must make a deep reflection and act accordingly.

Dream of garbage in the water

If you dream of garbage in the water, it means that the problems or negative situations to which you are subjected or subjected could be affecting your health, so it is necessary to remedy quickly.

Dream about garbage in bags

Dreaming of garbage in bags symbolizes how you have hidden deep inside yourself those painful, sad or negative circumstances and that you have not been able to face, overcome and forget.

Dream about scattered garbage

When you dream of garbage scattered on the ground, it reflects the frustration you feel in the face of the life you lead, since you do not feel satisfied with it or with a part of it.

Dream of garbage in the bed or under it

Dreaming of garbage in your bed or under your bed represents the negativity that exists in your romantic relationship. This dream reflects the real problems that are in your relationship and that have not yet been resolved.

Dream about garbage and worms

Dreaming of garbage and worms reflects your darkest feelings such as resentment, hatred, envy or jealousy. Feelings that are causing you pain, suffering and that prevent you from being fully happy.

Dream of garbage and flies

If you dream of garbage and flies, it means that there is someone in your life whom you must remove because of the influence they have on you, how they treat you or the intentions they have with you seriously harm you.

Dream about garbage at work

If you dream of garbage in your workplace or in your business, it means that envy, enemies, unfair competition and betrayal exist in your work environment, so you must be careful and prudent in every decision you make.

Dream that you pick up garbage

Dreaming that you pick up or sweep garbage is a good omen since it indicates that you are in a regenerating process, that you are eliminating everything that hinders your path that prevents you from being happy or that causes you negativity.

Dream of piled up garbage

Dreaming of piled up garbage or a mountain of garbage symbolizes all those negative feelings of pain, sadness or frustration that you have been accumulating throughout your life and that, not having been managed correctly, are causing you problems or difficulties in your current life. .

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