Garlic is a powerful herb that is often used in cooking and medicine. If you dream of garlic, it can mean many different things. Understanding what the garlic symbol can mean to you can help you understand a number of things going on in your current daily life.

Common meanings of dreaming about garlic

Garlic has many different meanings. Because garlic is a herbaceous plant, it can mean a number of different things. To really understand what your dream is about, it is important to pay attention to all the details of it. Paying attention to things like how garlic is used and where you see it can give you a lot of information.

In general, garlic can mean these things:

  • Strength and courage: Garlic is a very strong plant. Dreaming of garlic can be a sign that you need to have courage in a current situation in your life. If you have been feeling anxious about something, garlic could be seen as a sign that it will be difficult and will require a lot of strength, but everything will be fine in the end.
  • Need for Protection : Common folklore used to be that garlic was helpful in warding off evil spirits and even vampires. Do you currently feel that your energy is running out? Do you feel that you may need protection from something or someone? Is there something or someone you wish was not part of your life?
  • Desire to spice things up : As a spice used in cooking, garlic is very potent. You may wish your life was a little more spicy or interesting. Are you bored with some aspect of your current life?
  • A sign of health : You may dream that garlic is a message from spirit to explore the potential health benefits of garlic. Garlic has been used in herbal remedies for thousands of years. If you have other signs in the dream that suggest your health could improve, you may wish to explore the healing properties of garlic.

The way garlic is used in a dream can also have different meanings:

Cooking: To dream that you are cooking with garlic symbolizes that you need to add some flavor and spice to your life.

Eating garlic : To dream of eating garlic symbolizes that you may need protection or that you are experiencing something very powerful and strong in your current life.

Planting Garlic: To dream of planting garlic suggests that you are trying to improve yourself in some way.

Questions to ask yourself

What events have occurred in the last few days that remind you of garlic? Describe garlic in your dream and ask yourself if there is any situation, person or aspect of yourself that fits this description of garlic.

Do you have any personal association with garlic? For example, garlic reminds you of your grandmother, who used to eat whole cloves every day.

Consider the folklore: Garlic is also known to get rid of vampires. Are there any vampire-like people in your life that you need protection from?

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