What does it mean to dream about getting lost in a forest

What does it mean to dream of getting lost in a forest? It is one of the most common dreams we have, they are always closely related to situations in which we get lost. And among these dreams, one of those that you have surely experienced, whether or not you live near a forest or a lake.

Why do we dream so often of getting lost? What can that lake and that forest mean in our dreams? We are going to try to decipher it and clarify it, although it is not easy at all.

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  • 1 What does it mean to dream of getting lost in a forest?
    • 1.1 Forest covered by snow
    • 1.2 Very dark and leafy forest 
    • 1.3 Bright and open forest
  • 2 What influences the lake in the dream?
    • 2.1 Clear, clean and calm water
    • 2.2 Dark and turbulent water


Dreaming that you are in a forest can represent that you are in a transition phase, that you want your life to be simpler and even that you are searching within yourself for an answer to a question or something that will help you make an important decision .

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In this case, being lost within it, we can assume that the most correct interpretation is the third, the one in which we are looking for an answer or something within us that helps us make that decision, we look within ourselves to see what we should do or say. The fact of being lost in this forest refers to the fact that we don’t really know which path to choose, what to do, or that we feel insecure when discarding one option and choosing another.

For example, dreaming of this kind of thing is very common when we have to make a very important decision in our lives, such as accepting a job, choosing our studies, buying something expensive or not, and even making any kind of choice in our love life.

Even so, also depending on how the forest is, the interpretation of the dream can change:


It clearly represents an improvement, it makes you see that you are a very demanding person with yourself and obsessed with perfection, closely related to the purity of the snow.


It indicates that you are a shy person and that it is difficult for you to open up to the rest, since just like the leafy forest does not let the light enter it, you do not let the rest enter your thoughts.


It is an expression of joy, a fullness that is due to the fact that we are happy and we are sure of what we do, since the path is illuminated and it is easy for us to make our way through life.


The appearance of a lake in a dream can mean different things, especially considering the color and state of its water:


Purity implies non – contamination and therefore brings happiness. This type of dreams represents the tranquility and inner peace of the dreamer. We are facing a phase of our lives in which we have a lot of security and confidence and that allows us to relax and enjoy what really matters.


Related to the existence of many unsolved problems in your life. These problems must be faced without a doubt and seek a solution.

In this dream, the usual thing is that the lake appears at the end of it, since after having been traveling through the forest we will end up reaching a clearing where we will find this lake.

If , after being lost in a dark and terrifying forest, we have managed to reach a bright , clean lake with clear water, it means that, despite the fact that we have doubts about the decision we have to make, choose the one we choose, we will be calm and happy with her.

On the other handif after having been in the forest we arrive at a dark and turbulent lake, it means that we feel very insecure, we are afraid to make any decision and that there is probably something in our life that does not let us choose one of the paths that open up. before us.

In short, if you dream that you are lost in a forest, you have before you the situation of making an important decision and, depending on the color of the forest and how the lake appears in the dream, you can be more or less sure that the option that you think to choose is the correct one or not .

What does it mean to dream of getting lost in a forest? Remember that the more light and clarity there is in it, it will mean that you are sure of your decisions, while the appearance of darkness and the color black denotes that you still do not know very well what to choose and that you are not able to decide.

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