Dreaming of a ghost often symbolizes that something in the past haunts you or that old memories resurface as a result of recent events.

Common meaning of dreaming about ghosts

  • Past Regret/Remorse : Have you done something that you now regret or feel remorse for?
  • Old memories: Dreaming of a ghost can symbolize memories from your past.
  • Paranormal/Supernatural : Are you interested in the paranormal or the supernatural? The ghost can be a symbol of your interest.
  • Fears – If you are afraid of the ghost in your dream, it may be symbolic of the fears you have in your waking life. If the ghost is someone you know personally who has died .

Dreaming is possibly one of the most mysterious and mystical aspects of the natural human experience. Isn’t it strange to think that every night, we slip into a seemingly alternate reality constructed entirely by our minds, during which we can experience the deepest emotions, ranging from intense passion to sweat-inducing fear?

The inherent mystery of our dream lives (and the inability of scientists to explain virtually anything about why we have them) naturally lends itself to the paranormal – so questioning things like whether ghosts can contact you through your dreams is valid.

Of course, even if you don’t believe in spirits contacting you in your dream from the afterlife, it is interesting to know what it means to dream of a ghost in general. During the dream state, we leave behind our conscious and rational mind, so we can be more open to metaphors and spiritual symbolism.

So while dreaming about a ghost can definitely be creepy, it may just be your subconscious trying to tell you something – and a little self-reflection and dream interpretation work can help you figure out exactly what that message is.

“Dreaming about a ghost tends to refer to unfinished business that you have to deal with because it ‘hass’ you,” dream expert Theresa Cheung, author of Night Vision: A Field Guide to Your Dreams , tells Bustle. If there are ghost images in your dreams, try to dig deeper and find out if there are any loose ends that need to be tied up in your life that may be weighing on your subconscious.

However, some spectral dreams can seem more realistic than the average night’s dream. If a ghost appears in your dream and it feels hyper-intensive and visceral, take note – because according to psychics and dream experts, the meaning of seeing ghosts in your dreams could be more powerful (and real) than you think.

Can ghosts really visit your dreams?

Although dreaming of a ghost may simply be a symbol used by your mind to let you know that you need to finish some unfinished business , some psychics believe that it is possible to experience a visit from an actual spirit during a dream, especially if it feels more vivid and hyper-realistic than before. what you are used to.

If you have experienced this, it is worth opening your mind to the possibility that spirits may visit people in dreams to deliver messages, warnings, or simply to make contact.

“Dreaming of ghosts you’ve never met in real life could be an indication that there’s a spirit in your house ,” says Renée Watt, professional psychic and host of The Glitter Cast.

If a spirit has a message for you, you might be more receptive to it in a dream state than in a waking state. (I mean, if I saw a ghost in my waking life, there’s definitely a chance I’d freak out instead of peacefully accepting the message from him.)

If you encounter what you think is a spirit in a dream and you are not receiving the best vibes, try summoning love, not fear , and send them out letting them know they are not invited into your space. “Simply ask the entity to leave and not to visit you again once you’ve woken up ,” says Watt. This should be enough to cut off any attachments and discourage them from visiting you again.

Dreams about deceased loved ones

Having dreams about a loved one who has passed away is quite common, and they are also known as visitation dreams. Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer E. Shorter defines visitation dreams as “striking, emotionally intense dreams in which a recently deceased loved one returns to provide guidance, comfort, and/or warning . “

But these are not necessarily paranormal in nature – in some cases, these dreams may be a manifestation of our subconscious that can help us heal from the pain of loss.

“If you dream of the ghost of a loved one who has passed away and it feels realistic and vivid, this is highly therapeutic ,” says Cheung. “Many people are not able to say a final goodbye to loved ones who have died, [so] the dreaming mind is helping to establish a healing spiritual connection.” Dream visits can serve as an opportunity to find closure around the death of a loved one.

But is it possible that some visiting dreams are more than just a subconscious healing tool of our brain? Some psychics believe that the spirits of loved ones who have passed away may be able to connect with us in a dream space, which can be just as healing. “When we dream of loved ones who have crossed over, they are almost always the ones who visit us ,” says Watt. “However, I don’t like to wait for them to visit me, if I am missing one of my grandparents, I usually invite him to enter my dream world before I fall asleep.”

If you’re open to the idea of ​​having a spectral encounter within your dreams, you may be able to manifest it, according to Watt. “Setting dream intentions to meet someone who is no longer on this physical plane is a great way to keep that connection alive ,” says Watt.

So… What does all this dreaming of ghosts mean?

Dreams have been revered in cultures around the world as spiritual experiences for years, and since scientists still don’t know why we have dreams, it’s easy to project our most mystical fantasies onto them.

Whether you think you’re making real contact with the spirit world in your dreams or just exercising an overactive imagination, dreams about ghosts can be helpful and healing tools, and yes, maybe a little creepy too.

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