Dreaming of a giant or gigantic objects can mean a number of different things in your dreams.

The meaning of dreaming of giant objects

Giants can refer to large human creatures or it can refer to the size of an object. You may dream of a giant person, or you may see gigantic objects in your dreams. In these types of dreams, the size of something seems huge and huge. And yes, this size can be an indication that something is of great importance to you.

gigantic problems

We often dream of giants when we face difficult or challenging times in our lives. You may feel small and insignificant. You may feel unable to completely overcome any obstacle in our life. Ask yourself, does something in your life seem insurmountable to you?

Feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem

Sometimes when we feel small compared to others, it can make us feel bad about ourselves. Dreaming of a giant can be a way for your mind to tell you that you don’t feel like your needs or desires are important when in fact they are. It can also symbolize your own insecurities and your feeling of inferiority. Is there someone in your life that makes you feel small, insecure, or unsure of yourself?

Feelings of power and strength

To dream that you are a giant can mean that you feel powerful and powerful or at the very least, wishing that you had the power to overcome the current problems in your life.

Dream about large objects and animals

You can also look up the individual meanings of the objects you see in a dream or the meaning of any animals you may find. Often when we dream of something that is big or oversized it is to emphasize the importance or significance of something. Seeing something bigger than it should be could also mean that its meaning is amplified.

Here are some objects, common large animals worth exploring

  • dream of elephants
  • Dream of a monkey or a gorilla
  • dreaming of a house 

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