The meaning of dreaming about glasses is related to abundance, opportunities or stability when the glass contains some liquid.

However, when the glass in the dream appears empty, it is an omen of scarcity, bad luck or misfortune. This meaning will be expanded with the rest of the nuances, for example the appearance of the glass, the liquid it contains…

We are going to analyze the meaning of the most common dreams with glasses.

Dream of empty glasses

If you dream of empty glasses, it means that a bad streak is coming financially, professionally or even sentimentally. The meaning of dreaming of empty glasses can be the omen of bad news, misfortune, a stroke of bad luck.

Dream of full glasses

If you dream of full glasses, this is a wonderful omen of prosperity, abundance, happiness in love, and good news.

For greater precision in this meaning, it is convenient to analyze the appearance of the glass and the liquid it contains or even if the content of the glass is not liquid.

If in the dream the glass is not completely full or is half full, it means that you will have to make one last effort to get what you want so much.

Dream about a glass of water

Dreaming of glasses containing clean water is an omen of abundance in general around you, whether financially, professionally, personally or in love.

If the water in the glass is dirty or cloudy , it means that you should move with some care among the people around you, avoiding compromising situations or situations that could generate some kind of conflict.

Dream about glasses of wine

Dreaming of glasses of wine augurs happiness, success and abundance in general.

Dream about glasses of sand

If you dream of a glass full of sand, it means that it is not a good time to make important decisions or start projects.

Dream about stone cups

Dreaming of glasses full of stones symbolize the problems that you are facing in your life or in your day to day to achieve a certain goal and indicates that if you are constant and stay strong you will be able to overcome everything.

Dream about plastic cups

If you dream of a plastic cup it means that you are not taking a certain situation in your life seriously, either due to immaturity or inexperience, it is likely that you are behaving in some sense in a frivolous, superficial or foolish way.

Dream of crystal glasses

If you dream of crystal glasses, your personal maturity is revealed, the experience that you have been acquiring throughout life and from which you know how to take advantage and also represents the temperance with which you assume the most complex situations.

dream of broken glasses

If you dream of broken glasses, it means that you will probably have to face an unforeseen event, a difficult situation or a problem of considerable magnitude, which will put your control of your emotions, your ability to resolve or your ability to stay calm to the test.

If you dream that you break a glass or several glasses   , it means that you are letting yourself go or you are going to let yourself be carried away by irrational, reckless and even dangerous impulses that will leave a series of consequences.

Dream of dirty glasses

Dreaming of dirty glasses is related to those unresolved problems in the family, sentimental environment or with the people around you. The dirtier the glass appears in the dream, the more complex that situation has acquired.

This dream usually manifests itself especially when you do not want to be aware of certain disagreements or problems with certain people around you.

Dream about glasses upside down

If you dream of glasses upside down, it means that you are going to receive news or an unexpected visit, but at the same time it can significantly change your life or a part of it.

Dream that you drink from a glass

Dreaming that you drink from a glass is a harbinger of pregnancy, wedding, reconciliation or a favorable sentence for you.

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