Dreaming of God is not something very common, its meaning is related to your inner world, with your beliefs, with hope, with illusion and at the same time, also with hopelessness, disappointment or even despair.

If you dream of God and you are a believer or you maintain spiritual beliefs, it means that you are in a process of personal transformation, you may have experienced some traumatic or complicated episode or you have faced a very difficult situation and from that moment you begin to see the life in a different way to such an extent that you will start a new life, a new path.

If you dream of God without being a believer or a spiritual person, it means that deep down inside you there is some void that in the face of an important difficulty or in the face of a complex situation that you are experiencing or are going to experience soon, you will not know how to cling to anything to lean on to seek explanations or solutions. . This dream can be a call from the universe for you to give your spiritual world a chance because through that spiritual world you could find peace and well-being that you do not find otherwise.

Dream that God speaks to you

Dreaming that God speaks to you can be something very revealing, since it could be interpreted in many ways depending on the message you hear, even on many occasions the message you receive will not have a literal interpretation, but you must interpret it according to your life. , to what you are currently living.

The words that God directs you in the dream can also be the product of your subconscious, something that lives in you, trapped, imprisoned and that you must release or face.

dream of god in heaven

If you dream of God in heaven, whether you are a believer or not , it means that you are going through a difficult moment, that you are facing some delicate or transcendent issue and you need to cling to hope, you need to believe that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, that everything It will come out well.

Dreaming of an angry God

Dreaming of an angry or angry God means that you do not have a clear conscience that you do not feel satisfied or satisfied with something you have done or said. It may also be that this dream is reflecting the contradictions in which you see yourself involved or involved in your life and that generate discomfort, doubts or discomfort.

Dream about God and the devil

Dreaming of God and the devil at the same time means that you are making or are going to make a great effort to fight against the negative , against the harmful or the bad that surrounds you, either rejecting temptations that can cause you problems, moving away from people ill-intentioned or toxic or making difficult decisions, but at the same time correct. This dream represents the balance between good and evil.

Dream with God and the Virgin

Dreaming of God and the Virgin means that you will find what you are looking for, that you are on the right path , that no matter how much suffering, problems or difficulties you have faced or are facing, a glorious stage of happiness will soon open up for you. of peace and harmony. This is a very positive dream.

dream of god and angels

In the same way, if you dream of God and the angels around you, it means that you have special protection from your beings of light who accompany you and guide you in difficult times or when doubts arise. This dream tells you that you are not alone or alone, that when you need it most you will receive its help and light.

Dream of praying to God

If you dream that you pray to God to request a favor, it means that you are in a very complicated moment , that you need help, that you want with all your might that the solution of a problem arrives and that solution is not in your hands and you know it, that’s why you cling to the universe, to the energies, to God, to your hope.

When you dream that you pray to God, it means that you are desperate or desperate before the evolution of some important matter, but in the same way this dream is usually very positive, since it is also an announcement that this delicate situation, difficult matter that you are facing it will be resolved, the time has come, it is a message of hope.

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