What does it mean to dream about gold and diamonds

What does it mean to dream of gold and diamonds

Specifically, it is about relationships with close people. The dream shows that you are not calm because it is not going well with some or some specific person, and you want to solve it, but you do not know how.

You know that in recent years you have changed a lot. Possibly, while you have matured you have become a cold person. So it is time to reflect and think that not everything is material or what you see. You need to appreciate the things inside people.

If you dreamed of gold and diamonds , you yourself know that at some point you will need the support of important people. So you should at least try to recover the relationship you had, especially if it is a person who really has an impact on your life.

It doesn’t matter if you lose friends who are just spending time, but if it’s someone important who always supports you, things change.

It is time to put aside pride and act to make up for lost time.

It is clear that you are materialistic, but you are not to blame for that. In fact, most of them are like this because of the society that has guided people along paths a little far from values. That doesn’t mean all of that is bad, but it would be if it were the only thing that mattered. But you know that it is not like that and there are many more things that affect your happiness.

Dream of a lot of gold and diamonds

This dream should serve you more than anything, to realize how important people are and that in the future they will be the ones to help you in anything.

We tell you this because it seems that you don’t care and you don’t even realize when you hurt someone. In this way you are gradually alienating some and you will not be able to count on those important people at crucial moments.

The key to having a full life is to maintain balance. Not everything is money, not everything is work, not everything is friends or fun. There must be all that and be able to handle it.

Dream about gold and diamond necklace

It shows that you are a person who wants to dominate others. Be careful that this way of being yours can play a bad role for you.

You may be hurting people, but you don’t realize it. This can affect your image and the confidence of many, ultimately affecting your employment and economics.

Dreaming of a gold and diamond watch

You probably regret not working things out with someone, and it’s been a while since you noticed.

This shows that you are desperate to do something, but you don’t actually take any action.

You can no longer continue to doubt, even though you are still on time, soon you will not be able to do anything to solve it if you do not act.

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