What does it mean to dream about gold and silver jewelry

What does it mean to dream of gold and silver jewelry

Dreaming of gold and silver jewelry shows us that we need to believe in ourselves more. This will be vital to get important things that we will mention. Also, if we don’t get it, we’re going to be stuck for a long time.

People who have dreamed of silver and gold jewelry have the characteristic that they do not trust themselves very much. They don’t even look like it, but they don’t have much security.

And although it may not seem like something serious, that attitude generates not so positive results when learning new things or facing new opportunities in life. It will even become more difficult to overcome some obstacles.

You need to know that you are a person capable of anything and that is demonstrated by the jewelry. You can overcome any obstacle. Also, gold shows that you will be facing new opportunities and you cannot pass it up. It will depend above all on your attitude with which you face them.

Fear is a key factor in your development in any field. You cannot allow this to invade you and prevent you from taking action. Since no matter how much fear you have, you should know that this feeling will not go away, but despite that we must act.

Also, if you have financial problems, you should be calm because money shows that it will be resolved. Everything will be a matter of time and the solution is very close.

But true change is not achieved overnight. You need to act little by little with the intention of changing to be more confident, perhaps as you have been for a while. It is a dream that serves to awaken the incredible person inside you. Realizing this will depend entirely on you.

Dream of many gold and silver jewelry

When we dream of several jewels of these materials, it means that we need visible results to be able to trust ourselves. Meaning that, we need to get first or be told that we are capable, otherwise we cannot trust ourselves.

But we cannot have this absurd idea that all it does is paralyze us.

People who have achieved something important, have trusted where there was nothing. But they did it because of an unshakable faith they had. The dream occurs because you yourself are needing to have that faith.

You dream of gold and silver jewelry in your hand

This wants to show you that you need to trust people a little more. It is very sure that negative things have happened that make you distrust, however, you cannot continue alone in this life and at any moment the people who are close to you will save you.

We must try to get to know people better and know that not everyone is a person who only thinks of themselves.

Dream about big gold and silver jewelry

When these are big, it symbolizes that the fear we feel every time we face something is very big and paralyzes us. However, this is nothing more than a feeling or an idea. It will only be true as long as we believe it, but when you face bigger things you will realize that the fear you feel of certain things is not as great as you felt.

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