Dream about gold chain

Dreaming of a gold chain is mostly the product of our thoughts before going to bed, or those we have had during the day.

A gold chain in our dream can have a positive omen or a negative omen for our life. Everything will depend on how the dream develops, on the details and emotions that we have, since both are very important for a good interpretation of the dream.

dream of gold chain

Seeing a gold chain predicts the failure of our business. This will leave us full of debts to pay. If a woman dreams that she is given a gold chain, it indicates that in real life she has a good marriage and a home full of love and union. Losing the gold chain and not being able to find it, predicts a lot of pain and anguish that we will be experiencing in the short term. But losing a gold chain can also reflect the fear we have of losing something important in real life.

Finding a gold chain in our house indicates that we will live wonderful moments, surrounded by people who appreciate us very much. A dull gold chain foretells that our worst thoughts will come true. You must be prepared for any eventuality that comes your way.

gold chain around the neck

Having a gold chain around your neck indicates that we will find the right person for us. She will be a person with a big heart and kindness. If the gold necklace around our neck shines brightly, it shows that we have many people in love with us, but their love is not sincere.

If we carry the chain in our hands

Having a gold chain in your hands indicates that they will finally recognize our effort and loyalty. Another interpretation for this dream is that we will be invited to an event that will be unforgettable for us.

Dream About Broken Gold Chain

The broken gold chain in our dream indicates that we will finally achieve the goal for which we have worked for a long time, but to achieve it we will have to go through many setbacks and disappointments. Feeling bad because our chain has broken shows that someone will end our illusions and we will fall into great disappointment and sadness.

See thick gold chain in the dream

Seeing or having a thick gold chain, predicts that we are about to experience moments full of joy and success in everything we set out to do. This dream also means that we have very high self-esteem, and that will allow us to achieve our goals.

What does it mean to dream that we are given a gold chain?

If we are happy to receive a gold chain as a gift, it portends that we will be greatly admired for our work and dedication. It also indicates that we will receive money unexpectedly. In both cases, something good is yet to come.

If the chain has a medal

If it is another person who is wearing a gold chain with a medal, it indicates that we are envious of a person who is very close to us. But if we wear the gold chain with the medal, then it portends that business will end up being a success.

Dreaming of a gold chain that we see in a jewelry store

Seeing the gold chain in the jewelry store and not buying it means that we are now neglecting our friends. Sooner or later we will realize how important they are to us. If we agree to buy the gold chain in the jewelry store, then it signals that we will not accept a new friendship, and this we will later regret.

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